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    Quote from CarlosGamez»

    Like in all things u cant compete with people that dedicates 12h a day to something when u just dedicate 4.

    Seems like u guys want to lift the same weight as a bodybuilder when u dont even go the gym.

    Although the analogy is somewhat alternative - this is the root of the problem.

    In the end, people mainly complain about being unable to do, what other ppl do (based on their own "preferences/expectations") - You wanna get high paragon but refrain from running with other people, let alone, play a lot? And where exactly do you apply logic in that phrase?

    About gear, I've only played 1 character for ~200 hours this season, and I have tons of things to change. Npt to mention the variety of builds I can do - I'd reward a cookie to the guy who links me a character with 99% perfect gear (And based on what guidelines? Afaik we're dealing with inadequate values which can't be compared directly)

    With the thread in mind, - since when has a doctorate made the definiton of a competitive game? Any game is as competitive as the community makes it. You're just looking for an excuse to slack your a** off, when you, in reality, wish to climb leaderboards. Lights up, if you wanna be the best at something, you might have to dedicate yourself 101% to it, and YES; that includes sacrifricing IRL elements, just as you do if you wish to be the best at EVERYTHING else!

    For the love of god, stop jumping to shorthanded conclusions based on your own perspective. Not to mention how sad I get, when I see how easily you give up. The second you meet a challenge, the rule of thuimb is to continue the endless rant about mechanics which are "unfit" [for you], I take it? In most cases you already presenting a solution as youre shouting your problem, start relying abit on yourself - atleast instead of sobbing over the fact you arent able to compete with the top 1% - Im just wondering, have you ever been able to do that in another [insert fitting environment] without dedicating yourself 100% to it? It sure doesnt sound like a competitive game/sport/w/e.

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    I havent had any problems with Blizzards uptime since the release of season 4. A part of hardcore is being a step ahead, if you cant handle it, then softcore would probably make you happier in the end. Atleast, for the love of god, dont spread hate when its actually not in their hands at all.

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    To all these examples about "obvious" patterns, I have to add this picture.

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    The Eye of the Storm - A Lightning Monk's guide and handbook!

    (yes this is me)

    Quote fromFrontpage [...] butNetherfrost's threaddeserves special attention not only because of the build, but because he's created a whole guide, named"The Eye of the Storm - A Lightning Monk's handbook". He even links different builds for soloing and for playing in a party. There seems to be everything needed in the post - gear, Paragon points, play style, and much more!
    Hello there! I am Nether, and this is my current Monk Build. I only play on Hardcore, and this is the build is I use, so it's highly influenced by survival and group play. Feel free to change it however you like.

    The build has emphasis on high AoE damage and speed clearing, but does not offer you the brute force you can find in a demon hunter, but, however, this build allows you to play at a high torment on HC, "smooth as butter". It excells very well in a group(And is mainly created for group play). The complete build, including gearing, gives you toughness (no, not profile toughness) from another dimension and you'll quickly find yourself being unstoppable.

    Content of guide:
    • The Build & Its abilities
    • Other useful abilities
    • Buildconcept
    • Playstyle
    • Gearing
    • Item explanations
    • Paragons
    ‘’But, Hey! Nether! Do I not need like, super overpowered gear, a thunderfury and stuff to make this work?

    No, by far – This is a build which works very well at early gear stages, but any kind of gear will ofcourse make it even better! - Currently, I’ve actually swapped in Transcendence, which gives the new dinged 70 monk a lot regen for a little cost of a passive skill! - BUT BUT BUT, you will have to put thought into your gear in the future, and you cannot expect that this build will carry you through the early stages of the game, it is by that gear dependent, and the game is built on multipliers, and you will feed it even more with this build. It scales better than anything with gear, and you will therebefore be able to increase in size in a matter of days!
    Here are links for the builds, including a party version.
    Solo: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#bZPdSk!XUYg!bYabca
    Party: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#WfPdSQ!XUYh!caabcc
    Depending on your playstyle, this build can change a lot.

