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    posted a message on What online interaction is left with RoS?
    Sure there are some features that made the game better and tbh online is a lot better but generaly the reason blizzard have purely online games is to avoid the problem with pirates.
    Personally I think an online game done r ight is way better but from blizzards point of view d3 prob only has the restriction due to money
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    posted a message on what is those 0 gold AH bid ?
    Quote from ruksak

    Bugs can happen for years.

    Coding isn't a black and white issue.
    Actually coding is very much so black and white. fixing a problem might be super fucking hard and while u fix one problem another might apear or a problem you solved now causes problems cause with the new implementation of something the old way of doing it might have worked etc. HOWEVER it's still right or wrong coding isn't a grey area. design might be cause taste is different of how a process should go but the coding isn't
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    posted a message on becareful of mempo 6% crit/177str scammer
    That sounds like a scam you would never be caught by if your not new to the internet and a kid
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    posted a message on This is starting to irritate me now!

    you should count your lucky stars that blizz even updates the game... nevermind the fact it's free!

    I swear to god some people can be so goddamn spoilt it makes me sick
    So I really didn't feel any need to post here since I stopped playing d3 and just come back for patch notes etc (I don't hate the game I just think it's a wste of my time compared to other games like sc2 or poe).
    However this is the most retarded statement ever. Blizzard is not updating the game cause they are a nice company they are updating it to make money. The reason they update it is quite clear.
    1. They want to release an expansion down the line so the more people they can keep the more money they make
    2. due to the ah they are making money with people either comming back or continue to play due to how they take a cut
    3. A minor note is that if they stopped supporting it at launch they would be considering a worse company than ea and their future sales would be hit quite hard considering how big of a "hardcore" player base blizzard games have compared to lets say the sims or fifa which ea puts out.
    Sure there might be some nice guys that want to improve the game for the customer but if that was the only incentive don't believe for a second a company as big as blizzard would contiue patching a game.

    And really I think people like you are just as bad if not worse than people who critize the game. Sure a lot of them aren't constructive but some are and their opinion isn't wrong just because you think that if u don't think a game is perfect your not allowed to say anything about it. So maybe (all of) you should stop acting like entitled children I think was the phrase who do the same as haters just with a blind loyalty where if people say anything negative about your cult they are wrong (I said cult cause lets be fair that attitude is the same that a lot of crazy people have about either religion or heck apple for that sake).

    Tldr: Get off your high horse and stop acting like your opinion is better than everyone else

    Quote from overneathe

    This "everything is about money, always and forever" mentality is what really gets to me.
    Grow up man big game companies are not here to entertain you their job is to make money and sure the people making the games have other agendas but the company does not thats how capitalism work
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    posted a message on A warning to the newcomers/casual players
    with pragon having ur mf maxed on on mp7 doesn't require much ^^ a simple bnet profile link would have said more than about 10 lines of text?_?
    However this is not something new to diablo. in d2 the people who were wealthy was not the farmers but the people who know how to abuse trading (I say abuse cause mostly u prey on people without enough knowledge of the game to know what their items are worth) were the ones who truly increased their wealth. Farm was doable but to farm an entire set was ludacris even if it was way easier than it is now.

    And really this have been writte countless times in way more detailed yet short version that any newcommer should read over this wall of text
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    posted a message on Should AH's be removed from Diablo 3?
    Quote from Twoflower

    Do you remember the crazy amount of Cathan's seals you got in D2? And not even the first one was useful. Yes, there were more legendary and set drops in D2, but good legendaries dropped as rarely as good rares drop now. I dont need X legendaries per hour when they are mostly not usable
    Bs shako was good and that dropped pretty often. if u wanted enough to afford propperly rolled hotas and shit ofc it's a different class but I think the difference is that there were good items that wasn't gonna cost u your left kidney. Good example is vipermagi which was sorta mediocre but for people just startint it was amazing and it was cheap as fuck and compared to d3 (cause it's all dps based on simple stats and not +skil lvl like for a lot of things in d2) where the items that don't suck all cost a lot and if u want it perfect or close ur fucked if u haven't got insane amounts of gold (items going for like 300mil is bs for people starting out ur only chance is to have a lucky drop).
    And yes I know d2 farming wasn't the always interesting just porting all over the map to get to boses but it was quite fucking easy and fast :P

    Edit: so much wrong with this post gramaticly I won't try to fix it so don't call it out
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    posted a message on Expansion 1 Speculation Thread
    Add skill trees (yeah this is not gonna happen) feel so meh with the paragon system being all there is. sure u can level but whats the point besides for more farming when u don't get anything real out of it and never have to level new characters (d2 it was a severely different game if u played for instance hammerdin vs zeal or that while lvling which actually made it interesting even if u got boosted hard).
    Add more skills to the chars maybe add quests to unlock different spells so u wouldn't be able to get it all allthough I guess this is out of the question for the design philosophy
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    posted a message on Advice on clearing Inferno
    I think without mlvl u can prob do it with the build ur using just play carefull but maybe get some cheap loh items considering how bad ur rings are that should be possible (with that low dps life leech isn't really worth much compared to loh)
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    posted a message on Wauw is this the prettiest LS fury ever?
    Eh it lacks crit dmg so why would u make a title as if it was fucking amazingly rolled.
    And yes I know it have ls in the title but still it's like going omg best fire resist roll ever ^^ and btw isn't selling on d2jsp the sorta shit that gets ur account banned? was really the last part I wanted to write mostly
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    posted a message on Long term plans for Diablo 3 - your guesses?
    Sooner or later they will have to add more skills to classes cause atm it's sorta boring but I doubt they can work that well with the system allready in play so that system will never be fixed
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    posted a message on no WD balance in AC2
    Ur gear is pathetic and only reason ur not taking ages is cause of the massive dps boost wds get (yeah yeah I know other classes have other shit to make up for it) so don't whint about mp10 when ur gear is more suited for mp4
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    posted a message on Worth coming back?
    It's def better than launch but try out poe if it's not because you have people playing d3.
    And this is not bashing on d3 but poe atleast for a couple of months will be fresh (aka new and different) and prob if u want to play it a lot races would make it less repetitive.
    However I gotta say it's def worth playing again abit purely because it's easier to get enough gear to make some specs work and be fun
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    posted a message on What other games are you playing these days?
    Starcraft (always great to play even if u play just once in a while)
    path of exile
    lol (only with friends else I wouldn't touch that flaming pile of shit)
    and soon tera when that goes free to play in a couple of days?
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    posted a message on What if there was a proof that God exists..
    Quote from enough86

    you're all off topic... read the question again :) (no we aren't=
    besides, I hardly believe any human being who knows almost nothing about life and universe can jump to conclusion that something that created all this does not exist, and that it was all one big accident.
    Just a question your american right? cause it would explain a lot. No offense but I think it's almost the only country where creationism and religon etc have actually been considered beeing taught as facts and not just history/Religion.
    Just wondering cause I keep seing deeply retarded religious threads started on curse forums and wonder if it's trolls or what.
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    posted a message on What if there was a proof that God exists..
    Quote from zeroRooter

    as pascal suggests, attempting to prove god's existence is stupid ^.^
    talking about god in general is stupid especcialy arguing wether god exists cause there is no rational thinking people who believe in god and you can't argue with irrational people
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