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    LOL! Nearly a year late ... to tell us it's not coming ...
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    Play hardcore, then smash your keyboard :)

    The hardest mobs are the A3 bugged demonic tremors who are super fast and stunlocking even without a fast affix. Quite silly and impossible for a solo DH to kill alone if not overgeared :P
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    I look forward to these:
    • The color of Health Potions, Gems, Tomes and Pages will change in a future patch.
    • When Legendaries get an upgrade in a future patch they'll have many interesting proc abilities.
    • The stat for increasing the potency of Health Globes might also affect Potions as well in the future.
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    I've made a topic on D3GD if anyone wants to go there http://us.battle.net...ic/5270827076#1

    But I figured we have a more mature and better community here on diablofans to discuss this (copied from the thread):

    The current resurrection mechanic is fine for normal, but in higher difficulties, dancing around and resurrecting constantly in battle is silly. You should fear death in Inferno, not because it costs you a small amount of money, but because it might make you completely wipe and lose the whole encounter.

    The current system just allows people to cheese their way through bosses in inferno, and it also lets you run around in higher difficulties without fear of dying at all, besides the slight damage to your wallet!

    Possible suggestions:
    - make the rez time longer for each difficulty (say x2 for nightmare, x3 for hell, etc)
    - make the rez casting cancel when you get hit (currently only cancels when you're stunned)
    - make the enemy who killed you gain power
    - disable rezing more than once (or x times) in inferno in a span of time (no spam rezing on one boss) [Ixir suggests 1 rez in inferno, 2 in hell, 3 for nightmare, etc per character]
    - make the rez timer increase the more times you die in a row (yes, like WoW)
    - rez players with little health and potion on cooldown [Prunetracy suggestion]

    What do you guys think? Anyone else annoyed by the ease of jumping back into things mid battle, even in higher difficulties? Your ally's should have to finish clearing the mobs before saving you at least!
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    Quote from Sinistra

    I love the battletag idea and system for the fact he mentioned about street cred, and notorious assholes which will be around. This will make it much easier for those reason. When you actually think about it, its logical, cause I'll be switching between classes all the time, this will streamline identity's.

    Streamlining identities is one thing, but completely negating the use/need of a character name is something else! I like seeing the battetag up on the face plate and character name plates, but can we not at least show them both so what I name my character is seen? Even just a "Character (BattleTag)" above the player's head would work for me. I'm saddened that they went back on the initial "we'd heard you!" speech.

    As for the developer chat, man that was garbage. First, it wouldn't let me in (due to caching that bit.ly?) until I found the direct link on diablofans. Then I just missed the chance to paste in a question so I only got to ask one about 45mins in! I had a series of questions I wanted answered (post http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/4888509006?page=1#0 if anyone wants to add or answer some). The majority of those questions had well-known answers or were just useless in the first place. I figured the core diablofans people would be there that had proper knowledge of the game and would actually ask better questions!
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    Quote from Benegesserit

    Quote from HabeasPorpoise

    We also have enraged timers, where if you don’t kill the monsters in a certain amount of time, they enrage and then they do massive damage

    Holy crap, so not only are the monsters already super hard, but if you don't kill them within a time-frame of the demon's liking, they rage and get even harder. Also "Massive Damage?" how much more massive can it get than 170k in one hit?

    actually if 170k is the top then maybe that's the damage they do enraged

    It says "min" damage. So that would be the normal hitting you without any crazy effects at all described elsewhere.
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    Simple, but it happened.
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    Anyone else think the whole "share to unlock" thing is BS? I bet you they unlock a timed interval and has nothing to do with spreading around via social media. Otherwise, it would've at least gone up slightly by now with all the initial hits.
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    Drawings/examples of "yards" radius relative the size of the screen. I would like to know exactly how far 5yds is, for example.

    What is the difference between dodge/armor/defense/resistance in terms of what they negate, how much of it, how often, and what's the diminishing return on them.

    A complete list of possible random attributes with what kind of items they can appear on (i.e. +damage [rings+weapons only], +intelligence[all items], etc).
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