    -When you look at this build, please dont copy it directly. Try to understand the choice behind the selection of each ability, seek to the alternatives which are listed below. This exact build might not work for you - and it doesn't work for me 100% of the times either. Always adapt the build to the situation.

    Here is an explanation for each appropriate skill, at the bottom I’ve listed abilities which aren’t included in the build, but I do however consider noteworthy, these are often abilities I use for special occasions/slaughter/Lower difficulty settings. When several abilities are listed, it's because theres a difference between the party and solo build.

    Mouse Skills:

    DRSB:Even though the ability states it's physical, 3/3 hits are based on lightning, which makes this ability very good for both proccing your cyclones, but also for the damage and the utility that the knockup offers. As a lightning monk you wont go without a lightning based spirit generator unless it offers a lot different things than damage!
    CWBW: For party - Another 10% multiplier for your party is insane. The utility gives the HC party another greatboost.This is an excellent Idea, to be honest, pick it! It offers both utility and a huge boost to the group - A very nice choice.

    Lashing Tail Kick:Too good to be ignored, the scaling is big, and the stun rune (scorpion sting) provides great offense at any boss. I dislike using it in this guide, as it’s a very difficult ability to use and its cone-range is rather small. But do please use on any single-target encounters.

    Cyclone Strike: Eye of the Storm, no discussion, only lightning based rune. The reduced energy cost is very nice, and makes you able to spam it quite often. It is an awesome ability which picks up the “run-aways”, usually annoying-as-fuck Succubees, but also for group play so your Wizard can throw some deadly Arcane Orbs and hit most of the battlefield

    Action-bar Skills:

    Epiphany: Desert Shroud: This is currently my only “oh-fuck” ability as I’m mainly farming T3(HC) which, atm, is a walk in the park. A truly necessary ability which makes you able to execute any elite pack, meanwhile you can stand in all of their abilities, e.g. Descrator, frozen – Yep, it makes you CC immune! At group play I mainly use it for increased spirit regen and mob control.

    Dashing Strike: Quicksilver, almost any rune works here – I like to have the ability for speed clears, saving other people (I have 3 saved chars on my back now), makes you able to be everywhere you want, anytime. You can use it tactically to avoid Frozen, position elite packs better so you avoid being locked in by waller and all of that nasty stuff!
    Note: You’re able to jump across walls and gaps, but you must have a clear path. A perfect walled triangle WILL lock you in.

    Sweeping Wind: Cyclone: This ability is necessary for any lightning monk build, especially once your crit chance gets high. Deals high crits, clears the small annoying mobs for movement and enhances your AoE dps by a whole lot! It can be tricky to keep up for the untrained monk, Inna's' 2) setbonus will help you with that, but with some practice and spirit management it should be easy enough.
    Tip for management of SW:C: Tiny boxes which you hit on also refreshes the buff, you can bring a little mob with you when you run over a long distance, this way you can give it a little hit every time it’s about to run out.

    Mantra of Conviction/Healing: I usually pick Conviction when I’m alone, with Overawe for the extra damage and ultimate slaughter, you have a passive skill slot free as Unity no longer serves any purpose.
    Healing: I play on HC, and the resistance is a huge toughness buff to my DH and Wiz, it allows you to throw Unity in, and gives you a great DPS boost. The active shield is also very useful and has saved my friend a few times.

    Passive Skills:

    Seize the Initiative: Necessary for any HC monk, I am currently running with 8700 Dex, this gives me 2610 "free" armor. Truly amazing free toughness, I have never run a build without it. - Especially effective when you dualwield, as it can be difficult to keep your armor up.

