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    I like the idea and the variant about ancient items. This should not be avaliable to normal legendaries.

    The problem is it has a good appealing to keep farming materials and give the player the illusion to keep getting better. Maybe it could keep some players playing for 1-3 weeks longer? =)

    Sorry to dissapoint the OP, but what makes you progress right now is the paragon level. Take this for example:
    *Imagine you have all the ancient build itens, but you miss the 7% on weapon. If the primal isn't dropping for you and you want to invest in this recipe, what will you really accomplish? 1 GR higher? =( Even if you tweak every ancient item to optimize your build, as long as you stay in the same Paragon level, what you will accomplish with that? 1-2 GR higher? ...(the upside of this is that it may keep you playing the game to forge the perfect item, but when you forge it you'll notice the problem wasn't your item...)

    Let's way you got to GR90 solo without tweaking your items with that recipe... what happens is that you'll need to farm a ton of mats, plus get a lot of paragons. Then when you finally get all the mats and tweak all your itens, plus 500+ paragons, you will try to push GR again and get a GR100+... woahhhh that item really makes an difference! Sorry, but that is not the case =)

    I like the idea, a high cost mat recipe to keep you playing may be something that will keep you playing a season more than 1-2 week (for me at least), but the game have other major problems right now...

    In the other hand, I can understand Blizzard doing nothing about paragons. Let's say they nerf the paragons, something about 1stats only for 800+ to reduce the importance of it. What will it really accomplish? My guess is players will stop playing season much more sooner... lol. The good side? A recipe like this would keep you farming mats and itens over optmizing XP/hour =)


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    posted a message on New Diablo in 2019?
    Quote from WildWestNeko»

    Path of Exile's annoyances are:
    - the huge items cluttering up the small inventories. Many town trips required, or frequent pauses for sorting and discarding.
    - there are enough currency items to fill out a bank page, and then some. Want more space? Buy with RL money!
    - has a rather high difficulty setting, with no option to change it, and the exp loss on death is a slap to the face to top it all off.
    - has the worst RNG loot system ever created on Earth! No, in the Universe! No, in the Multiverse!
    - pretty much forces to trade to gear up in a reasonable time span, but without AH leaves players bickering over value - scammers are rampant.
    - items are purposely made to look plain and "newbish", forcing the player to spend RL money for cosmetics to improve character appearance.
    - the skill tree (forest) is saturated with uninteresting and weak passive stats, one must invest into to reach the good stuff. Re-skills are expensive.
    - there are a few great builds and every thing else is "customized", diversity is an illusion.
    - is campaign play through still a thing? I had to do it 3x when I played it.
    - rather dated graphics

    D2's (and in part D1) annoyances are:
    - huge items taking up tiny inventory space, and smaller stash space yet.
    - experience loss on death (also dropped all the gear in D1)
    - forced campaign play through 3x
    - no difficulty settings
    - few builds, no diversity, no option to re-skill.

    - RNG loot was off the charts bad (LoD improved on that with runewords and higher tier uniques)
    - trading was a big thing, with scammers around every corner, along with cheaters and "corpse poppers"
    - very dated graphics for obvious reasons

    I didn't want to get into this, but you PoE-lovers forced my hand.
    Given the time I could certainly come up with a couple more worms to add to this can, but I haven't got any further to waste on this Pile of Excrement.

