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    Been playing this build in Torment I, trying to build up resists to try out Torment II. I kinda just stumbled across this build that is pretty nice. I've seen boulder toss builds before, but I think this build really capitalizes on it in a way others don't. It started when I found this item...http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/stalgards-decimator

    Since this procs on every melee attack, Frenzy works wonders with it. It effectively almost quadruples the damage of my frenzy. This build could likely be used with other such legendaries that have procs on attack. A thunderfury would probably work really well, need to find a similar 1h to use with it. I use the overall damage increase rune on Frenzy, so that constant 5 stack I have gives me 12.5% extra damage on both the legendary proc and my Boulder Toss. With the high attack speed and the nice coefficient on Frenzy (since it is a single target attack after all), LoH works really well with this build.

    The Build:http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#WQRXkP!eYgd!cYcYcZ


    Frenzy - Maniac: Explained above, since I only use Boulder Toss at max/near max fury, I can keep this stack up for the whole fight.

    Ancient Spear - Boulder Toss: Great synergy with Superstition passive as well as Frenzy due to its higher fury regen potential.

    Battle Rage - Bloodshed: This works amazingly with Boulder Toss, if it crits its dealing 20% of its ~13 mil dmg to everything around it as well. Doing damage to a single target is actually greatly aided by having multiple targets around it due to this.

    Leap - Call of Arreat: This is mostly to get everyone round up in one spot for an amazing Boulder Toss that essentially kills any white mobs in a single shot, and severely damages champs. Synergizes INCREDIBLY well with Battle Rage - Bloodshed above.

    War Cry - Impunity: Basic building armor/resist for more tankiness, nothing special. Helps with fury regen if I need a burst of it though!

    Wrath of the Berserker - Insanity: CD to do insane damage. Fury regen becomes so fast during this that I can pretty much tank anything in Torment I (more on this in passives). Also allows me to stand in frozen orbs from champs which is really helpful. Also - seeing 20mil+ crits on Boulder Toss during this makes me happy.


    Superstition: This thing is awesome... I can stand in plague puddles or desecration zones and just get insane amounts of rage which I can continually dump through Boulder Toss. Those specific two effects literally HELP me, since I can easily out heal their damage, even just with the fury they provide through this passive (more on healing later).

    Weapons Master: 8% increased damage

    Brawler: Always trying to gather more mobs around me, so its essentially 20% damage increase except for bosses/rift guardians.

    Bloodthirst: This is really what makes this build so tanky. I have stacked health on globes/potions quite a bit to the point that each point of fury now heals me for over 1k. And that stat is a secondary one, so it doesn't interfere with the damage stats. Every time I use Boulder Toss at max fury I'm healing for over 100k health. Like I mentioned before, with the Superstition passive I can stand in AoE effects and actually get more healing out of them than they are dealing damage (though some are still to tough, like arcane enchanted, poison enchanted is on the line).

    So essentially I run around, gather mobs up with leap (which I can cast 3 times in a row due to my legendary boots), Frenzy them with my weapon proc to throw a 300% weapon damage axe, then throw a giant boulder for ~13 mil damage, plus any crits doing 20% to everything around them. I think I could possibly do Torment II, but focusing on Torment I right now. My weapon is actually only a level 69 one, which hurts me quite a bit, though it does have a socket with 125% crit damage emerald in it.

    Possible Changes: I am thinking about replacing Wrath of the Berserker with Avalanche, to give myself a more consistent damage ability. Also, I want to fit in Animosity in there somewhere, possibly replacing Weapons Master. Also Berserker's Fury, though I am unsure if this will affect my Boulder Toss, as the toss won't hit at max fury obviously, but it will be CAST at max fury. Anyone know whether that works?

    Any suggestions are great! Thanks for checking this build out!
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    Quote from Westy357

