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    Quote from XSEdef

    God those devs are useless. They just don't get it.
    No wait. That would be "fun". Can't have any of that going around in a game.
    And it would also take some actual thinking and hard work, both of which they appear allergic to.

    To this statement a blizzard developer would reply in this fashion:-

    "You think that's fun???No that's not fun!!!This is fun!!!!Buffing all areas so that everyone can get good loot without using AH is not good for the long term of the game.While nerfing any good farming spot that comes up is super fun.Be grateful."

    And don't bother flaming me people i won't even bother to reply.

    These posts are silly. Actually a game designer would reply to that with:

    The reason you find the Watch Tower fun could be partly because it is better than the rest of the areas. There is a contrast. It is the same with someone has fun playing a severely overpowered class against other players and "pwning noobs". That doesn't mean that is the right choice for the rest of the game or the players.

    Even if we put all of that aside, when one area deviates from every other in the game, 99% of the time the problem lies with said area. Plus it's way easier and efficient to just tone the area down than buff everything else.
    Same applies to every other change that can be made.

    Sure a player has more fun with more loots because that's the carrot-stick in this game, but if you make loot acquisition effortless in every area -and I know I'll go a bit on the extreme side here- then why not go ahead and add yellow loots+ on each kill? Where does it stop? Not to mention that you'll get bored faster and easier since the element of wonder/surprise will be gone due to the commodity of drops.

    In a way it's a bit like spoiled kids who want more candy all the time, without realising that if they did get it all the time they would eventually get sick of it.
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    Quote from C8die
    AFAIK the number code behind the scenes is directly connected and be displayed on the tooltips from the database. I doubt they made the affix as a graphic on that tooltip. That would be an awful way to code it (for changing it in the future or like they did now ;) ).

    Nope, it certainly doesn't work that way.
    Both in WoW and D3 (and every blizzard game) when a change is made in the database, the tooltip displays the old, incorrect value. It needs a client-side patch to change it manually. That's how it has always been.

    Recent D3 example: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/5825330/?page=4

    The nerfs to Lingering Fog and Mantra of Healing. The patch was server-side (aka hotfix) so the patch notes mention in brackets that tooltips don't update automatically.
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    Got my Beta Invitation today. (Greece)
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    Here's my Demon Hunter build:


    It's based around AOE attacks to clear big packs fast, while having a few perks for stronger enemies that require some single target damage.
    If you want more AOE output at the expense of a strong ST/weaker AOE you can change the Cluster Arrow device with Multishot.
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