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    Hi all. With the recent information saying that we won't see D4 release in 2021 (witch in fact is pretty possible anyway) I started to wondering how it will look like on console eventually. No doubt it will support full gameplay experience on new generation consoles, but many players (like me) are not going to buy this generation and surely will enjoy playing on the passing one. I'm afraid that Blizzard can limit some functionalities on the PS4 and for example we won't be able to play couch co-op with 4 player and it could be limited to max 2. Same operationw as done for Borderlands 4, where version on PS4 supports max 2-p local coop, and PS% version supports 4 of them. I know that in that case it's 4 screens instead of 2 to be handled for rendering etc, but it really got me worried.

    I have D3 both on PC and PS4, but PS4 version is much more enjoayable for me due to fact that I'm able to play with my friends locally and we also plan to meet up together and enjoy the story during weekend sit-down vahing 1 copy of the game instead of 4.

    What are your predictions and thoughts about this?

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