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    posted a message on 2.0 Fire Wizard Build!!
    This is my Wizard (pretty average gear) and theFire wizard build im using. Used it on PTR. Currently playing it on T3 without much difficulty.

    raw build in case i change mine up: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#WPQSOm!gec!aYZZcc
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    posted a message on Farewell to my quest for Ultimate Monk, a tribute to "Wave Stream Burst" Build and 2.5 Sec MP10 Elite kill record with Nirvana
    TL;DR - is this a current build or a out dated build. having that upfront would make me more inclined to consider reading it.
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    posted a message on What does "self-found" mean to you?
    Quote from Levitate

    Quote from Indimix

    Self found = no AH and no trade with other players.
    Everything else is allowed, I thought it was crystal clear.

    It is. People are just making it very hard for themselves.
    what about other toons on the same account? I was under the impression that toon sharing is not allowed at regardless if the other toon is self-found also?

    I thought it was gold and items you found on your own, no vendor bought, AH bought, traded in any form. Crafted yes as long as gold and mats are all from that specific character playtime.
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    posted a message on Free Arma 3 Alpha Lite keys!
    I have 2 alpha lite keys to give away, just send me a steam message.

    Steam name: Grailwatcher

    "The Arma 3 Alpha Lite is a limited version of the Arma 3 Alpha – providing people with the opportunity to try out the singleplayer showcase missions, a selection of weapons and vehicles, and the scenario editor." (http://www.bistudio.com/english/home/news/projects/364-arma-3-alpha-lite-now-available)
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    posted a message on Giving away a Monk set built with 25mil (3/16/13) [[US]]

    not a bad starter, never thought of going IK for a monk set. If i win this will be going to my brother on his account (don't have his Battletag).
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    posted a message on PC: Trifecta gloves
    Hoping someone can PC these gloves for me. OMW to work so i can't upload photo:

    ilvl 63
    armor value 348
    int 69
    str 70
    ias 7
    CC 9
    CHD 48
    Life regen 101

    Did some looking on AH, similar with 6%ias and 8% CC are 12-20m, but all the ones with 7%ias and 9%CC are upwards of 50m.

    Any help with this is greatly appreciated.
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    posted a message on BiS Gear for Followers
    i don't see the point in BiS gearing for damage unless you're running high MP and farming keys or essenses, in which case, if you're "needing" your followers DPS, you might as well back it down a MP level and gear them for MF/GF . I gear my followers for GF/MF for anything up to MP6.
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    posted a message on WTB SoJ 2.0+ spirit regen, Sweeping wind +dmg
    Quote from Sovngarde

    Quote from Graille

    check my monk's profile and let me know if you want to make an offer.


    Your monk is just wearing two rares for rings.

    check again.. i had swapped out for a few mp 6 runs
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    posted a message on WTB SoJ 2.0+ spirit regen, Sweeping wind +dmg
    check my monk's profile and let me know if you want to make an offer.

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    posted a message on Most efficient farming? MP4?
    save your machines till you get three and do them back to back to back, so you are guaranteed to get each different portal. Dig around the forums some as there is a link for some well geared monks that do MP10 carries for free(iirc) as long as you provide the machines. there you go, instant ring. Hope that helps
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    posted a message on will MP1 be still the sweetspot to farm in after patch 1.07?
    Quote from IcepickD

    Quote from Flexy

    Quote from Noladrew
    Thats an added 50-75sec per run. That really starts to add up at the end of the day when you're looking for the best xp:hour ratio.

    Point taken. But it won't matter for me because I get like 2-3 hours in during weekdays.

    Also a good point. Than you are not efficient in any way. And better for you to play what you like the most :)

    That sentence doesn't even make sense. Lack of large amounts of time do not mean you are not efficient, it just means you have other shit to do IRL. He has extremely limited time to play, so efficiency matters even more for him.
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    posted a message on What wrong with my build?
    Nothing really wrong with your build. Your hp's are definately at the level where if you don't kite perfectly and SS perfectly you will..A LOT. If you want to keep Evasive fire in your build, I personally would drop vault. they do the same basic thing if you are about to take a melee hit. I used evasive fire on my DH through Act 1 inferno without vault.
    Try something like this: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#fRgXVh!YTe!baYZbc

    Personnally I would add about 7-10K more hp's that will give you enough where you can survive a tick of plague, molten, desecrator or even take a melee hit from some mobs.

