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    posted a message on Season 5 Set Dungeon Difficulty Equivalent?

    only tried it with t10 chars, and i can say the difficulty is far, far below t10.

    my guesstimate is t4-t6 somewhere

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    posted a message on Question about Pet-mechanics
    Quote from g0c»

    good idea, i like it because i could actually just click where i want my wd to go and stand ... yea, i'm lazy player.

    also zombie - burning dogs says it spawn 6 of them + 3 from passives i should have 9 dogs ? i only have 5 ... so what gives?

    also whats the point of respawning dogs since they are always alive, well, kicking and doing stuff ... C'MON ANSWER ME !!! :-)


    the base spell summon 3 dogs, by choosing Midnight Feast, Fierce Loyalty and Zombie handler you can get 3 more.

    Respawning dogs is for if they die (they rarely do), or if you use the sacrifice spell to blow them up.
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    posted a message on Question about Pet-mechanics

    I am playing a pet focused build, and is really enjoying it, but Im not sure about how all the pets actually work.

    Does bonus pet dmg work with the clones from The Grin Reaper?

    Do the pet stack up the dmg buff from the new gem? (forgot the name)

    Does + elemental dmg work with pets using runes with the same element? Example: firedmg with the fire dogs.

    Im aiming for 2set zuni + 6set helltooth, with 6 dogs, 3 giants and a whole bunch of fetishes, with firewall, zombiecharger as dmg dealers. Still working on getting all the pieces I need, but im enjoying the playstyle immensly.

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    posted a message on Equiping Followers

    Thunderfury can also be a good weapon on the templar, if you use the slowing talent. When it procs, it slows everyone hit by the chainlightning which can be handy.

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    posted a message on Justice hammerdin question

    The only problem with the hammers spawned by justice is that they dont get the 100% attackspeed effect from Johannas Argument, meaning the belt isnt very good. Until you get that flail though, its decent.

    The only pro from the belt is that you can attack from range, but the con is that you do alot less damage.

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    posted a message on I hope cubing Furnace is not the only optimal choice...
    Quote from Reacted»

    Quote from Karezza»

    I dont see why we would even be ABLE to cube a Furnace.

      • Extract Legendary Power - Archive of Tal Rasha

    • 1x Legendary Item with Special Power.

    To me this reads like we will be able to extract effects, such as Calamity putting marked for death on mobs, Leorics crown giving better gem effects etc, it would be like cubing a SoJ and expecting the elite damage from that to be cubed, i really doubt it will work like that for any stat bonuses.

    Furnace, IK Boulderbreakers ancients damage, Maximus fire damage but you could probably cube the demon effect that spawns, etc.

    I wouldn't expect us to be able to cube straight stat boosts, only actual effects and procs.

    Except for the fact that the elite damage on Furnace is a legendary affix whereas the elite damage on a SoJ is not, same for the other items you include.
    What you will be able to store is the "Legendary affixes" on items, if you look at a legendary its the line that is in orange.

    yes, its a legendary affix, not a legendary power.

    Ive looked through the blue posts, but cant find anything about it, but I think its only the powers thats included, such as the maximus demon etc, not the normal affixes with higher rollrange like the furnace elite dmg.

    We have no way to know yet, but I wouldnt expect affixes to be included

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    posted a message on Diablo 3 Level 70 in one minutes

    funny, but not exactly reliable. The cow rift isnt exactly spawning often.

    Only seen it once myself, many have never seen it

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    posted a message on Blessed hammer, need advice.

    Before season 2 started, I decided to go for a hammer build because I had not tried it before, and im tired of the cookie-cutter builds.

    Im aware it wont push the limits on Greater rifts, but as long as i can farm t6 fast, im satisfied.

    this is what i got so far: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Garnok-1645/hero/54783376

    My biggest issue so far is single target dmg. I can blitz through the trash, but the rift guardians always takes alot of time.

    As of now, I would say bombardment (from both the skill itself and the belt), is my biggest contributor to singletarget, strangely enough.

    Where to go from here? Im not the luckiest guy in the world, so I have never found a good Maximus, but thats the one thing I know i need.

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    posted a message on The RNG Thread!
    Quote from Killervirus18»

    Wow. Thats insane. Grats.

    Meanwhile, I have yet to see even a non-ancient furnace drop. Its one of the few non-class spesific items I have never had. :(

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    posted a message on How to make Diablo 3 better

    Im not a big fan of unavoidable damage, like jailor and electrify. I dont get why they added damage to jailor in the first place tbh.

    I feel like any unavoidable high-dmg effect are just unfair and not fun. I got no problem with 1shot mechanics if they got a tell, and you can avoid it if you are good enough and paying attention.

    Poison and arcane monsters are good designs. Lethal effects that can be avoided. Granted the arcane ones are just healingbeams in higher grifts, since you need the amulet to survive the jailor dmg.

    Oh..and knockback. I didnt realise how annoying all those knockback effects actually are, until i tried Krelms bracers. The immunity to knockback is just soooo good.

    Sadly, most builds require a spesific bracer to work, so you cant really use it. I would say, add a cooldown on knockback. Once hit by it, you are immune to the effect for a few seconds. A horde pack of those exploding fatguys (cant for the life of me remember the name) pretty much turn you into a pingpong ball, unable to do anything for a while.

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    posted a message on The elephant in the room (rorg)

    I hate this ring. Tbh, i hate the entire ring design in this game. There are so many legendary rings, and all but 3-4 are absolute rubbish.

    And the fact that you have to have a socket in them, makes it worse. I wish that legendary gems either could be socketed to any item (but keep the 3 limit), or they should resurrect an old idea, and have a talisman-thingy to socket them into.

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    posted a message on Twin Chakram m6 33gr aproved
    I have been playing with a similar build as well. I always enjoyed the twin chakram build, but never made it work at t6
    Now that you can toss away the pet gloves, magefist is suddenly boosting this build alot. With a decent balefire, i can cover the screen in a blanket of chakrams. Lots of fun :D

    http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Garnok-1645/hero/48729834 <-- my dh. Not the best gear, (my luck is awful, have yet to see a single unity drop since release of D3 for example), but I enjoy the playstyle alot.
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    posted a message on Insane Speed Doctor build for key warden and bounty farm
    INteresting build.

    2 tips however.

    1: always post a link to the build as well. (as others have said)

    2: When you record a video, use a pop-shield for your mic.
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    posted a message on Keystone of Trials Drop Rate?
    Only done 4 T3 rifts so far, got 1 key.

    Didnt play the ptr so I got no idea if difficulty plays into the droprate.
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    posted a message on Microtransactions: What would you pay for?
    I already bought the game. Why would i want to pay more for anything but big expansions? I wouldnt, and neither would any sane person
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