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    Quote from Finder
    1. People are farming urns...nerf urns.
    2. People are farming resplendent chests...nerf resplendent chests.
    3. People are farming Nigel Cuthroat...nerf Nigel.
    4. People are farming scorpions...nerf scorpions.
    5. People are farming aspects...nerf aspects.
    6. People are farming Mira...nerf mira.
    7. People are farming CotA...nerf CotA (and any other place with "easy" mobs.
    Like I said, I agree they needed to fix these, but they need to do something more elegant that doesn't punish regular people.

    The answer is actually very easy: random generated maps. If the chance to find good loot/xp is equal on the next map and in a restarted game, people won't bother restarting. Adventure Mode is nice, but even there, only Nephalem Rifts are randomly generated. Blizzard should have used the chance in 2.0, and address the elephant in the room. They should have made 95% of the campaign randomly generated. It's a shame really.
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    posted a message on [SPOILERS AHEAD] Diablo III Expansion - Reaper of Souls: Datamining Post, Bosses, Game modes, Clans, Ladders, and more
    Quote from Kayzer

    Faithful, pm me a link.

    Faithful isn't his name, its the forum rank, nub :)

    Btw it's already confirmed to be legit by a polish CM.

    Google Translate:
    I confirm that Blizzard employees are testing various elements Reaper of Souls, and some of these items are available on the test server. I remind you that the data is a test server and they are by no means final. Also warn against spoilers contained in these articles. Information on the progress of the development of the addition we will publish on our official website.
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    posted a message on Reaper of Souls (Spoiler?)
    Quote from Zero(pS)
    Malthael lost faith in all good things and became a very very bad tempered Nihilist...
    I like him already! Perhaps this time Blizz can provide a proper antagonist!

    (and give Kulle another chance! C'mon Blizz, you know we want it, we know you want it!).
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    posted a message on Developer Journal: Itemization Update
    What a long way to say "we are adding the Identify All button at last!" :)
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    Quote from trocadero_fuerte
    I keep seeing this attitude, but nobody explains exactly what's wrong w/ the core game.
    We're eight months past the launch, there's no need to repeat all the reasoning.

    Here's a good thread that explains well enough why so many people are disappointed:

    And here are some slides about flaws in itemisation. These are a bit flashy, and do comparison to Diablo 2 (which we know is a different game and yada yada), but has many good points nevertheless:

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    posted a message on 1.0.7 is Tomorrow
    Apart from the few interesting development insights, the answers didn't really answer anything, just reiterated already known information. I was getting warmed up for the juicy bits when the text suddenly ended :o

    Edit: @Zeyk23 extremely rare stuff will stay extremely expensive on AH, as crafting isn't an option for every high-end player. People who don't have time to farm elites will still have to buy stuff from AH. Near-perfect rolls are so rare that I don't expect supply meeting demand anytime soon.
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    posted a message on Demon Hunter Budget Guide, Quadboxing Diablo 3, Diablo 3 Nominated for Best PC Game and Best RPG on Spike 2012 Awards
    Diablo 3 Nominated for Best PC Game and Best RPG on Spike 2012 Awards

    Well, in that case, Spike Award is a joke.
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    posted a message on PVP on DIABLO 3???
    Not that I care for PVP, but Blizzard failed to deliver it in a timely manner. Add that to the ever growing, great, stinking pile of Diablo 3 failures, and what we have is probably the biggest gaming disappointment of 2012. Relatively speaking, of course. The game isn't all bad, it's just that the expectations were enormous.

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    posted a message on New to DH, advise on what I should get
    • How much gold do I need to outfit a DH to take on Act 3? And what should I focus on?
    • If you go glascannon you can finish inferno below 1 million with a starter weapon. If you go for some vitality things are more expensive, but still cheap. I'd say below 10 million. If you go for proper defense gear things start to get expensive, 100-200 million at least. A glasscannon that is good enough to farm Act 3 fast would be around 50 million, half of that goes for the weapon.

    • Are there any special legend/set items that are "Musts" for DH?
    • No musthave, but Andariel's Visage with high dex is nice, and Strongarm Bracers can go above the normal dexterity cap. Very expensive stuff though. Natalya's sucks, you loose too many stats, I'd say learn to play with normal discipline regen

    • What stats should I look for in a main weapon(1h or 2?) and quiver stats?
    • 2h xbow for slow, but reliable big shots, 2h bow for fast attacks, but with wide damage range, thus unreliable damage. Take what you like more, but certains skills, like Impale, work better with 2h xbow. Good 1h xbows are insanely expensive, just avoid them. Certain defensive builds work better with 1h xbows, but you will loose damage if you go 1h/dw. Main weapon stats: chd is musthave (socket and/or raw stat), dps, and some dexterity is always nice. You can snipe some high vitality pieces cheap on AH if you need to improve your defense. Quiver: 15% AS, 100dex+socket minimum, 6% chc. Defensive stats as you like. Skill damage boost is nice, but not musthave.

    • What armor and All Resistance stats should I look to achieve?
    • Don't know, I've never been a tank :) You have to use your active abilities (Smoke Screen - Lingering Fog, Shadow Power - Gloom) a lot to survive anyways. So learn to avoid damage first, but some 300-400 AR and 3000-3500 armor with 30-40k hp will help a lot to survive in Act 3. You can tank almost everything with Shadow Power if you want, but gear with proper dps AND defense is not worth it imo.

    • What attack speed and DPS should I want?
    • DPS depends on your skill, really. Some peeps cleared Inferno with 30k base dps. I cleared it with 40k. Farming Act 3 started to be convenient above 60k. AS obviously depends on your weapon. 2h xbows need additional AS for sure, 1.5 attacks/second are fine. You can ignore chc if you take Sharpshooter and save gold on gear a lot. Bows are fast, you can ignore AS and go for chc with it, and take a defensive passive instead of Sharpshooter. Chd is the most important dps stat whatever weapon you choose. Of course, a balanced build with average chc and AS works fine too if you don't want to specialize on a weapon/build. Use dps calculators when buying gear (and take into consideration that simulating Sharpsooter's dps benefit is not trivial)!

    • What are the critical skills to have for both active and passive?
    • Learn to use Smoke Screen - Lingering Fog (it gives both full immunity and invisibility for it's duration. HP bar bugs sometimes, but don't be afraid, you are immune). See how mobs react in different situations, like coop, with follower, with Tyriel, etc, and learn how can get the most out of it. 1.5 seconds seem nothing, but with practice you can solve every problem in the game with it (and ignore defense on gear ;) ). I use Elemental Arrow - Ball Lightning as main nuke, it's a very convenient skill, both for aoe and single target. Impale - Grievous Wounds for single target burst, and Hungering Arrow - Puncturing Arrow for hatred regenarition (and very decent single target dps). With high chc and a bow Devouring Arrow rune might be better for Hungering Arrow. Steady Shot, Archery and Sharpshooter passives are kinda musthave, no real choice here if you go use a general ranged dps build. For more exotic builds look up the forums and teh interwebs.

    Hf with your Demon Hunter. All of this info is for Act 3/4 inferno. While leveling use Vault with Tactical Advantage passive, to speed up things :) Bola Shot - Volatile Explosives is nice for leveling too, high dmg aoe, no hatred cost.
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