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    posted a message on Cinder Core: a melee fire wizard build
    Here is a build I created after getting incredibly bored with my stupid and boring frozen gas build. I run it on T3 very easily, though my gear can still be easily upgraded (only have 40% fire damage atm, casually playing).

    It focuses on fire damage, but has no at-will arcane power spending. It rather focuses on spending what you have; generate just enough naturally to be able to spend your abilities and have no downtime of abilities to cast (bar the short cooldown). Allows offensive pressure to also be defensive in its utilization.

    Basic rundown: black hole to group, spectral blade for quick stacks, meteor to crush, and explosive blast as filler, mirror images to cc via black hole and add damage.

    Specific Rundown:

    Keep enemies grouped up and essentially rooted in place indefinitely (with a little luck) with no opportunity to counterattack.
    Cons Teleporters can escape, though only annoying when they are ranged-teleporters. Melee-based, so susceptible to melee hazards.

    Spectral Blades: Flame Blades - for building additional fire damage. It is easy to maintain 20-30 stacks on any group (more with lots of +attackspeed). Because its a melee-build, why not?

    Black Hole: Blazar - Both offence and defense. Bring enemies into a single spot for all other abilities to be used with ease, especially with stacking flame blade's stacks. The damage it deals is also nice (and the ragdolling physics of the explosion is awesome as well). Pull enemies away from you into a more practical spot (fire chain enemies or electrocution enemies for instance). Keep ranged enemies still and prevent them from moving away.

    Explosive Blast - can use either Chain Reaction or Short Fuse. I prefer short fuse as there is no delay, but it isn't like delays really matter for this build, heh.

    Meteor: Molten Impact - Power ability, on a short cooldown. Using immediately after a black hole practically guarantees a hit on all targets to makeup for its delay in impact.

    Mirror Images: Duplicates - Because 4 is better than 2. This makes at least 4 black holes per cast of mirror images, let alone all the meteors they cast. It essentially roots enemies in place for the most part, while providing a boost in damage.

    Force Armor: Prismatic Armor - Because this build is centered on melee, and arcane power is roughly a moot resource, might as well pick this. Though this ability slot is essentially free for choice, I recommend something defensey, that doesn't cost additional arcane power.

    Blur - melee build

    Evocation - cooldown reduction to use abilities more often. More on this in a bit

    Audacity - melee build

    Unwavering Will - Optional choice. I only pick this because I tend to stay still for extra defense, higher torments you won't be able to do that. Probably a poor choice especially since it conflicts with casting mirror images as it moves you and gets you in a weird position out of melee range. Conflagration is an obvious replacement, and in fact should probably be the primary choice.

    *Arcane Dynamo -Intelligent usage will make meteor usage much more potent. And explosive blasts as filler (or always explosive blast if wand of woh?). Some might say that this gives the build a skill cap for maximizing damage output, heh.

    Gearing is fairly obvious, fire damage and fire damage and more fire damage. There isn't really any specific gear that is end-all-be-all gear, except for perhaps the upcoming firebird set boost (to do 3k% fire damage on kill). Wand of Woh will make it much more potent for obvious reasons. Too bad there aren't any items concerning meteor (skill) or black hole (if there is point me at it). Some additional cooldown reduction would be nice, but not incredibly needed. Some items with defense may be needed.

    If restricted to a limited amount of paragon points for vital choices, then I would recommend Cooldown Reduction as a first choice. This will alleviate any pieces required from items, and help make the build feel more fluid.

    Cooldown Reduction
    Cooldown reduction plays a vital role in this build. It allows you to use your abilities more often (duh). But the potent part is getting enough cdr such as that you can maintain a duration on mirror images, making it roughly a 40% increase (more realistic 25-30%). Let alone more constant black holes occuring, preventing most enemies from moving or attacking. The strong point here is that it isn't considered a cc ability, but you are effectively cc'ing the enemies. Unfortunately, some enemies cannot be pulled, such as rift guardians.

    I have roughly 45% effective cdr, which allows me to cast mirror images every times it runs out. Only piece I have additional cdr is on shoulders. With gem, paragon, and evocation, you have all you need. Having more will, unfortunately, cause you to have arcane power issues and cause delays in ability usage. This is, of course, assuming you have no additional sources of arcane power. A single item with APoC would suffice for having items with CDR (group play), or the templar's resource buff would suffice (solo play).

