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    Yes lvl 5 ist the starting point and You can kill greed until you hit 10 because at 11 the lootpool increases.

    Uneqipping the weapon was a safety first move be me as I did it on 10 and doesn't wanted to kill a single mob at 5 it doesn't matter of course.

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    Yes after I did it I heard you can start at lvl 5. I donno it this works haven't tested it myself.

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    Greets everyone

    As soon as announced I was in mind-trouble ... am I farming all 21 ethereals ? Am I this strong and stay at it to reach the feat ? (I mainly play wow)

    I watched a lot of vids how farm them easy and fast and suoer-easy and super-fast and hyper-easy and hyper-fast.

    As I found all of the barb ethereals while playing and for the monk too, I decided to get them all. make toons. gear them. work into a build to speddfarm GR90 and feast on the fact to have done something completely.

    Next was Crusader LoD Cpt. America and after a few rifts I got all 3 too. Continued as WD and got 1 and then it happened and that is why I am writing it here. because its the garuanteed way to farm them. For the Feat they can be any level .. mine are mostly for lvl 10.

    Let me explain how I did it. (Mostly covered by streamers anyway). This was the way I did it and I got my missing 12 ethereals in about 2 maybe 2.5 hours.

    TLDR here is it:


    -15-20 Puzzle Rings (if you have no ethereal yet)

    -if needed - a level 31 (!) Monk or Crusader or Demonhunter - to gamble Puzzle Rings they have 1 out of 3 chance and Puzzles start to be available at 31

    (the other classes have 1 out of 4 so dont use them)

    -a lvl 70 legendary weapon set to lvl 1 to use with a new toon. (eather socket a lvl 25 gem of ease or melt it into the weapon. Dont use a higher gem as we need to level carefully to level 10 NOT FURTHER !

    -Illusory Boots in cube / maybe furnace for vault boss dmg but not necessary

    - keybind "Force-Move"


    Create a new season toon which you wanna farm ethereals for. Set adventure mode and something around torment 2 or 3 as we need to level to 10 and NOT FURTHER ! Lower difficulty at lvl 8 to not over-push lvl 10. IMPORTANT YOU MUST BE LVL 10 !!!

    I farmed the first few on T6 later on T1 because I forgot to set to T6 and at T1 dropped 2 blues anyway so go on T1 or wherever you end leveling to 10. I havent testing under Torment so I would recommend a Torment difficulty.

    Ensure to have the Illusory Boots (Act2 bounty cache) in the cube and put your lvl70 weapon in your inventory. we walk through the goblin vault WITHOUT KILLING ... we just want that fat boss killed.

    Open a Goblin Vault and run through it to the boss. DO NOT KILL A SINGLE MONSTER as we want to be lvl 10 when fatty dies.

    Equip your weapon BEFORE you enter the boss room. Kill fatty and voila blues .... I got mostly 2 sometimes 1 blue 1 orange.

    Oh and be aware of the goblins the boss spawns Dont kill them either. remember ... lvl 10 as fatty dies.

    teleport out, put lvl70 weapon in stash delete toon and make a new one. Optimal is 2 toons per class as fatty drops always 2 items.

    If you are unlucky u need more then 2 runs per class and thats the cause for the 15-20 puzzle rings.

    you can do this run 1 time per toon as killing fatty levels you up and the loot pool increases drastically.

    We want to kill fatty at lvl 10 to have a minimal loot pool the game has to chose your loot from ... its forced to drop blues so to say.

    Got my missing 12 ethereals in ~2 hours.

    Happy hunting

    Feel free to ask if something is not clear befor u waste rings^^

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    Hey all,


    S23 Conquests are:

    Boss Mode / 50,000,000 Goldstreak / T10 Rift under 2 minutes / GR75 solo / master 8 set dungeons and ofc the respective HC versions of them.

    The free sets are like in S19:

    Monk: 1k Storms / Barb: Wastes / Necro: Rathma / Sader: Roland / DH: UE / WD: Helltooth / Wiz: TalRasha

    Information is from PTR 26.02.2021 8:40 CET


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    What I read was crafting mats rift keys and a few machines. Not much of that all so I think it is a bit disappointing.

    Why no wings or a pet or a portrait frame or a banner or an achievement and all ... Such "special" things need to be "interessting".

    Why should I kill him ? Ok once "to have seen and done it" but what is my outcome ? In the meantime I farm 2 regular rifts and have the same materials or more.

    TLDR imho it is a nice "event" but in terms of rewards its disappointing.

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    As there is no single word about set dungeons of the new Sets I think there are none. BUT maybe when all classes have their new set they add them and add a meta-achievement too with some wings as rewards.

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    It is a good season to start with a DH because via haedrig's gift u will get the Unholy Essence set which is easy to play and great for farming.

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    Welcome back,

    In questions of Speed (bounties or regular rifts) personally I prefer swk wol Monk. That's the screen clearing bell. It got buffed a bit since sweeping wind can now stack up to 13 stacks from 10 pre patch. Due to in'geom negating the cd of dashing strike completely u fly through zones. Just kill a pack every 10 secs.

    Nearly every class has a more or less fast Build. It's up to your preference.

    May be check YouTube for

    D3 S19 Barb Speed

    D3 S19 wizard Speed


    And so on. U should find something there for sure.


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    It is literaly like the tooltip says ...sweeping wind active AND channelling tempest rush. So casting wol or ltk would NOT benefit from the 15k cause u stop channelling to cast . But what I found out what gets the dmg boost for example are weapon proccs like thunderfury, rimeheart, shard of hate etc and of course Gem effects.

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    Hi folks,

    With s18 and ptr ended I am curious why blizz hasn't announced a starting date for s19 and the "reworked" patchnotes. Did I miss something ???


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