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    posted a message on heya, i need some help

    hi, i am new playing, actually, im pretty bad at it. Im playing Diablo 1 the halls of the blind quest with a rogue lvl 15 (ill leave my stats at the end) ive searching but seems like im the only stupid who is attacked by archer night clan and other shiny goatman because i dont find nothing useful, arrows to a rogue, lol. so.. i have been killed a lot and i cant use spells so well because idk, must be my device. its important to mention too, i guess, that im playing in my navigator (again, by the shitty device i have). Here my stats: str 50 mag 27 dex 61 vit 42. also i have 3 bows: of the dead, silver bow and warriors bow.

    thanks whoever like to help me. btw, i dont know if its correct to search for help here, tell me where in that case-

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