    Final thoughts
    It is my opinion that this build would work well with most any gear level, as it is the cdr that is most important (meaning have a helm socket). Everything else just makes it do more damage, but does not change its functionality. It helps greatly in both solo and group play by bunching up enemies (similar to a cyclone monk, right?), but doesn't allow enemies to surround the wizard while grouping, let alone being able to move enemies away from arcane sentries, or frozen orbs, frozen pulse, etc.


    You know what, forget everything I talked about Unwavering Will or Conflagration passives. Arcane Dynamo is so much better. I just tested it and it brought the fun up another notch. Yeah, I think I'll stick with this in its entirety now.
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    posted a message on Physical/Phalanx crusader
    Phalanx has received a massive buff, in which EACH avatar can deal damage, rather than just the 'wave'. Meaning that multiple hits can occur on the same enemy. I am only doing T3, but melting enemies quite fast and can probably bump up to T4 with no gear change from pre-patch. Don't have many legendaries either, still looking for a decent weapon.


    *note that the tooltips aren't fully(?) updated on there

    Punish: it helps fuel block which will increase healing from each block due to the passive. I choose roar for the extra damage, due to retaliation rune changing to holy damage. I'll speak about why I choose the damage runes later.

    Phalanx: the meat of your damage. Stampede makes each hit knockback slightly and can stun. Each summoned horse can hit an enemy, allowing 3 separate hits. I *think* that if an enemy gets knockbacked enough, they can get hit again, though it only appeared so from quick observation.

    Steed Charge: because of taking Lord Commander, why not? Plus, this rune causes knockbacks, which is useful. More on this later.

    Condemn: because its powerful on a short cooldown. This rune was changed to physical, so might as well use it. Though vacuum might still be worth taking, for making bombardment easier, and pulling enemies into heaven's fury ground effect.

    Heaven's fury: because its quite powerful, especially with proper use of this rune. The rune makes a 5 sec ground effect, but the beam lasts 6 sec, making a total ground effect for 11 seconds. Moving the enemy when the beam is about to expire will create the ground effect again (as it doesn't seem to be reapplied when not moving), allowing massive damage. Unfortunately not so good against mobile or teleporting enemies.

    Bombardment: because Lord Commander. Plus its bursty explosiony awesomeness.

    Heavenly Strength: Fairly obvious, plus I like 2-handers (Though I wonder how the new 1-hand passive would work out? Probably not well for this build).

    Renewal: makes all blocks heal the crusader. Can be thought of as adding 12k block value (roughly 50% or so, right?) for no health damage, where weak attacks under the normal block amount will end up healing.

    Lord Commander: obvious choice

    Hold your ground: I choose this just for more block chance. Use this if there is a low amount of block chance on your shield, so you can be reliably healed.

    So, optional choices are:
    Heaven's fury: I cannot really see much of good replacement damage dealer that is also physical. Can choose offensive or defensive skill if desired.
    Steed charge: up to the person if they want this skill or not. It's a nice escape skill, especially for non-blockable attacks. Though, remember the knockback.
    Hold Your Ground: Free choice. If you want more offence, such as Finery or Holy Cause or whatever, go ahead. If you want a different defense, such as vigilant or something, go ahead. Possibly even the new Insurmountable, which makes every block give 6 wrath for more phalanx spammage.

    Gearing: well, I don't really have any specific items that make this build. However, Strongarm Bracersare a very good choice to have. This is because knockbacks occur frequently, with every steed charge hit, and every phalanx hit, almost making a passive 20-30% increase against most enemies. Defender of Westmarchis also very potent with high block chance, which would make defense an offence.

    So, what one can do to start out is use condemn and steed charge. Enemies will be knocked back, increasing their damage taken with the bracers. Then you use phalanx, so as to get the most damage from your wrath spent; rather use steed charge to get the bracer effect than use wrath for phalanx that would be 20-30% weaker in the first attack. Then use skills however you wish, with intelligent usage of Heaven's fury if you chose that.

