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    Here is my healing monk.


    Obviously meant to be a supportive role, i think i've hit all the major skill necessary for a healer.


    Way of the Hundred Fists(Spirited Salvo): Nice aoe spirit generator. Considering replacing the skill with Crippling Wave(Concussion) if more CC is needed.

    Breath of Heaven(Circle of Life): Obvious heal is obvious.

    Inner Sanctuary(Safe Haven): Every healing build needs this.

    Cyclone Strike(Soothing Breeze): A risky move as it pulls all enemies toward you but the heal is nice.

    Mystic Ally(Air Ally): Another nice spirit generator plus the added damage is something you can't ignore/

    Mantra of Healing(Sustenane): As a healer, I would be crazy not to have this.


    Chant of Resonance: With only one spirit generator (not counting if air ally procs), we need all the spirit we can get.

    Exalted Soul: More spirit to play around with. A+

    Guiding Light: +damage to everyone i heal? Yes please :)

    Obviously its just a theory craft but Im pretty sure this will be a staple healer build with minor tweeks here and there.
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