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    posted a message on hey everyone, ILOVEMF with Hardcore content !

    Welcome guys, i'm David A.K.A -> ILOVEMF, a 40 years old french gamer.

    I started D3 in 2012 & felt in love quickly with the HARDCORE mod. I finished rank one at the very first season with crusader

    & more rank one came after that.

    I've also been the first to clear a GR150 SOLO in europe (Hardcore season19) video here :


    I'm here today to share my passion with you !

    As you will see, i love to push my limits where most people would have already break their keyboards !

    I just made a new video with my season's 21 highlights as DH where i tried Gr 150 in HARDCORE.

    Here is the result (no spoil ! ) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9OxoI9eRto&t=234s

    tx for watching (subscribe to not miss the next videos)

    Good luck for the next season :) , have fun, peace !

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