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    Quote from elayadi»

    My precious.
    I keep getting non-ancient ones all the time.. in the range of 3300-3500 with weird stats.. congratz to you though :P
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    posted a message on Do DH's still have breakpoints?
    Only your puny turrets look after those BP's anymore..... rest is up to your attack speed, the more you use, the more they use
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    Well, I have seen that a support WD(starmetal kukri etc.rare items) can be really good character if you're pushing high grifts and it's a nice/rewarding way to get gear for other builds.

    If you're looking for high damage then I guess jade set is a good with petdoc coming second with good survivability and decent damage.

    I think you can find a guide to each one of these from the sites build section.
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    Quote from Goriki»
    Yes, but only if it does actually "pull" the enemies into the center.
    Do the jumps count if you hit a mob dead on and the mob just starts jumping on the spot?
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    posted a message on How To Placehold Your Game
    Few weird times I haven't been thrown out of a game if I have been afk for several hours, but never found out why that was...

    I'll try your method after I'm done with stuff and post results later.
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    PvP in this game would have to be sooo balanced, with the current gameplay mechanics it would never work.. Too many op skills and equips..

    I could see it happening easily if blizzard put some effort in it, but since most people want to progress their characters and compete on the ladder thingy/seasons(d2 style(ish)), blizzard will please the majority rather than create a new game mode for the minority because diablo has always been the kinda game where you group up(4-man -.-) and take down some baddies to progress your character, not beating each other up..

    I do want stable PvP in this game though, but just don't see it coming
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    I don't use RMAH or flip stuff just because... My characters arent any great and i switch gear between them whenever i see an increase in my performance :) i do read a lot of these forums and try to pick some useful tips in gearing but mostly i just play whatever feels the best and like to test different builds at lower monster power levels.

    BTW i just tried zero dog build and it really doesnt require that much gold at all, maybe 7m total or less, ofc for me to perform better it will take tons of more gold but the basic items i use are in my WD profile :) really cheap choise instead of getting thousandbillionhomunculus etc..but needless to say you really cant perform that well with my equipment without spending some money in RMAH because its impossible to find any good items for less than 100m-500m in the AH :(

    and ofc heres my profile: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/apinahirvi-2192/hero/1700288
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    Wizard AoE?

    AoE oriented build with some survival utility in form of Teleport and Ice armor, passives for increased damage and a quick getaway.
    This build is probably better for group play than solo.

    I liked sorcerer AoE mayhem in D2, though it didn't quite play out that well in the later difficulties..
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