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    "Any players looking to level quickly and get the best start to Season 26 should browse the selection of starter guides from various content creators below! It should be noted that Soul Shards can be dropped for characters who are not yet level 70, and getting one while leveling has the potential to greatly increase leveling speeds."

    Wasn't Soul Shards a Season 25 thing? Are they in Season 26 also?

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    Why are they showing artworks of how the gear look like? Well, I guess I know why; because they look like shi* in-game :P

    All artwork looks stunning until you see it in-game.

    Would've been better if we saw how they really looked like.

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    What game are all these cool sets from? I don't seem to recognize any of the ones I checked out.

    Are they made by you and not really in any game?

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    "He/Him", "She/Her" like it says in the pic.... /sigh

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    Holy crap, this was amazing! I loved everything they let us listen to here. I really felt like I was in those environments while closing my eyes. I even tried closing my eyes before starting a video and I could tell right away what setting I was put in. Almost like I could smell it. Lots of details also.

    And I just so happened to be an owner of a pair of new headphones, which probably helped with this.

    Really loved the sound of the Wood Wraith. That one's probably my favorite of these. But damn, they were all amazing!

    Good job, sound team!

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    Quote from rani»

    Activision is so terrified of creating something interesting that they created a horribly boring Eth idea that impacts nothing, means nothing, sabotages established systems, and in the end is the weakest garbage they could attempt

    Diablo as a series needs to be Old Yellered at this point. 4 looks unbearably bad. Just let it die in it's sleep, which is a better death than it's giving WOW

    Seize Kotick's wealth and bury him alive btw

    I think you spelled your name wrong. You should've wrote "Rant" instead if of "rani", right?

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