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    I have bought Diablo twice for myself and once for a friend. I have Bought Diablo 2 including the expansion a grand total of six times! I've moved a lot, hahaha. Also I'd give away my copies of D2 because it was always worth going and picking up another copy. I absolutely hated Diablo 3, however I just picked up, another copy of it, to support your efforts in bringing us back to darkness. Also I was unaware that you brought back the Necromancer, who is my all time favorite class. I say all that to say this. Please, for the love of God. Make the Necromancer one of our five classes for Diablo 4. You guys are already nailing every other aspect of my hopes for this game. It's beautifully dark and real, it's not WOW cartoons, it's occultic, it scary, it's fast and flows well, obviously you had to include the barbarian and the sorceress, I love the addition of the druid. Please for the love of all that is unholy in this game, if we're returning to darkness, give us the darkest character in the franchise! I wouldn't care who you pick for the fourth character, as long as we get a Necromancer, but for whatever it's worth, I'd like to see the Amazon make a comeback. How fun would it be to see the expansion characters be the assassin and the paladin, so you get the OG D2 characters around the fire there at the character select screen. But please please Blizzard. For a fan of this franchise for over two decades, and this franchise is the reason I got into your other games. Give us the Necromancer, properly dark and bloody. Make daggers scary again. I want to see a flesh golem sown together from a mash up of human and monster body parts. I want to see bodies tare apart as skeletons rise from the tattered flesh. I want to see bodies explode taking out an entire area of demons in one click. I was to get a battle field of undead fighting each other for me as I sit back and let my minions clean up what remains after the curse has done most of the work. I want to down seven fallen in one blast of a bone spear rips right through them. And I ABSOLUTELY want to be carrying a preserved head in my off hand and have a bloody dagger in the other. If you do nothing else to this game, but give my the Necromancer, I'll forget about Diablo 3 and re-swear my undying allegiance to you. Otherwise I may just play path of exile 2 instead.[/p] Please don't fail us.[/p]
    A life long fan of the Diablo franchise.[/p]
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