    One With Everything: A smart monk is one who thinks about his itemzation. You will too! This is the passive skill which makes monks excel at pretty much whatever they feel like – You no longer gather your resistances from silly "All Resistance", usually in 100 at perfect state from items, but nono.. you can get up to 200 on a Thundergod’s vigor, and you have cleared up a primary stat for Dex, IAS, Crit, whatever you feel like. Item Budget Wise, this is fucking Overpowered. GET GET GET. The Mystic is a great help for this, it might be a bit harder to gather items, but I haven’t encountered any big problems just yet ;)

    Transcendence: I’ve been going in and off on this ability. It offers great sustain for the newly dinged 70 monk, but you can also “pre-heal” any burst you see coming, in other words; you can max your spirit pool to save up an extra quick heal. Sweeping Wind Cyclone costs 75 spirit at default, it can be used for quick-healing.
    LoH has been “nerfed” in my eyes, as it has its own personal scaling for each ability, 0.13 on WW for barbs, which is a difference which shouldn’t be overlooked. I therefore judge LoH somewhat invalid, and health regen/HPSP gives you a great sustain at start. This ability is over-tuned atm in my eyes, and offers you too much regen for very little effort, use it!

    Unity/Combination Strike Unity deserves a clap, well-made passive skill which gives you a decent damage boost. It’s pretty straight forward, MoC doesn't trigger it as noted above.
    Unless you have a huge spirit regen and are only spamming spirit spender abilities, you should have this up at all times – 10% straight damage increase is very useful.

    Other useful abilities:

    Fists of Thunder: Thunderclap: A very decent option which adds a lot AoE and Crowd Control. It's especially nice paired with Knockback Bracers, Strongarm Bracers. This gives you an overall decent boost. A very viable spirit generator, for both party and solo play.

    Inner Sanctuary Forbidden Palace: I like having this in a group with multiple monks at higher difficulties, provides a great dps increase on the boss and makes you practically unstoppable if you combine it with epiphany.

    Mantra of Retribution: Transgression: This is also a very strong mantra for some monster wrecking, especially when combined with a Crusader’s IAS aura aswell. Noteworthy aswell, I usually always use this on Torment 1.

    Exploding Palm: This ability.. I would judge it the best monk ability, but this build is not able to play with it properly, and your AoE is already huge. It’s a rather costy spell, so prepare yourselves for an empty spiritpool. This ability also needs a good group who plays well together and high hp mobs, so torment atleast.

    Mantra of Conviction: Annihilation: This ability is amazing for speedrunning and should not be ignored. A very strong choice aswell.

    Near Death ExperienceI currently use NDE to progress through "unknown" difficulties, each time I step up to ie a higher rank of torment, I use it for the first day or two - Gotta feel how the new gear and content is. It's a very fine ability for HC aswell, nonetheless. So unless you run T2 wiith 10m toughness I dont see it being procced anytime soon ;-)

    Epiphany: Inner Fire - A fire based enrage with awesome DPS. Currently its slot is taken by Desert Shroud, which offers a ton of survivability, but if you dont need that, why not get more slaughter? Truly awesome damage ability, another ability which is too good to ignore.

    Build concept

    This build aims for high AoE damage and utility. Seize + OWE together offers you a lot of toughness so you’re able to face the higher difficulties with little worry.

    Lot things which this build offers can’t be put on paper, this is such as the huge bonus Cyclone Strike gives you, as your whole party’s AoE abilities are now way more effective as they hit all of the mobs. Any elemental build will be weak in profile stats, but in effective DPS you’ll see your damage skyrocket in no time – At my builds current state, I am unable to see what I crit for, as the crit is hidden by all the other damage. This build, with a little adjustment works very well in any
    The game is built on multipliers, right now – You’re giving it even more. Prepare for dead corpses around you.


    A supportive Monk is a good one. You have to be aware of your surroundings and the environment around you. We gotta be honest and admit we will not be putting out as much damage as a well geared wizard or demonhunter, but it’s right fucking about there – The monk helps the team move forward, and you should always try to be the engaging member in the party. Dashing Strikes helps you position, move forward and gather mobs around very well.

