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    Let's just blame it on the olympics. :)
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    .rar okay? :)

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    Is that a crystal sword in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
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    Eldermoon, while I think a lot of your points are utterly ridiculous and unfair, you do make several good ones. It is true that we have not lived up to our own posting standards, but what's the point if nobody else is either? We did not want it to turn into a "Jetrall and Elfen write a thread and here and there a few other people put in a post or two" which we have seen happen in other RP threads on these boards (back in the 'old days').

    You're right that there's not much direct communication about the storyline going on - then again, in most RP's there usually isn't. This is so that we're not all just sitting around re-writing what we already know is going to happen. If I just told you exactly what I wanted to happen, there's no fun at all (certainly less than having a few posts deleted because they go off on a totally different tangent).

    I totally agree that the story has been boring. That was intentional. Keep in mind, though, this part of the story was only meant to last about a week or two not the months it has taken (and no, I'm not blaming any of you for that either).

    Those are the ones I agree with. The other ones just come across as being either totally unjustified or just don't make sense.

    Your first point is clearly not true. Many times people have been allowed to do their own thing without hindrance. The only times we intervened were when the events described by a person were too far removed from the storyline for us to be able to incorporate it in as a plot point. When roleplaying, there are always boundaries (and if there aren't, then the gameplay will make no sense whatsoever).

    That quote has nothing in it to suggest that you cannot have conversations. It just says that once we reached the city (which we haven't) that it would be wise not to deliberately piss anyone off. How does that at all imply that people cannot banter?

    Point five is just wrong. I did not blame anybody for inactivity beyond the fact that I said many people seem to have lost interest - which is clearly true. Where you got the idea that I'm somehow pointing fingers is beyond me.

    Six... Really? Seriously? You're upset that in the little bit of story that has happened thus far that you're not an integral part of the storyline already? Or is it that mine and Elfen's characters are leading the way (which makes sense) that is the problem? Either way, it just makes no sense to me. That is the way almost every single RP I've ever known has started off. Nobody is well-established in the storyline except those who already know the whole storyline and are there to push and prod the other players in the right directions.

    I'm sorry if this game did not live up to yours (or anyone else's expectations). It certainly did not live up to mine either. Again, I'm not blaming anybody here beyond myself. In all honesty, I should have just ended this thing a long time ago when it first became evident we would not be able to match the posting requirements.

    Anyways, consider this RP done. I will lock and archive it all now. This is (obviously) not how I wanted it to end, but I think it's the right decision now. Also, it's just one less tie for me here. Only one left.
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    Quoting something in a context wherein it is presented as a quote for informative reasons does not count as saying it yourself. It never has. Anywhere.

    Your point here is completely ridiculous and it is becoming clearer and clearer that you are just trying to stir up the shit around here. Keep it up - please. It makes my job that much quicker.
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    In response to more deleted posts:

    This thread is not for discussing Bioshock either. Come on guys, it isn't that hard to stay on topic. If you don't have anything to say about the actual topic at hand, don't say anything.
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    Perhaps another fan only online forum? :rolleyes:

    I'm not going to link to them because - as I already mentioned - they are a competitor site. If they wont share MD with us, then why should I help promote them by providing their name / a link to their site?
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    Day 1
    Field of Phillipassus

    "Lento!" cried Jamis, skewering his screaming opponent in the gut, his hand sliding along the wooden pole of the man's own spear. "Watch my back!"

    The large golden haired man to Jamis' right grunted in acknowledgement and turned to face their rear, looking out for attacks from behind. The battle of Pillipassus was coming to a close, the mercenaries winning a decisive victory against the poorly-trained and poorly-organized Ridians.

    As he kicked the dying man in the face, knocking him over to the ground, Jamis began to wonder about the battle. They had been warned that the militia of Ridia would be well-prepared and able for the coming battle - the deciding clash of two rival villages (Ridia and Tappas) - and yet the men they'd faced were nothing but an uncoordinated rabble of stalky villagers weilding weapons they could barely hold above the ground.

    A victory's a victory, he told himself, trying to make himself believe it. That's how you were trained to think.

    All around him, the signs of an easily one-sided battle lay: burnt wagons, grass slick and red with blood, the fallen corpses of the not-so-fortunate. The smell of death and decay had not yet begun to permeate the air, but already the crows were circling, the sound of battle more than enough to pique their interest. He watched contentedly as familiar figures began to head back towards the Knights' wagons. They were well-constructed, fortified, guarded from flame and sword with steel plating. Those figures would be the other victors; the other Knights. Knights of the burning blade.
    His lips pursed in though, Jamis took a step forward, grabbed his sword off the ground where it had fallen, and wiped the bloody remnants of the Ridian militiamen he'd killed onto the grass. Returning it to its sheath, he smiled at Lento.

    "Another job well done, eh?"

    He saw the big man's lips begin to curl in a smile. But they suddenly stopped.

    "Jamis!" he shouted. "Behind you!"

    Turning around a moment too late, Jamis saw a flash of wood and steel accompanied by a stabbing pain in his abdomen. His sharp intake of breath worsened the pain and it was all he could do to stop from screaming. He looked down, saw his attacked slump over, finally dead, the spear slipping from his lifeless hand.

    Jamis whimpered, the pain unbearable as he felt the tip of the spear rip his flesh, slicing mercilessly at all it could reach. He wrapped his hands around the shaft and tugged, pulling it out of his own side. Within a moment he was on the ground and Lento was over top of him, looking concerned and confused.

    "I..." stammered Jamis, the shock beginning to dissipate. "I thought he was dead... I didn't think..."

    "Shut up," said the big man with a grimace. He glanced down at the wound. "Not so bad. It not get vital organs. You be fine."

    "You think?"

    "I know."

    "Thanks big guy," he said, the grin on his face feeling burning with falsehood and the taste of blood.

    "Go, get a field dressing for it. If I was lucky, and it didn't hit anything important, I should be okay for now if I just patch myself up. When we get back to Tappas I'll see a doctor and he'll fix me up proper, okay?"

    Lento looked doubtful.


    "Okay, boss."

    "Go, find Buliwyf. Tell him what happened. Go."

    Jamis watched as Lento stood, trudged as quickly as he could go off in the direction of Buliwyf, Jamis' brother, the other leader of their mercenary band. He would know what to do. He always did...
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    Sure. Little things lilke that are acceptable, just nothing major and dont explain how other characters are feeling/thinking. Describing their appearance and basic actions is okay.

    If someone is unhappy with the way you portrayed their character's actions though, it would be required for you to change what you've written. :)
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