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    1. Would you add a new class?

    No. I think what we have is enough

    2. How would you change/fix the endgame?

    Adding more content to farm stuff. You can still push for highest GR but let's say we had some serious hard boss fights for extremly rare but powerful stuff, there would be more than just one "meta"

    3. Would you implement any new features and/or revamp current ones?

    - rework hellfire farming (and rework the hellfire ring)

    - rework the challenge rift system

    - let people play it more often.

    - make group challenge rifts

    - dont take these crappy builds, just take some grifts from the leaderboards

    - maybe let people play the rifts with their own character

    - rework bounty system (everyone hates it like it is now)

    4. Would you tweak with drop rates and/or legendary affixes?

    - every legendary should have an effect, otherwise they are useless

    - drop rates are okay but there should be more extremly rare stuff which also should not be craftable in the cube

    5. Would you change current set items or implement some new ones?

    i read that they plan to create a whole new set for every class. so that will be enough.

    some of the current sets should be reworked

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