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    posted a message on This is starting to irritate me now!

    you should count your lucky stars that blizz even updates the game... nevermind the fact it's free!

    I swear to god some people can be so goddamn spoilt it makes me sick
    So I really didn't feel any need to post here since I stopped playing d3 and just come back for patch notes etc (I don't hate the game I just think it's a wste of my time compared to other games like sc2 or poe).
    However this is the most retarded statement ever. Blizzard is not updating the game cause they are a nice company they are updating it to make money. The reason they update it is quite clear.
    1. They want to release an expansion down the line so the more people they can keep the more money they make
    2. due to the ah they are making money with people either comming back or continue to play due to how they take a cut
    3. A minor note is that if they stopped supporting it at launch they would be considering a worse company than ea and their future sales would be hit quite hard considering how big of a "hardcore" player base blizzard games have compared to lets say the sims or fifa which ea puts out.
    Sure there might be some nice guys that want to improve the game for the customer but if that was the only incentive don't believe for a second a company as big as blizzard would contiue patching a game.

    And really I think people like you are just as bad if not worse than people who critize the game. Sure a lot of them aren't constructive but some are and their opinion isn't wrong just because you think that if u don't think a game is perfect your not allowed to say anything about it. So maybe (all of) you should stop acting like entitled children I think was the phrase who do the same as haters just with a blind loyalty where if people say anything negative about your cult they are wrong (I said cult cause lets be fair that attitude is the same that a lot of crazy people have about either religion or heck apple for that sake).

    Tldr: Get off your high horse and stop acting like your opinion is better than everyone else

    Quote from overneathe

    This "everything is about money, always and forever" mentality is what really gets to me.
    Grow up man big game companies are not here to entertain you their job is to make money and sure the people making the games have other agendas but the company does not thats how capitalism work
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    posted a message on A warning to the newcomers/casual players
    with pragon having ur mf maxed on on mp7 doesn't require much ^^ a simple bnet profile link would have said more than about 10 lines of text?_?
    However this is not something new to diablo. in d2 the people who were wealthy was not the farmers but the people who know how to abuse trading (I say abuse cause mostly u prey on people without enough knowledge of the game to know what their items are worth) were the ones who truly increased their wealth. Farm was doable but to farm an entire set was ludacris even if it was way easier than it is now.

    And really this have been writte countless times in way more detailed yet short version that any newcommer should read over this wall of text
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    posted a message on A new beginning?
    Quote from aldora

    There is no X on the upper right corner...haha mac power <3

    I doubt that the game will change in a complete different way, so don't get your hopes up.

    Yeah thats right praise mac on a fucking gaming forum.
    Clueless Douchebag
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    posted a message on tornado build 20 sec azmodan kill
    that wasn't 20sec just sayin
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    posted a message on MP Scaling- Exp Broken
    It's not supposed to be mandatory to increase the mlvl which blizzard stated so this will never happen.
    This would just be rewarding the better geared people who can smash through higher mlvls and they allready benefit from better gear which is fine cause thats how the game is supposed to be but blizzard have stated so many times that mlvl isn't supposed to be the only way to play the game.
    For instance it takes me what 3min to kill a boss on mlvl 10 which for farming purposes is far from worth it but it's fun for a change once in a while.
    So if you don't want the chalenge or so farm on the lvl thats most efficient which is kinda the point you shouldn't be forced to go for higher mlvls.
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    posted a message on The Hammerend build!
    Not to be rude but this build is basicly a messed up hota build (read u have hota but don't have frenzy that buffs it's dmg which u alos mentioned it) and I would prefer to have something else instead of leap but guess with the reduced dmg it works out well and adds a bit of mobility.
    However I think there needs to be better sites for d3 builds and guides like there was in d2 so good for adding in cause I'm not sure I have seen that many either beside random posts.
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    posted a message on Athene kills Azmodan in 25 sec
    Cause athenes biggest achivment is being a complete douchebag yet still having people watch his videos
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    posted a message on How much APOC will i need to sustain CM?
    There is always the option of going for spectral blades and wicked wind if u don't have apoc on ur gear.
    It's not optimal dmg wise but it works so even without apoc u can make the spec work aka it's better with apoc no doubt but u can do ity without =)
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    posted a message on God Mode Invulnerable Wizard Bug [Video]
    Banning people for exploiting is bullshit. For instance I hate athene or well don't really give a shit about is prob the right term but when he got banned in wow for so called abusing mechanics while lvling I sorta laughed.
    If the game allows you to do something without hacking/having scripts thats not in the game it is not the gamers fault but blizzards. If there is a way to for instance dupe or decide what items dropped etc without changing the game client or anything it's not the players fault but blizzards fault for allowing it with shitty programming. Generaly I just feel like blizzard might go nazi mode and mass ban people like they have done in wow over the years (banning guilds etc for abusing their mistakes in coding) even if they really shouldn't be punished cause blizzard allowed it

    I tried this and it was sorta fun to begin with and I killed diablo etc with a shitty geared alt but still in the long run it will be fixed so why even bother (and really it's not that fun in the long run).

    I think the more important part of this thread is how people act like they are better than everyone by caling out the people using this so called "exploit" and saying they should be banned.
    There are so many things in blizzard games (pre wow) that was so called exploits or bugs but since they weren't fixed they just became part of the gameplay. Half of what made sc:bw good was actually interesting ways to manipulate the ai and stuff which probably wasn't intended but made for amazing gameplay. And to go on games outside blizzard tribes ascend only has the ski thing cause in the original it was possible to sorta ski around which if fixed would have been an exploit but when it wasn't just made for a better game.
    So as I said before why should the player be banned cause blizzard fucked up
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    posted a message on What spec will be 'cool' next?
    How about you consider rephrasing your post to make yourself like less of a cunt. People talk about the ww build cause it's loads of fun not because it's the best way to play like the tank build was considereded before and maybe st ill is
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