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    Some time ago I found out that there are mods for Diablo 2, a game that most people know thanks to its proud legend. I played a few and then decided to find more. Among them was Spirit of Diablo, which immediately amazed me with its innovation. So I watched a lot of videos of his gameplay. When I decided to download it, it turned out that the creator gave up the outline of this mod. What was my surprise when I found out that it can no longer be downloaded. After all, the fact that the developer does not develop it anymore does not make this mod unplayable. For example, such Diablo 1 has not been developed by its legitimate creator for over 20 years, and yet it has not been removed because it is still great. It's the same with Spirit of Diablo. This mod is so original and wonderful that I have not found anything similar so far, and I have already reviewed at least several dozen mods for Diablo 2.

    Fortunately, thanks to one person, I managed to get a more difficult version of this mod, i.e. 0.7, for which I am very grateful. However, completing this release without cheating is quite a challenge even for a person with over a dozen or even more than twenty years of experience with Diablo 2 and thousands of lost hours in this game.

    Therefore, I encourage you to respond to my speech, including providing a link (preferably to Google Drive) to download the Spirit of Diablo 0.6c mod. My goal is to spread it again among the world community and by doing so, fix the author's significant mistake and prove to him that removing this mod was a huge mistake because it is great and should be restored as soon as possible, and also further developed, because it is worth (there are Willing), including increasing the percentage of people interested in Diablo 2 and shooting a hype on Diablo2 Ressurected. The purpose is godly, so you do it.

    A link to a more difficult version of this mod was sent to me by a colleague of Krai, to the game of which I cordially invite you:


    There are link for Spirit of Diablo 0.7:


    In order to contact me outside the forum thread, please visit my Youtube channel:


    or my Facebook group:


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    I recently found out that there is a vanilla server where you can play classic Diablo 3. I was so overjoyed that the first night I couldn't sleep I got ready to play. I was so nostalgic that I wanted to play as soon as possible. Unfortunately, carefully analyzing the materials from Diablo 3 Reflection, I noticed that in 2020 the project was completely destroyed. This concerned the corruption of the essence of Diablo 3 - a campaign modeled on Diablo 2, covering as many as 4 levels of difficulty. I was so furious that I couldn't forgive myself for not seeing it sooner. Unfortunately, I was typing the phrase "Classic Diablo 3" which could not be directly compared to Diablo 3 Reflection. Found it recently, but it was too late because the same difficulties were introduced that ruined the campaign in the original Diablo 3.

    What I liked the most about the classic Diablo 3 was the implementation of the Diablo 2 difficulty systems, but since there were 3 of them there were 4 (normal, difficult, hellish and infernal). It was so well resolved that I enjoyed it all the time. The basic opponents were very weak (but not too weak), while the bosses had real strength, which I liked very much. They were not easily defeated, which made the fight extremely entertaining. I'd love to see the Diablo 3 Classic permanent mode or server, where the original game would be frozen, with 4 original difficulty levels, 5 characters, and an auction house (where the only currency would be items and direct gold earned in the game). Unfortunately, Diablo 3 Reflection was bringing updates that don't make sense in a classic game where we want a frozen update. This was the reason why the Diablo 3 Reflection project turned out to be a real flop and ruined the perfect campaign that it had struggled to recreate. You can see masochism is becoming common all over the world.

    If you have information about the possibility of playing the classic Diablo 3 with 4 original difficulty levels, 5 characters (and maybe an action house), please let me know. If it turns out to be true from start to finish, you are guaranteed that the information about the classic Diablo 3 will be sent to all Internet users who are faithful to the beauty of the campaign and the game's premiere, who are hungry for a taste of the golden days of Diablo 3.
    PS: If Blizzard had thought in time and new difficulty levels had been added in Reaper of Souls, it wouldn't have been a problem. The players would be very grateful and happy as it would show a lot of players on the server and this post would be pointless, but unfortunately it is not.

    If anyone has any, even peripheral, seemingly irrelevant information on this subject, please contact me on my Youtube channel:


    or my Facebook group


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