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    Quote from Johnnyxp64

    its not clear but i think the Adventure mode should be unlocked ONLY if at least 1 character has played and finished the entire single campaign in ANY difficulty.

    Blizzard devs have stated that this is indeed how Adventure mode is unlocked in D3. So, no worries. xD
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    Quote from nadenitza

    You mean the same dupes and cheats that are reports to happen now and are spread in the internet? And what you mean no use?! The mod capability for custom user content will be open, you won't die due to lag or disconnect in hardcore any more, you get to play with no internet, lan parties, smoother gameplay, etc... Yes there are many uses to offline mode. I agree it may still be early for it but it sure should not be cut from the list.

    The amount of duping in the PC version of D3 is minimal, it's nothing compared to what it would be if it ever went offline. The only thing that's rampant is botting, but that is a whole different story. Also, I have long accepted that modding will not be a part of Diablo 3, and even though I realize such a feature would keep the game fresh for a long time, it is something I can certainly live without if the original content is good enough.
    Of course it would be amazing to play without latency, rubberbanding and fear of disconnects, especially since I mostly play hardcore, but it seems to me that Blizzard will never do an offline mode for D3.
    PoE is always online as well, and Blizzard seems to be taking the route GGG took, probably offering us an in-game store to buy transmorg stuff, vanity pets, dyes and so on, now that the AH is going to be shut down. I firmly believe they intend to keep Diablo 3 online only for good, and that people should just learn to accept that and move on.
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    Quote from Melt

    Is this really all it takes to convince the masses?
    NONE of these changes will make the game a longterm success or add much(any) depth to it.

    You strike me as a person of superior intellect, stranded on the shores of the internet with us ignorant sheep, who need to be told what they should enjoy or approve of. I can't wait for you to dip into that endless pool of knowledge and wisdom that is your mind and blow me away with some amazing ideas of your own.
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    So it's like Steam? I'm down with that.
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    It seems you will indeed need to farm keys whenever you want to open the portal to the Ubers. Anything else would make the key wardens quite a useless addition to the game.
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    posted a message on Name your top 3 issues with the game
    1. The utterly bland storyline/quests/events - This is my first and biggest gripe with the game. I could have tolerated the mediocre plot, or cliched conversations, because Diablo never had that much of a complex story or dialog before, but I cannot understand why the quests are all so uninspiring and seem to be done without any shred of imagination. This is Blizzard, after all. They've been creating a lot of fun quests since vanilla WoW, and even D2 had much better questing than anything D3 did. That is not right - at all. Not in 2012. and after so many years of experience. Also, the events, which were one of the things I was really looking forward to, turned out to be just as bland as the quests, forgettable and mostly done with zero creativity.

    As we can't obviously alter the story itself, Blizzard should put more focus on fun quest rewards and more complex events. The number of side quests needs to be increased, as well as the number of overall events in game. Quests simply need to provide some reward other than mere gold, which was just a really lazy way to approach questing in games. There is no fun in doing them, at all. No cool rewards like personalized items or extra sockets, no potions that provide small permanent buffs, nothing. The lack of small things hurts this game the most. And the amount of work needed to make things better is really not that huge, but the results would be more than positive. It is also important to consider adding repeatable end game quests, possibly even crafting quests from the blacksmith/jeweler, that would add some new depth to the game without destroying the old.

    2. Linearity - Simply put, it has no place in the ARPG genre. Especially in a game that is destined to last for a long time. All of the other similar titles that took the road of linearity died out quicker than they would if they had randomly generated maps of the world. The randomness keeps things fresh for longer, and is one of the reasons D2 felt fun longer than it would have if it was designed in the way D3 was.
    I want to believe that the only reason for the way maps are generated now was that players should be rewarded for completing the game/remembering the map, and not run around the edges of it find a way to the next objective. But that's hard to believe, and people are still doing pretty much exactly what they did all those years in D2, no matter what.

    I don't know how they would fix this issue, ever. Hopefully the expansions will bring some changes in the right direction, and move further away from the narrow roads and corridors with little to none exploration possible, into something vast, and breathing, and hopefully much more random than the acts we have now.

    3. The soullessness - Now this one is a personal gripe of mine, and I understand not all shall or should agree. But there was a strange feeling I had ever since I've first finished normal (which I found to be amazing at the time). And I could never really put my finger on what it was that was bothering me. Never could I point out exactly what was at the core of the issue, so I went with this term to describe it.
    Because, for me, D3 hasn't captured nearly as much of the soul and essence of the Sanctuary as previous games did. Maybe it is because of the different art direction they went with that took away from the personal and dark that goth carried with itself, or the simplified loot system that doesn't reward you with awe inspiring items while leveling, maybe it's because of the inability to teleport to any act at will, or to see lots of different shrines and diverse art for shrines/wells/etc, maybe it's the non existence of the social aspects of the game, or the boredom the same maps and linearity bring over time, or maybe I've just grown too old, and spoiled by MMO's to a point that I can no longer enjoy a great ARPG.
    But I don't want to think that there isn't ever going to be another game of my favorite genre that will capture me with it's beauty and mystique. I believe that if there is a developer out there putting his heart and soul and love into a game he is creating, it will definitely not feel as Diablo felt after the first run through.

    That said, I really like this game, but what I really want is to love it. And I'm gonna keep trying to, for the foreseeable future.
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    There's a lot more than 1 million. It would be too much of a catastrophic drop in players, seeing that Diablo is just too legendary of a series to lose most of it's playerbase in just a few months, and the game itself is nowhere near being bad or unplayable.
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    Yeah, that seems right to me, Jamoose. Quite a nice buff when it all adds up at higher paragon levels.
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