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    I am a WW barb with a full set of waste gear, however I'm not sure what rings/weapons I need to use as there are several different build variants.

    1. Whats the deal with using the bul-kathos weapons (as I currently have equipped) versus the Little Rogue and Slanderer weapon set?

    2. Whats the difference between WW builds with ground stomp vs builds with sprints vs builds with all shouts? For instance, I was told to use threatening shout but I'm seeing many top guides ignore it and use War Cry instead?

    3. While leveling/getting pushed I'm finding TONS of gear. What should I be keeping? I just found out last night that a "puzzle ring" opens up the vault. I have forged several puzzle rings and I'm a bit annoyed with myself. I will now keep them obviously. Are there any other items like this I should be aware of?

    4. I feel a bit stuck with gear, I have the full wastes set, an obsidian ring of the zodiac and convention of elements but I'm not sure if these are correct. The only thing I have left to roll for via blood shards is the flavor of time amulet.

    I'm really just a bit overwhelmed and would like some more direction/end goal as there are several variants of the WW barb and they all must have different purposes that I'm not aware of.

    If you think of ANY other tips etc that would be appreciated as well.

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