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    Will you guys stop posting in here?! You keep making me think a new episode has been released. :(
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    You guys are all welcome for the quote. ;)
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    posted a message on Happy Chanukkah
    Happy Chanukkah / Hanukkah (however you may choose to spell it).

    Give me shout out my fellow Jews! :P
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    posted a message on Image verification is a nightmare
    As much as I would like to do that, we have seen a radical decrease in the number of bots showing up on these boards (which used to be ludicrously high) due to recent advances in forum security - including this one. Personally, I'd say that a one-time inconvenience is worth not having to sift through pages of russian porn ads and viruses.

    Unfortunately, to get one result you must sacrifice something. In this case, it's registry ease. :/ If you have another solution, though, I'm sure the team will listen.

    PS: Welcome to the forums. I don't think you've gotten off on the wrong foot. Just be sure to remain respectful, active, and on-topic and you'll be fine.
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    posted a message on Φ *New* Site Design Suggestions
    First off, I'd like to say that I'm not a grammar Nazi

    In addition to some of the problems pointed out in previous entries, a Roman numeral was replaced with an Arabic numeral, an abbreviation was used, and a pronoun was given an apostrophe in its possessive form.

    Hmmmm... :rolleyes:

    Also, this isn't gonna win you any favours...

    After reading the old version, a neutral party would likely think that this section of the site was created by very young and/or uneducated individuals

    However, I will agree with you on most of these things. Just keep in mind that I only wrote some of these and, when I did, it was like 3 AM. Gotta cut me some slack here. :P
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    posted a message on Bot Neutralization: Commencing!

    In an effort to combat the amount of spam / porn posts we've been getting from bots as of late, I have instituted a new policy (and accompanying program) on the boards. From now on, new user registering will be automatically placed into a usergroup called "New Users". While in this group, they will be unable to post BBcode of any kind (including IMG and URL codes) until reaching 5 posts - at which point they will be transferred to the common Registered Users group.

    This will prohibit bots from posting images or links.

    To recap: We may continue to have spam / porn bots posting, but their posts will no longer contain dangerous / inappropriate images or links.

    PS: This will only apply to bot accounts registering after this post time, so expect to continue seeing the odd spam / porn post here or there for a little while yet.
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    posted a message on Tyreal Gone Evil - D3 Boxart
    Quote from "XxL2PxX" »
    Forum Bashing ey?

    It's called criticism you hypocritic noob. WE all judge people and first sight as we do things like you, I, and many others, makign you even more hypocritic thus turning this trade of comments into an ironic and pointless debate, since you love fourm bashing so much. I had no intention whatsoever to put the OP down, it was just criticism to make it better, I admit I'm not an artist myself, but you can't expect people to like what they s ee first hand.

    Summary: You are a hypocritic forum-bashing retarded noob

    Lol. What is it with people these days? Good lord. I really don't want every single thread I make turn into a debate.

    I'd really like to understand what you mean by 'forum bashing' because I see none of it in my post. Really, I just can't see how you could even begin to believe that what I said was derogatory in any way.

    And yes, what you said was criticism, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. I've always been an advocate of constructive criticism that promotes the flow of ideas, improvement of technique, etc. I'm allowed to respond to criticism in whatever fashion I want - assuming I'm not offensive (which I wasn't). What I say still stands. I still think it's silly to say that someone else's art should be one way or another - in this case the roman numeral I (in the center of the III). Who says it has to be flat? Art is about freedom of expression - in this case I can make the I look however I want.

    As for calling me a hypocrite - again, I fail to see where I have acted hypocritical or said anything hypocritical at all. You told me how my art should be, I responded saying that you can't tell me how to make my art better. That goes for all art. You can't improve art - only an artist's technique - and whether or not an I is curved or flat on the bottom has nothing to do with technique.

    As far as being a 'retard' or a 'noob' goes, I'm not even going to bother trying to explain why you are wrong on both counts. Suffice it to say that my intelligence and longevity on these boards is sufficient enough to warrant neither of these insults.

    But, I'm fairly open-minded most of the time, so if you can present me with some evidence proving that I'm a 'hypocritic forum-bashing retarded noob', I may reconsider my stance here.

    If you plan on doing so, send it to me via PM as debates like this are better kept private.

    PS: Flaming is a bannable offense on these boards btw, so I'd recommend not doing so ever again - to anyone. For now, I have merely added an infaction point to your account.
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    posted a message on Φ Latest Website Updates
    Lol. Wow, you're being very subtle there aren't you, bard? Yeah, I clearly know nothing about web design - which is why I was hired as the lead designer for this entire network and have designed numerous other sites over the years.

    Just because I don't about one specific Firefox addon means I'm extremely limited. Get a clue, will you?

    As for looking it up, that's not my job. It also isn't my job to know everything about web design or Firefox addons or Javascript. If it doesn't work with this site, that's nothing to do with me, nor is it my fault - or my duty to solve. It's not my program. Saying that I should be responsible for a program that I did not make or even know about before today is kind of ridiculous.

    Besides, this thread is not for questions about Firefox addon compatibility, it's about the updates I've been adding to this site - which I designed, thank you very much. If you want to criticize my skill or knowledge, feel free to get off the site that I designed.
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    Welcome, welcome! Stay an active member, and the favour of Lord Silver may yet reach you too.
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    posted a message on D3.com Role Playing Storyline Thread
    Venex thought a moment, seeing if Thufir would speak. He did not. The man did not seem in mortal danger any more. When he had ascended, Venex had given the man a potion to restore him. One of the known side-effects was drowsiness. Thufir was probably asleep. He would awaken again shortly, however. Venex moved him to the bed and laid him down.

    "I suppose you might stay here. I guess there's no place better, unless you're looking for a crowd. I myself prefer the quiet and so," he gestured around the room, "I shall stay here tonight as well."

    He remembered that Zubin had found his own spot for sleep. He would not wake the man. He'd had a tough day, and needed rest. He would find Zubin in the morning though, and acquaint him with Thufir. It seemed he already knew Phasys. He smiled inwardly, remembering their hug. Zubin would prove to be a good friend.

    "Come," he said, gesturing to the other room. "Thufir will awaken shortly, and I'm sure we can find something to talk about in the mean time. He told me before falling asleep that was a sitting room just downstairs with a fireplace. Perhaps you know of some good tales?" He smiled. "I myself know many."

    As they left the room, he turned back for a second and whispered, not wanting to wake Thufir, "Stay and watch him Johnny. If there's any trouble, come and get me." The skeleton saluted and went to stand by the window.

    The two men walked downstairs and found the sitting room. Venex managed to light a fire in the fireplace before sitting in one of the three comfortable wooden chairs in the room. Phasys sat in another. For a while, there was silence. Then, suddenly, the image of the fallen with the skull on it's head came back and Venex found himself laughing again. The other man, not knowing what was so funny, laughed too. Eventually it died down. "So," said the Necromancer, his cheeks still flushed from the fit, "do you know any good tales, or what?"
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