    Start– You will start without SW:C up, and you will therefore have to get +75 spirit to get it running, get that ASAP and try to get it up to 3 stacks, any crit build will make SW:C very effective. You can hit jars and objects around you to keep the timer going, it is difficult to do, but I think you’ll get the grap of it rather quickly – You don’t want to lose the stacks and have to spend another 75 spirit on getting it up. Manage Dashing strike with it, and it should be good.
    You wish to gather mobs as well too, every fight and party is unique – you wish to note how your party members play and act accordingly – You can spam Cyclone strike -> Dashing Strike -> Cyclone Strike to gather a lot mobs very fast. You can pop Epiphany as you wish, but it is always very nice to have for elite packs, as you will be able to ignore desecrator completely in most situations, more control, more damage.Once you have SW:C running, you will use all your spirit for spamming Eye of the Storm.
    This is a build you will have to get in your fingers, learn it and eventually you will master it. Once you do, I promise you – You will not be disappointed!
    - It will always be defined by what you decide to pick in the end, but try to adapt to your abilities and act accordingly.


    Helm:The Eye of the Storm-
    Chest-Heart of the Crashing Wave
    Belt- Thundergod's Vigor
    Bracers - Aughild's / Strongarm Bracers / Ancient Parthan Defenders. APD for defense, aughilds for medium toughness and damage, strongarm for pure damage. Legs - Scales of the dancing serpent
    Boots - Iceclimbers
    Gloves - Fists of Thunder
    Amulet-20% lightning + (crit10/critdmg100 / attackspeed /dex, are the essential stats on an amulet),
    Suggestions: Eye of Etlich/ Ancestors' Grace / Dovu Energy Trap / Ess of Johan / Holy Beacon / The Flavor of Time / Ouroboros / The immunity necks, would prefer fire (The Star of Azkaranth) any day though. Fire as its the most common dmg source + the most reliable heal, you can stand in a descrator on t6 for insane HP/S.
    Rings-Restraint / Litany / Natalya's reflection / Band of the Rue Chambers / Rogar's Huge stone / Wyrdward / Eternal Union / Juctice lantern / Oculus ring / Unity(carefull with this on HC though)
    - I would pick Wyrdward or, depending on quality of that + SoJ. Royal of the Royal Grandeour aswell is MANDATORY in this build. SoJ + RoRG would prove as the best combo in the perfect rolled scenario.

    Weapons: Main Hand -Odyn Son
    Off Hand -Shard of Hate is a more rare but very good item compared to TF - TF offers some utility with IAS and movement reduction, but SoH has the greatest damage output. Do not underestimate a good one of those.
    - Good alternatives are Thunderfury and Won Khim Lau, remember always to have the highest damage weapon in your mainhand. (This is not the calculated avg with IAS, but the damage just below (E.g. 1381-1461 damage)
    - Past a 100% lightning damage, the extra 20% lightning damage doesnt offer you a lot more than 9-10% overall damage, consider replacing your weapon with another one, if you have a 2,4 1h lying around.

    Gearing in general, pre BiS list:

    Aside from these items, as a fresh monk, there are the legendary crafting sets which can give you a great headstart. Especially Aughils, Ashaeras, Cain's, Born's and Hallowed gear can give you a great notch at the start, and once you retrieve your Royal Grandeur ring and you start mixing several of them, you gain a lot extra points.
    Do not hesitate in crafting one of these.

    Heres a picture illustrating which stats you wish to go for, when youre gearing your new monk.

    Things to note; If you're running LTK, Swap CS% out with SW:C and get LTK on Head+Boots.
    All res is a bad stat and you wish to gain your resistances through lightning resistance (any resistance is fine, but TGV will make you lightniing based).

    Chest can get -Elite% dmg, get get get, a very strong toughness stat as whitemobs dont shit you for shit anyhow. Secondary stats are reserved to lightning resiistance and melee/ranged dmg taken reduction.
    Movementspeed is a bad stat atm, you'll be capped at the 25% through paragons once youre 200. The coefficient between the 15% on boots and 500 dex, is not worth it as you get only 250dex from paragons.

