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    So in the off chance the Blizzard team sees this I wanted to share my story of how I became a blizzard fan and how it brought my brother and I together as best friends.

    My brother is ten years older than me, when I was 8, he was 18 and like all 18 year olds he wanted nothing to do with his 8 year old brother. He would hide in his room and play his video games all day and never let me in. One day I kept hearing a high pitched ringing sound from his room, so when he went to the bathroom I snuck inside. I found that my brother had been playing this game called Diablo II, his favorite character, named Joshua, a high level paladin dressed with the most fantastic armor and weapons imaginable. I was mesmerized. My brother came back in the room and was pissed that I had come in. He started to rush me out and before he slammed the door I asked about the ringing sound, he paused and looked confused. He asked ‘you heard a sound?’ And quickly brought me back inside. He pulled a chair next to his and sat me down.
    ‘I want you to tap my shoulder whenever you hear ringing sounds.’
    my brother was born with significant hearing loss and was unable to hear the drop sound of rings, amulets, gems and many other items. So it became my job to tell him when these items dropped, and instantly be shared a bond, a connection that too this day we still talk about. This game gave me the brother I always wanted. Soon he even let me create my own characters!

    if the Blizzard team ever reads this, please, keep the sound effects of dropping items unique. You never know the importance of such small details. And if an elderly deaf paladin named Joshua and his three daughters would show up as a chanced NPC, it would be an amazing tribute to my brother and all he introduced me too.

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