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    posted a message on Natalya?

    In actual fact, there IS a way you can talk to Natalya AFTER you kill Mephisto. You have to enter a game with someone that has NOT killed Meph... that person has to create the game. It won't work if you create the game. Once you are in the game, you go and talk to her and she gives you her speech and that is it. I have in done it myself, but that was YEARS ago... Don't know if it can still be done, but I would guess it can. It would be more effort to remove it than it would be to simply deactivate it for those that have killed Meph. That was why going into a game created by someone who had not killed Meph worked. The deactivation trigger was killing Meph. As long as the game creator has not killed Mephisto, that trigger has not been activated, so you can access the dialogue because it was left in the game. Again, not sure if it still works but it probably does. And definitely not sure about the D2R ability to use that backdoor method to hear the dialogue... but, they say they have not made any substantive changes to the basic programing of the game, and that the Resurrected engine is simply running on top of the original game, so that is something I am going to look at later.

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