    Sockets are mandatory on any piece. Even on legs the 280*2 stat is higher than the 500 max, and sockets are easier to roll. This do require you to have max tier gems.
    Your SG% depends on whatever you run with, these are very overpowered as clarified below - %Skill boosters should be on your top priority list.
    It's way OP because theyre applied prehand:
    Vitality and %Life are in general bad stats once you're past 500-600k hp, dont get too much. Regen past that will be better.
    Minmax dmg on rings is actually a thiing to consider once you're at very high %lightning dmg, it will all be multiplied and you might be near IAS cap already. (Softcapped at 40%)
    (150% weapon damage + 15% )+ 50% elemental = 258,75% weapon dmg
    150 + 50% elemental = 225% weapon dmg

    258,75 - 225 = 33,75% gain from "15%" gain.
    Any ability booster is a force to reckoned with.

    Feel free to ask in the thread/pms if you have any questions with regards to gear

    Item Explanations:

    Wyrdward:Lightning has 13-17% chance to stun for 1,5 sec. Might not seem as much, but with TF + Thundergodsvigor + Cyclone Strike / Lashing tail kick, which btw get a 100% chance for stun past 15% on wyrdward + Odyn son + (Thousand storms 6 if you wanna run with that, I still gotta test what "teleport" is determined by) Has an internal CD of 1 sec.

    Strongarm Bracers:
    Activates when a monster's position is changed through MANY different methods. It does NOT activate from the bracer affix "%chance on hit to knockback" DOES stack with multiple players using Strongarm in one group

    List of confirmed skills that proc Stongarm
    - Fist of Thunder - Thunderclap
    - Deadly Reach (knock-up)
    - Lashing Tail Kick - Sweeping Armada
    - Tempest Rush - Bluster
    - Wave of Light - Wall of Light
    - Cyclone Strike - All runes

    Thunderfury's Proc:
    -Correctly does listed damage% hits target you are attacking and will proc with either weapon when dual-wielding and uses ACTIVE weapon to determine proc damage DOES NOTscale with +% lightning damage
    Hits up to 5 targets one of which is always the target being attacked
    Has an internal cooldown of 1/APS
    Proc chance is based on Proc C of skill used and will not proc off 0Proc C skills

    Odyn Son's Proc:
    Does 400% weapon damage, hits 3 times on every proc it will only hit primary target if no other targets are within range.If there is at least one target in range, all 3 hits will go to that / those targets DOES NOTscale with +% lightning damage

    Thundergods Vigor's Proc: Shoots 3 "charged bolts" in random directions when struck/dodge/block.The charged bolts do not target the enemy that proced them and can frequently miss a single target entirely. It has a VERY high proc chance (75-80% range)
    DOES scale with +%lightning damage

    Ancient Parthan Defenders: These are, lightly put, very overpowered(In the correct group). You are doing an insane amount of lightning to ALL enemies around you. Even a 100% lashing tail kick with 6mobs is already 54-72,SEVENTY FUCKING TWO PROCENT REDUCED DAMAGE TAKEN. Thats basicly all your armors' effect doubled. GL mobs doing dmg now.

    % Lightning damage increase: This shouldnt have to be noted, but its so well to look at: With SoJ and WKL = 145%, without 120%. 60% will be obtained quickly. Is applied post weapon damage and ability enhancer. Meni gut.

    "Allright! This sounds awesome, but.. how do I manage without all this overpowered gear?" Here is what to look for when starting and what you wish to reroll your stats into(see also the gearing chapter).
    When you start as a newly dinged monk, your toughness and damage will be rather low, orat least, focusing on 1 stat, but that won’t get you far. In general, you wish to get 15% lightning on bracers and amulet – This can be done, usually, just with a stop by the mystic. In gearing, toughness wise – You don’t more a lot more than 500-600k hp, it’s not worth it, and once you’re past the “I can’t get bursted down”, direct %life or vitality are bad stats. This will also make your healing more effective, as it heals more % of your total life, and you’ll end up being able to take a lot more damage.

