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    D3 wasn't a failure by anyone's standards. It sold like what, 30 million copies with the expansions combined? D2 only sold 4 million to date. D3 WAS fun. i loved it when it first came out. But i played D2 for 5-6 years before getting bored, i only played D3 for barley 5-6 months before becoming much more bored than i was of D2, i even went back to D2 for a little bit. D3 just didn't have the same community feel as D2 had. And with the lack of pvp, a lot of people bought it, but quit shortly after. We came back for the expansion, but again, for only a few months. And seasons? less than 2 weeks into each season until its boring again.

    I have a lot higher hopes for D4 based on what we've seen. Back to the D2 feel, with major improvements. I had no complaints about wanting D3 to make me feel 12 or be completely blown away again. I had specific complaints like the soft/glowy graphics, end-game content, how crafting/trading worked, no pvp ect. But i agree D3 was/is a great game and anyone calling it a failure is just butthurt.

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    Quote from Elusion»

    Quote from Fearxhorizon»

    Im pretty sure most people will be dissapointed with early D4, let me clarify; Just like d3 the game will be built around buying the expantions These guys are money makers and will build their game around making money. ( Skins, expantions mostly ) And if u blieve that d4 will compete with poe 2 its not the case im sorry it will never be. best thing you can do in that case is play PoE 2 for more content and more D2 Vibe in the future.

    D4 will basically be D3 (2.0 ) all over again maybe with a little more but i wouldnt say compete with PoE 2 in anyway its way too casual without too much depth compared to poe 2

    let me show you something. the views on the diablo 4 gameplay have arrived 5.5 milions. Poe 2 is to 2 milion. you understand for yourself what people are looking for on the web right now. diablo 4 is not a diablo 3 2.0. starting from the skill tree and mmo elements. your analysis is based on marketing speculation

    Path of Exile has always been a decent game. But in my opinion it only ever did as well as it did because first, it held people over until D3, and then when D3 disappointed everyone they went back to PoE. Once D4 comes out it'll destroy the PoE 1 & 2 player base since it'll have everything D3 didn't have. They better release PoE 2 ASAP before D4.

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