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    Quote from Shapookya»

    it still takes a lot of time to get the good gear. the good gear is not the legendary, it's not the ancient legendary, it's the ancient legendary with perfect random stats, high rolls, upgraded with a high lvl gem. It takes hundreds of hours to get your good gear for one char. Most players just get their ancient (or not even that) and think they are done. And that's totally fine, not everyone wants to dedicate his life to a game. It's totally fine to get the basic stuff, play a build and then be done with it. But it's weird to me when players complain that it's too easy to get the good stuff, when they never got the good stuff to begin with...
    Well, not necessarily complain. Just making conversation. I'd just like it if the rarity of the gear owns up to its name! Legendaries are not really "legendary"! With so many legendary items, wooo it seems there's a lot of legends out there! Legends everywhere :P
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    I believe that the quality of the gear is not being used properly! I mean, what is the purpose of grey, white or blue gear in the game? Have you ever used it (other than your first 5-10 minutes of making a character?) ? The ancient legendaries are a new quality of gear if you think about it. Right above legendaries. Give them a pink color or something and call them Eternals or something like that! It's the same thing! But they too come too often! Like 10% of the time a legendary drops it will be an ancient!

    For me personally, I would prefer if it took a bit more time to find "the good gear"!

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    This thread is retarded! It's like you think the whole budget of D3 was used to tell us about the goblin giggle!

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    Always had, always will! My gear has been complete for some time now, and still opening them! Still doing all the stuff!

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    Quote from Bagstone»

    Turned this into a new thread as the PTR graph otherwise is hidden somewhere in the middle of a few posts.

    Changed the layout again... especially the "2x 25%" for a 25% chance for a second drop is now "2nd 25%" after some feedback from Reddit:


    Any feedback appreciated, might actually change the current live display as well if people think it looks better. Also some other changes and some small number updates - went to PTR to test some values (including T6 ubers which seemed to be totally off for months, but I guess no one does/cares about T6 ubers ;-)).

    Still looking for volunteers crazy enough to do T13 bounties for counting cache materials :P

    Hey! I studied (is that a word?) the link you provided, and there is most definitely a mistake in the Uber drop material (last line). From T8 until and including T12, the number of organs needs to be 3 instead of 2! Think about it, and you'll see that it's right that way!
    If you think about it, we've all had 3 organs drop sometimes in T10 in the past! Lowering that chance now doesn't make sense!
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    Quote from Thornagol»

    I expect to see something like this though:

    "Energy Twisters spawn new energy twisters on each hit of an enemy. Energy twisters spawned by energy twisters can spawn energy twisters."

    Rip in pieces video card :D :P :P
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    Looks like the 2.4.2 PTR is live?!
    3 GR keys possible drop and more than 1 infernal machine from keywardens :P

    And of course T13!!!

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    posted a message on Fake accounts and forum bots!

    Very politely, what the hell is going on with all those new threads that are been created all the time by bots and generaly fake accounts? It's very annoying to see them all the time at the front page when you are searching for the latest activity in actual threads!

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    This is really nice! I like it!

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    Does the conquest requires you to be present during a kill? (if you are in a group of course) You cannot kill the bosses separately like in split bounties?

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    Quote from prrovoss»

    finished in 13:38 ... so close... great achievement

    They finished 15 seconds before they get spot #2! Really close!
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    posted a message on So what other games are you all playing???

    GuildWars 2 and Hearthstone!

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    Quote from exiled40»

    Quote from Tunch»

    the stupid thing is I dont want to do conquests. and the reason I'm playing the season is to get the stash tab. Now im stuck on second conquest and kinda bored of it because I have around 1-2 hours a day of playtime avaliable at the moment and don't wanna spend it in ruins of corvus for 50 million streak conquest :(

    Stop doing things the hard way and it wont be so hard.Let things come naturally.With you trying to get the gold streak from the place is act 5 is probably the hardest way of going about it.You can easily get it in vault very first room.
    And Honestly I have no clue how I got mine.Could have been from vault,from a baron,etc.Point is that I wasnt trying for it and it just happened.

    The Conquest states specifically that it must be out of the Vault!

    I got that conquest without even going for it just by finding a gold goblin during bounties in T10! (without the Hoarder gem) I'm not saying it's easy, I'm saying it was luck to find the goblin!

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    posted a message on lvling gems bugd?
    Quote from kestak»

    I am convinced the gem upgrade IS bugged.

    A friend failed a 100% upgrade. I saw it with my own eyes. He had 4 tries at 100% and ended up with 3 upgrades total. He clicked fast on the button and he clicked them all because we could close the gr.

    The odds are bugged too:

    The distribution of success rate of 80% is abnormal. I wrote down until yesterday for 4 days the success rates (I posted on blizzard board) and I am very unlucky or there is something amiss.

    The distribution of success rate of 60% is abnormal too. I have a failure rate over 90% for the 60% odd. It is not on a few tens of tries but close to 300 now.

    Last season I kept records for close to 1300 non-100% tries (I wanted 2 full set (26 gems) level 70 for the calderann's despair when the season ended) and the distribution of results were quite close to the said upgrade odds (Of course, I had a lot less 90%-80%-70% tries so those are further than 60%-30% tries).Right now, the 80% and 60% distribution is horrible.

    P.S.: For the trolls talking about RNG (but not knowing stats and probabilities) and considering a 90% failure for 60% it completely normal BECAUSE IT IS RNG, before posting on that thread, just make an easy Excel macro, generate ONLY 150 numbers from 1 to 100, and calculate the distribution. You will see it will be trending very close toward 50%.

    You cannot close the GR if any person at all still has gems upgrading tries to do! It's impossible!
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    Quote from soulzek»

    Yes/No, do you...

    1) Rush and fight elites only

    2) Open chests

    3) Pick up non legendary stuff like mats, salvage fodder

    4) Pick up orange progress orbs from elite packs

    5) Close the rift immediately after guarding or go til the end

    Yeah! That's exactly what I'm doing!
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