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    posted a message on Anyone else worried the final 2 classes will suck?

    I think the two remaining class will be "new" classes that recycle heavily from existing class.

    My guesses are:

    1. Thief

    Borrows from Amazon, Demon Hunter, and Assassin

    Uses (cross)bows for range, but must switch to daggers/fast combat/traps for melee.

    2. Priest

    Borrows from Monk, Crusader, Paladin

    Whether using fists or weapons, the main emphasis is "holy". Probably also the shield using class?

    Essentially, the existing classes are missing "bows" and "holy" which were huge in diablo2. I can't deny the appeal of a necromancer or how it would fit nicely into the lore. But I worry that a necro "pet class" would overlap too much with the druid pets.

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