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    Multi-Purpose Barbarian (WOLFBARB)
    My Barbarian current setup for killing all game and doing magic find

    6/6/5 10+/10+/10+ wolf-howl barb helm (socket vermilion envy jewel - 15max/psn dmg) prevent healing on monsters
    Shael'd Stormshield <--- max block 75% and 50%DR with treachery (5frame block) shael gives 5frame block
    7/7 soul drainers (for weaken, -%defence on hit) meanwhile, weaken can reduce damage taken if amp doesn't hit
    Treachery Armor (treachery fade = 15damage reduce hidden / 60% resist boost, venom = poison dmg)
    Scarab fortitude scarab husk (damage armor) Could use if swap from treachery to be absolute beast
    Thundergods (light absorb and maxlight %resist) Stats overall on best is just to good. 40stats to put into vitality
    45ias/330% stormlash (ed/ias jewel) Stormlash with 15ias jewel in, gives 6frame feral rage. Does static field on AOE
    Ravenfrost (can't freeze/cold absorb) went with raven for the AR/DEX but mostly can't freeze stat and cold absorb .
    Atma's scarab amulet (Again, amplify damage is crazy when it procs. breaks physical imunity & poison res/AR)
    Dwarf ring (15% fire absorb) could go with another ring but I just went with dwarf for the fire absorb.
    190%+ goreriders (crit/ow/cb stats) <-- open wound on high level will prevent ubers from healing, and the general stats

    Switch: 2x IST AliBaba (300%+ Magic find on switch)
    I use switch on MF swords Before looting corspes after killing mobs
    Damage and other stats: the barb proc AOE static field from weapon, has 3.5k MAX FERAL damage. 35% Lifesteal
    Resists & Life: Currently 3.5k Life at level 82, 75/75/95/75 resists (max 95 lightning)
    Total Damage Reduction and Block: 50% Damage reduce and 75% block (maxed out)
    Total Magic Find & Goldfind: 450+ Magic Find and 650%+ Goldfind
    The build has 6frame attack speed.

    PRO TIP: Keep naj's staff and teleport everywhere. 70 charges is plenty enough and cost 100k to repair (3x armors)

    Play style: f1/f2/f3/f4 (battle command, battle order, shout, and Wolf transformation)
    Get ur buff on, and go kill stuff. Wait for Fade to proc, and just kill everything you want in game.
    Switch to ali baba and back to human form before looting.

    Normally skills to max will be:
    20 battle Orders
    20 weapon mastery
    20 natural resists
    20 shout
    all leftovers into loot item
    prerequisites 1 point

    Thanks for reading & enjoy the game
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