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    Xbox refused cross-play back when the 360 was dominating the Ps3 and Sony was doing the same when the PS4 was but I thought I heard that PlayStation decided to support cross-play across other games after Fortnite.

    Also it's not Playstation + but Playstation network for Sony. Playstation + is a service to get free games and access the multiplayer of most games but not all. Some games like Fortnite don't require you to own a playstation + subscription to play online.

    Anyway, xbox live and playstation network in no way prevent cross-play nor cross-saves. For cross-play and cross-saving the actual game just has to let you log-in into a specific game account.

    @Bleu42 said : "For D4 I believe they've said cross play / platform would be nice but no plans, so I'm assuming no."

    One of the panel recap point on the main page says this : "Crossplay between consoles is something the team is aware of and they’re currently exploring options, but can’t give any answers at this time."

    So that sounds like a possibility more than Bleu42 makes it look like. But it only mentions cross-consoles and not PC and cross-play doesn't mean cross-saves.

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    Quote from huertgenwald»

    Since PC, Playstation and XBox are all handled by different companies, that almost certainly will never happen.

    Microsoft and Sony don't handle the games that are made on their support, unless it's a game published by Microsoft or Sony. Unless you're saying Diablo 4 will have a different studio developing each version which I really don't think it will.

    As an example, a game I'm really looking forward to is Dungeon Defenders: Awakened and it will have cross-saves for PC, Switch, Ps4, Xbox1.

    Character importing wouldn't be that hard to implement with Diablo 4 but I doubt they'd care enough to do it. You could simply be able to log-in to your battle.net account on consoles and Import/export your save. Although, it would require the game versions to be the exact same.

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    D3's graphics and arts are the things I have the least problem with about that game. I really don't mind similar looking graphics in Diablo 4. I'm not sure what people complaining about the game looking like D3 graphically were expecting.. 2D pixelized, cartoonish, extremely realistic looking? I for one really don't care about graphics compared to the actual content and game play. If you remember when D3 was first announced and showed at blizzcon, the gameplay they showed wasn't even in the actual game. The game just got announced and has a lot of time left to change until it's actually released.

    Personally, I really like most of what I've seen from demo streams and read about the panel they had. The only very similar thing I've seen from Diablo 3 are some of the skills but we've only seen a couple since the demo is limited to level 20.

    Being able to meet with players seamlessly in towns without having to re-host your games in public every time to actually meed players and not having to worry about them hindering your game outside the towns seems very cool to me.

    The itemization seems really different from D3 and more similar to D2. We have no idea yet about how the end-game is gonna be.

    I can see why someone would be disappointed if they were expecting a much different looking game than D3 but beside that, it's WAY too early to complain about anything else about the actual game.

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