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    I'm very excited for Diablo 4, but it also seems to be a little further in the distance; so for the time being I am very happy with the new sets being implemented with the coming seasons of Diablo 3. Of the new sets coming out do you have ideas set in place to roughly what they would be focused around skill-wise for the classes? Personally my true love has been the demon hunter and I think it would be amazing to implement a mine build as there are already a few items in play that help support this, but not many to increase the damage. Ive been playing since lvl 60 was max level and I remember them being crucial especially with the echo rune. It may be nostalgia talking, but either way I would be ecstatic to see something like this to come about. Keep up the good work and whatever you do decide l'll be happy to try it out in the coming seasons. Much love and happy new year to your team :)

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