    My point of view as a player of your arguments as I played both games
    -Allies targettable is annoying. The lootfilter is something you need to discover by yourself, it could be explained ingame in somehow. If you don't have an ideia what to pick up it can be very frustrating.
    -Small inventory and stash is a problem, but again, I did 2 chars lvl 70+ in the abyss season and still have space in stash. D2 has a very similar stash.
    -Self Found Mode is something D3 should have ages ago. I like to play solo most of times and as we can`t play offline, it is an excelente options. This way you can have a char to play with your friends, a char to push yourself and you can even give up from self found to play with your friends if you wish so. Excelent idea as the hardcore system from POE. It should be something like that because we are obligated to log in to play the game and I can say it is horrible to lose a char to a silly disconnect.
    -Exp lost if you die is a good punishment. It basically says you are not prepared if you are dying a lot...
    -Worst RNG? I can agree if you are saying before abyss league. Abyss is awesome right now.
    -Forces to trade? Nah, play now self found in abyss league and you will see it.
    -One campaing for all the difficults now, the campaing revamp is awesome.
    -The graphics are something that I don't like too, D3 is much better and the fluid gameplay from D3 is awesome. D3 right now is focused in combat. In the 30 secs from rifts, you can clean all your inventory. In POE, you lose a lot of time calculating and testing if a item is better or not...

    I hope the D3 flaws will serve Blizzard as a good lesson for the next Diablo. D3 is a good game, but it could be so much, much better. POE is an interesting proposal, something different to play. Different graphics, gameplay, history, a nice game but not very friendly. I just played some initial maps in POE, until yellow maps, but at this point, for me, it is the same as GR in D3. I am tired of pushing GRs so I was not motiviated to keep playing POE from this point on...
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    I guess you guys are looking for something like this... from Rhykker


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    posted a message on Gem level 50 perks ideas v2 (Under Poll)

    Empowered gems would feel like POE with the vaan gems. Very similar...

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    posted a message on Adding zest to Primal Ancients

    Nice idea. This kind of idea has a lot of potencial to make the game reward something fun to keep you playing/farming. Combine that with the armory and you can keep updating all the builds you play or like to play! Every primal you find can put you in a thinking state, if it is worth or not and where.. =)
    At least it gives you much more viable options that the current state!

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    Quote from undefined »
    until the day comes you'll realise yellow mats are the rarest of them all. if you need white mats that badly there is a method to get 3000+ per hour, or 100 per 2-3 minutes depending on how fast you are. fastest vs slowest builds is like 30 seconds difference.
    Yeah, I know you can farm white items... I was saying if you do regular things, the white mats are the rarest of them all. To match them you need to pick up every white item while doing Rifts, etc... while the yellow essences still superior in quantity, but they are supposed to be "rare"...
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    Maybe it is a common style of gameplay, but I pick up yellow itens until I hit 70. After a few as 70, you can ignore yellow itens and only get white/blue to be destroyed and all you income of yellow essences will come form GR, bountyes, RG...

    Maybe they should increase the drop quantity of white/blue materials from Bosses and bounties to match the equation of wich one is the rarest: white<blue<yellow.

    For me, I have a TON of yellow essences and I don't get yellow itens... but I need to convert my "rare" yellow materials to make "common" white parts just because white essence are much more difficult to find than yellow... who cares about logic anyways? lol.... O.o

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    posted a message on Oculus spawning 2 rings

    Check your cube...

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    posted a message on Barb, stuck at 62 GR. Any advice is appreciated

    I switched from monk to barb this season because of that build either =)
    I have done GR 77 if I remember and got top 500 at that time (like 2 weeks ago)

    There is a problem with this build. I have ancient all over with 60+gems infused in gear and 70+ gems in jewelry.
    T13 is NOT fast. My LTK monk can kill the RG in T13 with 1-3 kicks...

    With this WW Barb the RG takes like 30 seconds to kill...

    T13 farm is viable, but this build really shines in T11-T12 farm. ITS SO FAST that you won't care about T13.

    It is a fun build for lazy people like me =)

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    posted a message on One week and botters are p900+...

    Pretty much this... OP can report botting people, but you can`t say a thing about how much time they have to play or if they play at all... Just report them and hope for a future ban >=)

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    posted a message on DiabloFans Calculator Build Contest (ONE POST ONLY)
    This Demon Hunter Build:

    It aims for a survival Demon Hunter for highter difficult level. You can keep up the distance from the enemies and have a good single target dps and some aoe when needed. Also you have some emergency skill when things become ugly >=)
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