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    I took 4 images, did a lot of cutting, created things to fill in the gaps myself, among various other things. And it isn't stained glass effect, I applied like 20 until I got the right version. And I never claimed that I created the images in it, just as well as you could never claim that the dude with the glasses in your siggy was your creation. And I never, EVER, claimed that it was "my" image. Not in any one of my posts. I only put my name in the bottom left hand corner because I did do a lot of work on it, editing-wise, a good 4 hours, which to someone as young an inexperienced in the things of life as me is a long time. Please do not put words in my mouth, Alpha. If you'd like to see some of the work I did do, I still have some of the individual layers and transitions I had saved as different files before adding them to the main picture. I'm done here, you can keep posting about it if you want, but it would be spam, flaming, off topic, or whatever else you might call it.

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    Awesome painful story Reptar!

    Since we are on the topic-

    The first time I ever used a knife( I wasn't supposed to but you know, kids...), I was holding an apple between hand with it resting against my thumb and index finger.

    So I cut the apple and the flesh between my 2 precious digits. Ah...the blood...
    4 stitches later and I knew that knife cuts are as bad as stitches!

    And I lived happily ever after...hmmm I mean after I broke my arm. Oh after the time I broke my leg too. Broken bones is a whole new level of pain. It's an awesome experience! :wacko: Everybody should try it once in their life. Any bone apart from those in your neck and spinal column should be fine.
    Ya, after that, it's definitely happily ever after!

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    I'm playing SACRED 2: FALLEN ANGEL. Besides the bugs, and the immensely complicated UI, it's a pretty entertaining game. The graphics are okay, but there is little emphasis on atmosphere (in comparison to D3). The Quests are not repetitive and each one is pretty fresh.

    Also, just when u think "these items are boring", you find rare stuff. Everything cool is rare. The game has COMBO packs which work pretty well, also a neat rune system for your spells and skills, of which i hope blizzard learns but doesn't force you in one direction.
    The voice acting and 'over-joking' can make you not take the game to seriously and no monster i've fought has made me flee... But besides that, the game is entertaining... If you're welcome to the fact of stopping play immediately to install Dragon Age: Origins.

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    OK, I'm NOT a noob, D1.D2.D3 and ROS. I work...ALOT and I travel out of country ALOT! So any thing I trip over and face roll as I hit the ground against it is pure luck on my part. FOurms become confusing to say the least, I've read as much as I can about where is "best" to run for decent drops...IE RORG, I get to run maybe 5 to 6 either rifts or clear bounties a night...most of the legs I have I couldn't tell you if they are great luck drops or not. (btw i have NO RORG, and only 1 piece of akkahns, all the rest is crafted or something that according to the numbers boosted my toon in 2 of the 3 stats. So as I think most here are foremost closer to knowing the best runs can someone just tell me, am I right to run act 1-4 in my hunt for the elusive RoRG? ANd if you add hey moron, run these for these ETC... I will be most happy. Oh and my take on the whole RNG thing...its no more then a crap shoot on the craps table... does kadala piss me off..that would be a big ole HELL YEAH. But we play because it's ALWAYS so much cooler to post that "item" that she did graciously give you..perfect roll, or that item that has eliuded you through the months/yrs of hammering the zones to find...and now allows YOU to run T6 Solo in under 2 mins:) Thanks to ANY who post me some decent info BTW!

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