    Quote from Serpenth

    Quote from Westy357

    Unless they do something about the Amulet situation I'm going to be uninstalling this garbage PTR version. I have several level 60 crafted amulets that myself and my followers use, these have been now bumped up to lvl61 and are unusable in PTR. I lose huge amounts of health, and offense by having to switch to spare junk amulets I have. I crafted my amulet after many tries in D3 now only to be ripped off by Blizzard. Blizzard has got to be one of the most infuriating companies to deal with I have ever seen.
    This is a scary reply. Swapping to a junk amulet on PTR should be no big deal. Blizzard isn't ripping you off, if you feel that this is a rip off you should have felt ripped off when they announced the level cap was going up in August.
    I'll probably be uninstalling the PTR and Vanilla D3, not buying Reaper of Souls pc and waiting till the PS4 version comes out so I have minimal amount of contact with these idiots at Blizzard. UPDATE: done, all uninstalled, Blizzard can keep their great PTR and Vanilla D3, and their ban happy ways, see ya.
    This.... this is pretty funny to read. I can't believe people can be that dense.... Unless its just a troll, than not so funny.
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    Remember they still have to support the game without the expansion, so what Torment likely is is just a level 70 inferno. Inferno will remain level 60.
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    Jay had some pretty weird visions for Diablo that not many people agreed with, so probably the best for him to move on.
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    The way I see it is that WoW and SC2 are still top notch games for their genres. For some reason the team behind diablo isn't nearly as good, no idea why.
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    Really disappointed about lack of PvP... I realize what they are saying, and it definitely makes sense, but didn't they already give that excuse once? Its really far into development for them to simply scrap the whole idea of team deathmatch. Obviously they arent just sitting there doing nothing, otherwise they would all get fired, but what ARE they doing? Sometimes I just wish I could get an inside look on exactly WHAT they are working on and why they make certain choices. Makes me very confused, D3 just doesn't seem to have the same support as the other blizzard games.
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    Quote from Catalept

    Quote from Benegesserit

    lol a simple bug that makes the whole server crash?

    I know, right. The very idea is absurd to anyone who's ever not written a line of code in their life.

    I c wat u did thar.... lol
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    Good change IMO, its more fun to increase your damage than increase your defenses. MP10 is still not doable for all but the very most geared.
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    Quote from Greatness

    Pre launch: "You are going to die, we double the difficulty of inferno"
    Few _weeks_ after launch: Meh, to hard. Kids cant do it. 40% NERF HOOOOOOO
    1.0.4: We have made the game lol easy but then we DOUBLED the nerfs.

    IDIOTS.. you had one chance to fix it and you remove all challange and makes it a kid game. There will be nothing to do.. Kids farming good stuff and trying to become millionairs of RMAH
    All you involved with diablo 3 should be fired INSTANTLY. Idiots, incompetant idiots. Go home, rethink your life and never ever touch a game development again.

    I had hopes that 1.0.4 would rly be the thing that brought d3 back to me. It wont be. Im out.

    Thank God.... you hardcores ruined D3 for me so badly. D2 was amazing, D3 was slamming your head against the wall until it busted open... (your head, not the wall). One of my most anticipating games ever and it was completely ruined due to people with no lives crying. I don't think i've ever been so angry with the hardcore community, especially as they cried even more claiming it was still to easy. Clearly they will never be satisfied as they will cry when something is to hard for them to beat (like what happened with Yogg+0 in WoW where the hardcore community literally gave up and cried to blizzard about it being to hard), and than they will cry whenever they beat it claiming it was to easy.
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    posted a message on D3 Player+Follower Damage Calculator/Gear Comparison Tool (No Downloads Needed!)
    My browser seems to crash everytime I try and change the weapon type...

    EDIT: Crashes everytime I click to change any value actually. On Chrome. Tried Internet Explorer and it apparently works...
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    posted a message on Worried PvP will be 1 shotting
    Likely they will do the same as they did in d2... players do 1/10th of the damage they would normally do in PvP.
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    Well likely none of us are dumb enough to leave ourselves open for such an easy scam anyways, so you really don't need to warn us.
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    Loot is the only issue I have with this game... More interesting loot, and just MORE of it, would make the game perfect. I dont like farming for 10 hours and getting about 1/5th of the gold towards an actually good item, where in D2 if you farmed for 10 hours you would atleast have a few big ticket items that you could trade for items that were amazing for you.

    As far as combat, skills, and everything else, D3 is far superior. Except the story, it was kinda wonky, but had some interesting side bits.

    EDIT: And finding a way to finally get rid of those bots/spammers... but I think thats pretty much impossible.
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    Quote from BigEd781

    If you don't enjoy grinding then Diablo is certainly not for you (at least, not long term). That's ok, no need to force yourself to play a game you don't enjoy. I think the changes coming in 1.0.3 will make the game more enjoyable though (specifically, better item drops in act I inferno).

    Yeah really this... And D3 is far more grindy than D2 due to the fact that after 8-12 hours of MF'ing like you have done, you would DEFINITELY have a really good item in D2. D3 you might have something that can sell for 1/5th of the price of a really good item after 8-12 hours. Hopefully this patch will help the issue a bit!
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    I originally started using Earth Ally while I couldnt survive act 4 with my friend as a wizard DPSing. He helped me survive the champion packs for much longer as well! And I've done all the bosses... diablo is the hardest imo, the others were much easier.
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