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    nothing like a know it all poster creating pretty posts full of glaringly halfsighted conclusions to get the d3 nerds such as myself hyped up in a nerd rage in order to get us to post...

    well done sir
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    Quote from Ruppgu

    No way, I'm going to stack run speed and go with a Spirit Walk - Severance build. I'll be walking all over those demons! :P

    agreed. im using spirit walk + severence (most likely) for a couple of my builds. If i can walk through walls with it then its definitely a keeper ability. its a good escape tool on a 15 second CD (shorter than horrify). Not to mention is looks badass graphically imo.

    Combined with abilities like grasp of the dead its a great kiting combo:
    1) cast GotD in front of you whilst pummeling mobs with DPS
    2) mobs walk over GotD trying to get to you
    3) spirit walk (with severence) through the mobs stuck on GotD and come out the other side.
    4) mobs turn around (still snared) and start chasing you in the opposite direction.
    5) repeat the kiting sequence 1-5 until nonranged mobs are dead. .

    since the CD is only 15 seconds its like a never ending kiting sequence vs nonranged mobs.
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    only need 1 signature spell and energy twister is kinda lame because it doesnt take up much area and its really random. The only energy twister rune i really like is Storm Chaser because it turns it into a passive that casts 3 mini tornadoes every 3 signature spell casts on its own AP free.

    not feelin your build yo
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