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    posted a message on Quarantine got me back to the game after 8 Years

    Hey all, Hope all are safe and healthy...

    As the title reads, quarantine got me back to playing Diablo after 8 years. played extensively for the first two years since it has been released...

    Purchased the Reaper of Soul and played for about 3days now... I have level 70 (@ paragon lvl 190) of the following champs:

    - Barb

    - Demon Hunter

    - Monk

    - Wizard

    Since Barb was my main, spent majority of past 3 days and I can moderately complete GR lvl 5... been stuck here....

    Looking to see if anyone can give few tips and perhaps, someone to play with... (I don't have any friends in real life who are gamer like me)

    would love to clear much higher lvl of GR.... but seems like I'm having difficulty especially looking for better items....

    Thanks for the advice in advance!

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