    You could also go with something like this: (again dropping vault, but keeping the rest of your build the same)

    Personally I'm using this on my DH, but i have 30K hp and about 250-400 resist:

    Edit: Also, try to upgrade your chest to a one with some sockets and +discipline if you can as well as your blue ring. vitality +crit hit chance should be fairly cheap on the ah.
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    posted a message on 1.0.4 Legendary items- how do you tell
    Wondering if anyone knows a way to tell the pre and post 1.0.4 legendary items apart. Is it just by name, since they are supposed to have different names? If so, is there a list of all the new 1.0.4 legendary item names?
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    posted a message on LF support DH build!
    Quote from Sylence

    Something like this might work:

    Entangling Shot - Chain Gang or Grenades -Stun Grenades (Chain Gang is probably more reliable)
    Spike Traps - Scatter (Damage dealer and -25% dmg with numbing traps)
    Smoke Screen - Lingering fog (Necessary)
    Preparation - Backup Plan (Necessary)
    Caltrops - Torturous Ground (Stun/Snare)

    Last slot will depend:
    If you need more dps - Marked for death
    More CC - Rain of Vengeance - Stampede/Flying Strike
    More survivability - Sentry - Guardian Turret

    Night Stalker (Additional Discipline for Caltrops, if you're running low crit% this won't help)
    Numbing Traps (-25% dmg on Spike Trap/Caltrops)
    Custom Engineering (Trap/Caltrop/Sentry* duration

    i would change this build to this


    basically adding jagged spikes to caltrops instead of the stun. you can have up to five traps active at one. I use jagged spikes pre-pull on champ packs along the kite path i'm using. that's 40% weapon damage each tick they are in the trap, lay the traps so they overlap (preferably around an object so as to save from re applying more traps). I added archery, but really the third slot is open to choice/playstyle/ comp needs.

    What other classes are you playing with? are they applying a damage debuff, if so you don't need numbing traps as in the build above. GL

    EDIT: As for magic find, a helm with socket for the MF gem, then any slot that doesnt provide crit or crit damage add magic find, unless gold isn't an issue in which case, crit/crit damage/high dex gear with high MF on those pieces as well.
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    posted a message on Monk Inferno Guide - 1.0.3
    Quote from Beace

    Quote from Graille

    Quote from Beace
    Dashing Strike/Blinding Speed or Quicksilver: this gives the one thing that you lack with DR as primary and that's a dash, a controllable one too. 25 spirit is really nothing, this gives quite a lot of control. Obviously the most defensive choice of all
    I don't really understand this recommendation. I played around with Dashing Strike while leveling, and found it completely useless. Instead I would recommend Tempest Rush, which gives much more control. I don't use it in my primary build anymore, but I'd most certainly use it ahead of Dashing Strike any day.

    I disagree, I'm using a slightly modified build for Act 1/2 Inferno farming on my Dual wield monk

    Link: http://us.battle.net...Xigk!ZXU!abbZaa

    I'm at 15K dps before MoC and BoH buffs with 39K HP and 13%crit. I really like having FoT for my primary attack due to the faster attack speed and LoH gained from it. The short teleport is useful once engaged. However, I use DS as a means of repositioning without losing much DPS uptime on a mob. Any mob that does a telegraphed large damage attack you can move out of the way instantly. It can also get you out of trouble when you get surrounded by Jailer/desecrator/firechains/plague mobs or anyother retarded combo.

    The big difference and reason why is because FoT ports you in front of the mob while DS ports you behind the mob. It also has a much longer port range (entire screen vs maybe 10yrds) with any mob or destrucible item.

    It works great on things like Butcher, Siegebreaker, the fireball dudes in Act 4, the giant ground smash dudes with huge legs in act 4, the phasebeasts in act 3, the overhead smash dudes in act 1 and many more. I know it doesn't provide the benefit of some other skills, but i find it incredibly useful and will have a hard time replacing it.

    As far as I'm concerned, Tempest Rush can do everything you just listed, and do it better.

    Tempest rush does not instantly get you out of jams, you have to run out of the jam. If you are surrounded by mobs or pinned by waller/jailer sitting in plague/descrate/fire chains/arcane sentry or whatever it TR doesnt get you out. TR has a higher cost to use. Not sure how that is doing it better. If by "better" you mean spinning your weapons and thinking it's cool, i guess you're right.
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