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    INteresting build.

    2 tips however.

    1: always post a link to the build as well. (as others have said)

    2: When you record a video, use a pop-shield for your mic.
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    posted a message on Why are you happy about the AH announcement
    Quote from Bagstone

    Quote from Kamisei

    The game will be balanced towards us not ever needing an auction house, I think.

    Ha, I think this sentence sums up everything better than my walls of text... right now the game is balanced around the existence of AH. With the AH gone, this will change - obviously. ;-) +1

    This is THE reason its a great thing that AH will be gone. Just look at the way loot is on the console version. It will be like that, only alot better.
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    posted a message on BATDOG! Just another take on the new CoB builds going around
    Quote from Zhaph

    Can I make a suggestion to you and everyone else posting cool ideas for new builds in videos? If you would please also post a link to the build using Blizzard's skill calculator, it would make it easier to check out the builds.

    I agree so much with this.
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    Quote from reclaimer3235

    I'd like them more to address the issue that the PS4 version is allegedly supposed to have an offline mode, something PC gamers have been screaming for since the release

    People just dont get it, The game gets an offline mode > The game gets taken apart by pirates > Nobody will buy a game you get for free > Blizzard loses ALOT of money they worked for. < FACT

    Want more landsilde? Game gets an offline mode > Game becomes hackable > Noobs cheat and get maxed out toons then just quit > Amount of people playing the game overall dies < Also FACT

    Ive seen this happen.
    Its not like getting internet now a days is a massive requirment, If you dont have or cant aford internet, you got bigger problems than bicthing about a not being able to play a game.

    ye, in the same way diablo2 who had all this from launch. It died so fast...oh wait, it didnt, and no games does. There are thousands of ripped games on piratebay etc. People still buy those games.

    Its not about not having internet or afford it. Its about lagg issues, error 37, problem with the isp, being able to play when and where you want. Always online is never ever a good idea. A seperation of online and offline is no problem. Not being able to play a SINGLEPLAYER game you payed for for reasons beyond your control, is just stupid.
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    One part of blizzard have never ceased to amaze me, and that is the cinematics department. I dont know who works on those, but they are really, really good at it.

    Cant wait to play more singleplayer sc2. Im terrible at multiplayer so I stay away from that. Its too stressfull. Although I was undefeated in the last season I played. (just played 1 match :P )
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    posted a message on Message from Jay Wilson
    in before the immature douchebags flood the thread.

    Good luck to Jay in future projects.
    Im not stuck in the 90s, so I can enjoy D3 for what it is and not grasp at an old, outdated, "good-for-its-time" relic.Im certain D3 will be better than D2 ever was.
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    posted a message on Demon Hunter Budget Guide, Quadboxing Diablo 3, Diablo 3 Nominated for Best PC Game and Best RPG on Spike 2012 Awards
    Quote from m4st0d0n

    Diablo 3 Nominated for Best PC Game and Best RPG on Spike 2012 Awards

    Well, in that case, Spike Award is a joke.

    Since when was this not obvious to everyone?

    the sad thing is that there were NO good real rpgs this year, when both d3 and tl2 are nominated, both being hacknslash with really no ties to rpg
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 Loot Servers - > Easy Legendary Drops?
    in realted news, my monitor keeps tigers away. I have yet to see a tiger in my living room, so it must be true.

    Rng is rng
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    posted a message on PTR Patch 1.0.5 Unofficial Changes - PvP Tokens and More
    Quote from Vooodu

    Its not hard to loook at D2 pvp and see what "REAL" pvprs want.

    If d2 pvp is anything to go by, the "real" pvpers want hacked items, teleport and oneshot kills
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    posted a message on Kripp tips @Blizzard
    I laughed hard when he said that d2 had endgame besides farming items. Really?

    Then he goes on to say that d3 pvp will not be fun because of oneshotting, then saying d2 pvp was good. Oneshotting is ALL that d2 was about, and it was all because of gear. Adding that wow is not about gear. I dont know...I think he knows alot less than he thinks he does.

    Yes, he got some decent ideas, but seriously need to think before he speaks.
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