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    Quote from Frava»

    So to sum it up: there's always at least 2 perspectives,
    A, when you a beginner and its still exciting to get 5-6 legendaries
    B, you are a veteran and you know its gonna take 3 days to gear up fully, then grind paragon.
    Both of these option is leading to one thing: lack of excitement, commitment, any kind of challange.
    What you ephasize in your video is that the reforge system is faulty, and the material farming is a mistake too, but I think they are just a by-product of the gameplay. You get more power (paragon) and then you have an option to do some other stuff...paragon has so much more priority atm, that i wouldn't even consider blaming the reforge system :). Imagine if regorging and crafting would benefit you more...in any way. Then you would be forced to just grind that, efficiently. (like bounties > paragon)
    So what i would really change, is not the core of the loot system, or upgrade system, but the ITEMS themselves.
    One way or another, a player will end up at a wall after grinding for X amount of time.. The key -for me- in a game that keeps me interested is the design... i want to WANT something.
    In my case specially its always a good team that i enjoy playing with for a common goal. If we reach it = win, satisfaction.
    So my suggestions for the topic:
    -Introduce common goals for teams, clans
    -Introduce items that are more challanging to obtain, and not via some 1000 hour grind, or RNG, but with an actual BOSS mechanic, or dungeon like set dungeons.
    -Balance it in solo / group play and there you have it. (sarcasm initiated) Mixing it up a few pathces also works...as it worked with DIII. (end sarcasm)

    I totally hear you and the Loot 3.0 system was just the beginning. I've just posted the third video in the series, The War Effort and it provides some of what you are looking for, in regard to content that provides a goal for the solo player or the team and makes loot tied to challenges that get progressively harder as you move through the system. Let me know what you think!!

    Quote from overrider»

    That's why the old normal nightmare hell system is the best.

    Normal people, casuals ,those who are not very much into grinding and masochist arpg loot hunting should finish the normal game for the story and move on.

    For the rest you would have nightmare and hell. It's been successfully implemented in numerous arpgs ever since to great succes. If You are a casual and complain that you want to be able to complete nightmare and hell and see the end game content just because you have "rights" and no free time to grind then , sorry but it's true, you are a moron. It's like saying you don't drink alcohol but want to experience drunkenness.

    I can NOT agree with you more on this. I do not care for the t1-16 system as it just becomes a system of "hit buttons faster and hope you don't take a one-shot of 40gajabillion damage in less than a second and RIP. When Inferno was announced for Vanilla, I was so excited, because I knew the casual player would farm Hell mode for a great while and only when your gear was the best of the best for that mode, would you step into Inferno and seek higher achievement. Sadly...that was not the case - at all.
    Quote from Magistrate»

    Crafting is neat, but maybe placing too much reliance on it as a gameplay system using mats from broken-down high quality gear is what really contributed to this. It required making sets/legendaries even more abysmally accessible, and not even to use them. It's like lots of gear was created not to be used as gear.

    It's almost like they should just have made it so the mats we break them down for are instead what the loot table would drop.

    I hear where you are coming from, for sure - but I like to challenge it :) The excess of legendary items was the issue. They couldn't just let you sell them for gold, since gold was relatively meaningless in RoS. Giving you materials to quickly and relatively easily "craft" more useless gear (because RNG is out of control in RoS) was just a lame by-product of the over-saturated drop rate of the "rarest" gear in the game.

    If players have to go out and find various forms of crafting materials - not just easy ones of Death's Breath or Souls, then they are spending more time out slaying and potentially getting the drop they are looking for. If they don't, they gain materials (over-time) to create the item they need and then need more materials to alter it.

    Think about it - the materials we need to gamble with Kadala, up rares into Legendary or reforge - all come from the same potential sources. Bounties are the only thing that is different, yet still in bounties, you are getting shards, normal crafting materials and DBs. If you had other places to play the game that only dropped materials for one specific aspect of crafting an item or augmenting it, you should be spending more time out in the game playing :) Thoughts?

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    So excited to share this video and concept as it has been on that has been running around my imagination for so long.

    Diablo 4 The War Effort

    This new proposed system of end-game, repeatable content would revamp the bounty system for Diablo 3 or use it as an infrastructure for Diablo 4.

    Missions are available in all zones, your achievement of the mission provides great potential rewards, but increasingly difficult challenges. Your effect on the War Effort of light vs. darkness, moves quickly to each major boss and leads to a final battle with Diablo that may hold a rare surprise or two.

    Would love to have a discussion here with folks about this concept and hear your ideas - and of course would appreciate the love on YouTube as I continue to make new theorycrafting videos and explore the forthcoming Diablo 4.


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    I did a search for my old forum name and the posts/threads are still there. Funny to read through all of that old content and see how far the game has changed and come in all these years. Thanks for the "hellcome" back!!

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    Given the wild success of WoW: Classic and the gross disconnect that the devs had to that idea ("No you don't - you think you do, but you don't") they are sure to do a D2 Remaster. However given what David Brevik has said about the difficulty of updating the game, I would imagine it's going to be a remake that I wouldn't be surprised to see them use D3 assets to achieve. Not the lack luster D1 Anniversary event shenanigans.

    My hope is that it's a remake with a lot of quality of life improvements and you can appease the masses by having a true-to-form version and an updated version.

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    Hey folks! I've made a new account on the site, as my old one from 2010 seems to have been lost in the transitions from Curse to Twitch and so forth. Polrayne was my old name and I made many, many posts in the days before the launch of Diablo 3, discussing ideas, theory-crafting and so forth.

    I've decided to take the words and ideas from the forums, to YouTube and create content centered on ARPGs and the Diablo series. My first inaugural video was just launched and I would love the folks here to see it, watch it, give me your feedback - share your ideas and celebrate in the series that we all know and love.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUtnTBIMYKU&t=5s is the link to the video.

    Hope you enjoy and more content and ideas are coming this week, before the reveal at Blizzcon 2019!

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