    Now, for blocking, you would want to know how much total damage you take from certain sources, and stand in them for benefit. For instance, fire chains. It applies damage very, very quickly, and is blockable. So, if you stand in the fire chains with roughly a 'neutral' damage taken, you can melt the enemy in seconds by just standing still. With roar, you will constantly be exploding, with that linked shield from above, lots of wolves will be running. Plus, it can be used to actually heal you. So, for once, you would actuallywant to stand in the fire chains. Fast attacking enemies with lots of weak attacks, such as Anarchs from act V, are also beneficial. Hard hitting enemies will make you cry, but that is true for everyone.

    * Oh, forgot to add the negative aspect of phalanx. The avatars disappear on each and every wall or immovable obstacle. meaning that you will hate wallers and tight areas like caves. And it will sometimes not launch or do any damage if you are on top of a wall or immovable object, despite the enemy being on top of you as well. Well, this could just be more intelligent positioning when available, though still doesn't help against wallers.
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    posted a message on Blizzard nerfed/hotfixed/influencing Legendary drop chance
    Is it wrong of me to say that last night, I got 2 legendaries in 2 barrels next to each other? Yet I went the previous 2 nights (casually 4 hours, work sucks) without a single drop. But a night before that I get a legendary off a chest, then loot a dead body 10 foot from it and get another, then kill a lone trash mob that is interrupting my identifying and get another. They weren't crap either, but they weren't OMGAWESOMELEWTZPWNAGE good either- that is what gearing up is about. You don't find the best of the best instantly for everything.

    RNG is RNG. Or people can come up with a conspiracy as to the specific time of day in a specific zone location on a specific class on a specific difficulty with a specific follower with a specific transmog(s) with a specific dye color for each gear to repeat the results, else cry nerf.
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    posted a message on Wizard build- frozen gas
    Yeah, the delay can be a bit annoying, mainly with ranged mobile enemies that always run away from you. Though, when they aren't running, they will blow up. And watching meteors ragdoll enemies is satisfying as well. On a melee focused build, well enemies are generally going to be in one spot. And it has a ranged element to it that can help when kiting is required, rather than only a melee skill. Eh, its probably the ragdolling that makes me like it so much. And adapt to the delay because I want to see things ragdolled.
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    posted a message on Wizard build- frozen gas
    ...or something along those lines. I just got the Pox Faulds (or whatever the pants are called that creates the gas cloud every 10 seconds for 10 seconds when around 3 targets) and wanted to create something to compliment that. Basically, a build that is more aoe passive damage. It ended up being frost based melee build to attempt keeping enemies in a specified area.


    -Spectral blades because I like it, siphoning to regain arcane power, large groups of mobs refill it quickly
    -Meteor because I like it, comet because frost.
    -Frost nova mist because its a ground effect that chills and covers roughly the same area. Plus you can use it while performing other actions. And no cost.
    -Blizzard because its frost damage and slows. I picked that rune specifically for the additional slowing, though other runes could be chosen for more damage. It just makes it easier to hit enemies with comets, especially mobile/ranged enemies.
    -Magic weapon just for bonus damage to everything. Could change this to something more defensive if desired. (or maybe frost hydra...?)
    -Energy armor for defense, rune for more comet spammage. Could change rune if more defense is desired.
    -Cold blooded- obvious, permanent chill, near 100% uptime.
    -Astral Presence for more comet spammage. Could be changed for more defensive skill (G.Ward or Dominance)
    -Blur for defense as it is more melee oriented build.

    Basically, you throw a blizzard on a pack, run up to them to drop your gas cloud, use your mist nova, then unload your comets. With the build my way, I can use 4 comets. I am using a 2-hander, pre-patch skorn, so unless there is some frost bonus 1-hander/off hand (and there probably are), I would say a 2 hander works best. Trash should not pose a threat, as just gas will be enough, or a mist/blizzard, or combine them and watch them melt as you run past. Elites should die within the first 4-5 comets, roughly by the time the gas ends. If not, then the main enemy should be mostly dead anyways. If needed, this build can kite a bit, only you would have to rely on normal regen to continue comets/blizzard.


    -To get maximum effect, you need to keep enemies in the area, which involves being a bit tanky to do so, though enemies will die fast either way.
    -Not quite effective against mobile enemies. However, it can kill a treasure goblin very quickly if another 2 enemies are close enough to drop gas on it.

