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    To me the diablo 3 gameplay and the feels of the atmpshere kills me. im not even exited to diablo 4 until they fix their engine for a proper dark diablo game. they need to reset their game visual wise and ingame depht as well the demo lacked complicated runewords ( Not that complicated but actually just that u can missplay and fuck up ur item if u dont place them correctly) Basically i just want a real sucessor of diablo 2 not another D3 with darker graphics that its not even scary still. or hard to play. diablo was never an easy game before diablo 3 came out and ruined everything blizzard needs to stay to the roots of the base of the foundation of the game u can't just make the game super easy mode out of nowhere when the game has always been Normal - Difficult with time the game gets harder and harder but with d3 u just feel unstoppable during ur entire playthrought and its really not fun to play

    Not sure why people keep saying this about D3. D3 was only “easy mode” if you purposefully made it easy. They allowed you to adjust the difficulty to whatever you wanted from the start. If it felt too easy? Immediately switch to Hell difficulty or higher to make it more challenging. Except this isn’t what most people did. Most people kept it easy or just barley hard enough to find good gear and then slowly ramped up difficulty so it never felt “hard”. But that was their choice.

    You’re talking about the game forcing you into it being challenging from the beginning, without choice. Like D2 did. The Problem is Blizzard wants to cater to a larger audience, so they have to make at least an optional “easy mode” for that crowd from the start. If you like the game to be harder, just ramp up the difficulty in settings. *thumbs up*

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    D4 is quite literally years away. At least three is my guess, closer to 4 most likely. What we saw is pre alpha. 2020's blizzcon most likely will show us at least 1 of the remaining classes to be announced, probably both. 2021 Blizzcon will either show the 2nd, or just the rest of the systems they decided on. Might get some beta news after, and if we're lucky a launch sometime late in 2022. 4

    Well first of all, 2022 is only 3 years away, not 4. It’s the end of 2019... lol. And second, considering blizz specifically said they don’t want it to be like D3’s development, Which was released 4 years after its announcement, only because it had major development issues. Best guess is D4 will go into closed beta sometime in 2021 and if all goes well, be released end of that year.

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    If you want to post the list here and respond that’s cool, but linking to your YouTube video in a forum for more views is kinda lame dude.

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    Lol you guys think the mere inclusion of skill “cooldowns” makes diablo like WoW? And instead you want all spells to be spammable and that’s “more fun” than having to strategize around certain ability Cooldowns?

    First of all, in D2 you literally only used 2 skills. That’s it. In reality the gameplay of D2 was incredibly boring because of its extreme limitations. The D3 skill system sucked because there were no “skill points”, but the ability to use 5-6 different skills definitely needs to stay in D4.

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    Quote from Enkeria»

    5-7 years total or 5-7 MORE years? Lol. The game won’t take that long dude. It’ll be in alpha probably mid to late 2021 is my guess.

    Another 5-7 years. Why?
    Normal soon: Approx 1 week or less.
    Blizzard soon Diablo 3: 4 years

    Blizzard not even soon my Blizzards standard: obviously 4 years +
    Rhykker at Blizzcon: 10 years? Answer by dev; Hope not!

    But rumors has it early 2021 will give us beta. Not alpha.

    Blizzard admitted that D3 development got fucked up and delayed 3-4 times after they announced it. So unless D4 has some major issues like D3 did, it wont take 5-7 years, it’ll just be a couple more. But ya I agree it’ll be in either Beta or at the very least Alpha sometime in 2021.

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    Quote from gotaplnstn»

    They've taken positive mechanics from LA and POE and brought them to their franchise. Not only does that take guts when you're supposedly the genre's leader, but it shows they're listening more to their community on what they want. It also means they're adapting to the genre's evolution.

    Clearly OP hasn't been paying attention to all the info we've been given the last two days lol.

    Giving us what we already wanted back in D3 isnt some amazing new concept we should praise them for, it’s literally the bare-minimum of what they should/could do with it. We deserve this game at the very least, which is why I’m still slightly disappointed even though the game looks pretty good.

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    Quote from DeAdLiNebg»

    Game is really behind in development and for me looks like D3 with a new engine, graphics-wise.
    But for me gameplay and features are more important than graphics, so i seriously don't get why would you complain about that.
    Also being an open world and seemingly able to hold more players at one place it is a good thing that the game can be run on higher range of PCs.

    The gameplay also looks the same from the demo. So they added PVP, cool. They should’ve had PVP in D3 from the beginning. Acting like it’s some cool new concept isn’t a bonus, it’s a slap in the face. ‘open world’ was never a concept Diablo players cared or asked for. The only other thing ‘new’ is riding mounts and auto-climbing walls you click on. (Wow alert). Blizz also said they’re adding a monetization aspect to D4. Which might also kill the gameplay for anyone who doesn’t want to spend real money.

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