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    posted a message on [WTS] EPIC! LEGENDARY Wizard/Witch Doctor ring! 19-40 damage, 148 intelligence, 4.0% critical chance and much more! INSANE!!!
    Selling legendary Wizard/Witch Doctor ring!

    Full stats:
    19-40 Damage
    148 Intelligence
    Each hit adds +175 life
    Regenerates 26 life per second
    Critical hit chance increased by 4.0
    Increases damage done against elites by 4%

    An absolutely AMAZING ring + it's legendary, and who doesn't like that?!

    Selling on EU RMAH for £50. Sounds like a lot but this ring is fucking AWESOME!
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    posted a message on [WTS] EPIC! Wizard off-hand - 106-337 damage, +15 max arcane power, 8.5% crit chance and more!
    Selling a truly kickass wizard off hand on EU RMAH! The stats on this are mindblowing, the best I've seen for an off-hand!

    +106-337 Damage
    +15 Max Arcane Power
    Critical Hit Chance Increased by 8.5%
    Health Globes Grant +2120 Life.
    33.1% chance to inflict Bleed for 867-1477 damage over 5 seconds.

    Selling on the RMAH for 14.99 bid and 29.99 buyout. This really is worth it as all the others with similar stats are much worse and still expensive!
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    posted a message on [WTS] Helmet - 179 Dex 147 Intelligence 58 Lightning resistance, +30 Resist all elements and 14% magic find! Great helmet for DH
    Quote from Colo

    for gold no ?
    Sorry I meant to say I can take gold as well. I'm open to any offers.
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    posted a message on [WTS] Helmet - 179 Dex 147 Intelligence 58 Lightning resistance, +30 Resist all elements and 14% magic find! Great helmet for DH
    As the title says, this is a Helmet with 179 Dexterity, 147 Intelligence, 58 Lightning resistance, +30 Resist all elements and 14% magic find! I think its a great helmet for high level farming as it has great dexterity and a good amount of magic find.

    Selling it for £12.49 bid and £19.99 buyout.

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    posted a message on DiabloFans Calculator Build Contest (ONE POST ONLY)
    Hello everyone, I hope I win, would really like a beta key like everyone else I presume :D. Here is the link to my chosen calculator template. It is for a PvP Demon Hunter.


    Mouse Skills

    Entangling Shot

    I have chosen Entangling Shot as it does good damage and also slows the enemy and who wouldn't want to slow the enemy in PvP? I chose Heavy Burden as my rune as an increase to the time they are slowed sounds great!

    Evasive Fire

    I have chosen Evasive Fire as it does great damage and also makes the user back-flip. This can be good as it can take you away from combat to recover health or just get the range advantage. I have chosen the rune Displace as extra distance from the enemy is just perfect for regenerating more health of just getting good space from them.

    Action Bar Skills


    I have chosen Vault for the same reason I chose Evasive Fire except not for the damage it does and just for the quick escape/entrance into combat. I chose Rattling Roll as the rune as to be fair, it seemed perfect for what I wanted it to do in a PvP situation. I can use Vault to stun the enemy and therefore get even more ground on my opponent. If I sync this in with Evasive Fire I can get very far away from my enemy very quickly so I can then choose where to engage them.

    Smoke Screen

    Who wouldn't want to become Invisible even just for a short period of time in PvP? I'm sure we all know how annoying rogues can be in World of Warcraft so I figured, "Let's be that annoying in Diablo!" On a more realistic basis however, Smoke Screen is a brilliant skill as it lets me get the upper hand on the opponent. I can open on them or just get away from them very easily which is why I chose Displacement as my rune as to increase my movement speed and therefore, get away from them even quicker.

    Spike Trap

    I chose Spike Trap as my third action bar ability as I really like trapping things in games. I enjoy the trapping side of Hunters on World of Warcraft and find it annoying having to try and keep an eye out for them whilst looking for other things. This is also why I think it is a great PvP ability as it will cause extra damage to the opponent whilst also disorienting them due to looking out for other things. I chose to use the rune Bandolier as more traps means more damage to put it simply. I like the idea of being able to plan ahead and place traps for later use e.g, if the enemy is on low health he can be killed by not being weary of my amazing traps!

    Marked for Death

    For my last skill, I chose Marked for Death. I have chosen this simply because more damage on the opponent is a good thing, right? I didn't really know what else to pick and this struck me as being a handy ability as 15% extra damage sounds great. The rune also compliments the skill very well as having Death Toll to heal me when I do damage sounds perfect.

    Passive Skills

    My first passive skill is Hot Pursuit. I chose this because when it comes to PvP, movement speed is essential for providing space from the enemy and also for kiting him through things such as traps like mentioned earlier.

    My second passive skill is Tactical Advantage for the obvious reason that it works perfectly with my other abilities. This is why I chose to use my main skills above as they work so well with one another. 60% movement speed is also a great amount even if it is for only 2 seconds.

    My third and final passive skill and the last feature on my talent calculator is Brooding. I chose brooding as 2% of my health every second is a brilliant passive for PvP! Especially as I have so many choices and ways to escape from combat and therefore utilise this effect. In my eyes, this passive seems like the cherry on top to the perfect Demon Hunter PvP talent specialization.

    I hope that I win but I also wish luck to other people who have submitted great talent specs themselves.

    Thank you for this opportunity, Diablo Fans. I am really anticipating this game, even more so now! :D
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