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    posted a message on StoneClan is recruiting casual D3 players for seasonal play

    We are a small clan (EU, around 10 members) with emphasis on calm & chilled out approach to D3 gaming. No stress, not chasing leaderboards or anything in that regard. Just enjoy gaming, and help each other out with leveling, gearing, run bounties/rifts/GR on all levels depending on who are in the party. Gaming time for a couple of us is in late evenings (EU) -> family people with small kids...

    (owner and admin are norwegian, but we communicate in english just as easy as in our native language :P)

    Feel free to hit me up on any of these plattforms to join our clan, we are accepting all players that want to join (EU).

    Discord user: tergab#0058
    Battle.net/Diablo3 user: Samael#2527 (EU)
    Diablo3 in-game clan: StoneClan (EU)

    Hope to see you in-game :)

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