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    posted a message on Diablo S20 start date? (any input appreciated)

    Hi Guys,

    Like many of us I'm sure, these days I don't get to play as much as I would like. About once a year, me and a buddy of mine get together and make a weekend out of a new season.

    S20 will be it this year, and I'm really looking forward to it as I've not played for a while.

    I know the usual time between PTR and Live is usually around 2 weeks, but does anyone have any idea when to expect the new season going live?.

    I ask because Ideally I would like to book a little time off work, but with no actual dates in mind thats a little hard.

    Really appreciate any help. Have fun!

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    posted a message on Captain Crimsons - Pulling my hair out, need help!

    Hi Guys,

    I have been farming for the Captain Crimsons plans since the start of the season, and I am yet to find the level 70 plans.

    I have mostly been farming in bounties (focusing mainly on Act 5, as I have been reading thats where alot of people have found theirs, but I have done all acts multiple times at this point). I have also done a load of Rifts and GR's.

    What am I doing wrong?, or is it just RNG?.

    How did you guys find yours?.

    Any help or tips at this point will be a huge help. Feel like I "wasted" 4 hours after work last night farming for it, and just about ready to give up on the whole season!.

    Thanks guys,

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