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    Agreed. And while on the subject, I also deter outlining with a colored line, like say there's a thin red line around the silouette of the mob you are mousing over. They are great QoL features for many games I'm sure, but they are also totally immersion breaking. Generally, I would love for Blizzard to just take a chance on it and just not have any such features at all, or to let the user disable them in an "Accessability" menu or something. Let me be confused about what exact mob I am attacking. Let me have monotone please. Not everything needs to sparkle.

    Furthermore, stop the homogenization. Stop implementing every market trend into the product. Dare to be one of a kind and not apply the "formula" each time. It's like with movies that now just swap out directors/producers/writers from one project to the next, even within the same franchise. Nothing hardly ever feels like its own, anymore. Nothing feels like LotR, or the original Star Wars movies. Cause those were created in large part by one person with one vision, not just the sum of the overlap of 50 people's visions.

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