    Armor and Resistances are 2 things you have to keep in mind. 75-80/75-80% reduction from both is just about your goal. Once you are there, with a medium health pool and 50k healing, you will be very strong.
    In your gear, you wish to go for Crit, Crit damage, Dex, IAS. There is no such as direct stat comparison, every build is unique and you will therefore have to judge for yourselves. Crit and Crit dmg are two inevitable brothers, and Dex also increases your toughness by a whole lot – But you should not rely on dodge. It is a bad toughness factor.

    What to put your paragons into:

    Core: I like being very mobile – Aim for 25% movement, shove rest into Dex.

    Offense: Up to your current setup, but Crit chance is in general the best. It is the core of your build, 2nd option is IAS or CHD depending on what you need the most, keep the softcap on IAS in mind and the 1:10 ratio between CHC and CHD.

    Defense: When you dualwield, your armor is usually a bit behind – Monks are strong on resistances, and I therefore like %Armor increase. Life regen is also very strong when paired with M:Healing-Sustenence, but itin most cases up to your build, try to spot what you need the post, aim to get the reduction from armor and resistances near the same, a 70/70 or 75/75 is a good aim. When DW'ing I am running with 74/81% atm, but this is because Ive received so many lightning resistance based items lately, you get near 1,5 in a flash when you have 200 on a belt,160 on the chest etc etc :-)

    Utility: Area damage and then resource cost reduction / life on hit, it will improve your AoE and the resource cost reduction is a false pretender to direct damage increase, to a certain degree it is a very strong stat and increases the dmg output from spirit spenders to a 1:1 ratio. (In most scenarios)

    This will basicly be the guide's final words. From this point, it will only increase in size upon the request from readers. Play in a group, its more fun, effective and you will be able to increase your loot chance!
    You're free to add any thoughts in the comments below, (dis)likes, or whatever comes to mind. If there is anything noteworthy with regards to build/gearing so on so forth, add it in a comment and I'll add my thoughts to it in the guide.


    [Info] - Druin's Mechanics Workshop -Info about abilities and items


    [Info] - Theorycrafting regarding spirit generators - Info about SG's


    Thanks for reading, any comments are appreciated!
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    All the info regarding items is released on diablo3's game guide, you cant blame the item nor the game for that :)
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    Quote from Gaden Phoenix

    Which is more important? If I had to chose.Crit Chance or Crit Dmg vs Lighting Dmg?
    Also curious, for the Mystic as you re-roll the cost increases. Is the increase permanent or will it resist on a timer or after a adventure/rift?

    Lastly could you view my build and see what is wrong?http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/GadenPhoenix-1523/hero/45449804
    It all depends on the value, but I would always go with crit chance / lightning dmg. Its too relative, and there is no such as straight stat comparison, so you'd have to look at the specific item.

    The cost of rerolls at the mystic is permanent for the given item.

    Build wise I would suggest Fists of Thunder, WothF: FoT, stick with Thunder once your lightning dmg goes past 40%.
    You have 600+ All resistance, but also OWE - Decrease the amount of AR and increase .. cold resistance? It seems to be the resisntace youre stacking.
    Your HP pool is a bit low, work on getting it about 500-600k. (If youre softcore you can do whatever you want, but this is my advice)
    A good aim and margain for crit / crit dmg is a 1:10 ratio, it keeps the use of both the gainers near max. You can adjust this with paragons in most cases.
    37% Mf from head is 0,03% more legendaries - You can always consider a % life if you want, up to you though.
    Focus on boots, it seems to be your weakest item.

    Otherwise looking good =) Good luck on gear, slay monsters and stay alive!
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    Look for my 2nd monitor at the very right, having countdown!
    Good luck out there, we are READY!

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