    Basically, I can get about 600k-700k per damage 'tick' with the damage stacked. Though, I think I need to pay attention to a comet's dot contribution too. This is with the skorn bleed as well. And my gear isn't all that great either. Roughly 130k sheet dps with magic weapon, 10% cold, but with 15% meteor and 12% blizzard helps. The comets impact crit for 2mil, which is nice.

    I do tormet 2 and things melt. Things die quick enough without the gas cloud. I could probably do torment 3 or 4, but substituting some +arcane power rune and/or passive for more defensive alternatives. Though, diamond skin probably wouldn't be a bad choice, as the setup is the most dangerous part, or the first 3-5 seconds as the comets are coming.

    Black hole would be fun to put enemies back into all the aoe and boost cold damage. But, gotta wait on that.

    I believe the gas cloud will get nerfed, as it is like a barb's Earthquake every 10 seconds, though needing 3 targets. However, if one of the barb's set bonus that allows an EQ every leap <might of the earth> is an actual full damage EQ, then I take that back. As even though that is a 4 set and the pants is a single item, it requires 3 targets to utilize, and is difficult to use on a single without pulling extras, while the set bonus allows a barb to use it even single target. My guess, unless the value is 'bugged' like the vault -trail of fire fiasco, at most a 50% nerf could be had, as it would still do roughly 1500% weapon damage, instead of nearly 3000%, and still be potent.

    Ugh, I always make walls of text.
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    posted a message on New Datamined Patch - Class Changes, Passive Effects, Character slots, Stat caps, Quests, and MUCH more
    I so hope I can make an Earthquake Barb, due to its reduced cooldown (and hopefully unchanged passive to reduce its cooldown by an additional 30 secs). With rune to make a 15 sec cooldown on Earthquake, hell yeah.

    Oh, and yay for other things...
    Moar earthquakes!
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    posted a message on Jay Wilson vs David Brevik
    Quote from dbbdblo

    edit2- and im all for cursing and whatnot personally, but you dont see tom brady cursing out eli manning on tv. when you invite your business into your personal life you have an image your paid to represent

    Dude, have you ever watch football? you never heard of trash talk? coaches yelling at the top of their lungs at each other is not unheard of. And if tom brady did do somthing like that, (say send a text or pm to a friend) nothing would come of it. Remember personal life is that, personal. it was not him making a statement to the press.
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    posted a message on How we are supposed to overcome Reflects damage?
    Quote from Ruppgu

    Another option is the Jungle Fort passive. I recently switched to dire bats with spirit vessel, VQ, PtV but now I'm having trouble against reflects damage due to not having jungle fort (it makes a huge difference). I may drop PtV for jungle fort. Yes, it's less damage but it will be better overall if I can handle every affix.
    Ah yes, I forgot about Jungle fortitude, Add that into the calculations,
    it makes 25% into 20, 10k damage into 8000 damage, and 5600 effective damage with LL at 50-50.
    It makes 16% into 12.8%, 6400 damage into 5120, and 2720 effective damage with LL at 60-60.
    It makes 6.25% into 5%, 2500 damage into 2000, and 400 HEALING with LL at 75-75

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    posted a message on How we are supposed to overcome Reflects damage?
    So, Please tell us how much resist/armor in % you have if you are "balanced". Would also like to know your damage numbers i.e. how much you hit for.
    I'll do some quick math here.

    Someone stated that reflect damage works off of 10% of your damage.

    I will assume 50% AR, 50% armor, should be easilly attainable/ mediocre defense.
    I believe you said something about each bear doing 70k x 4 bears non crit, ill just say 400k damage per cast per enemy.
    <EDIT> it was 70k dps.

    That makes 40k that reflect damage works with. 50% x 50% = 75% damage reduction (25% damage dealt). That means 10k damage per bear cast per enemy.

    Lets add Life leach to this. 3% is max on a weapon. 80% reduced effectiveness in inferno makes it 0.6%. Of the 400k damage, 2400 life is returned per enemy.

    This makes you take 7.6k effective damage per bear cast per enemy with mediocre defenses.

    A simple bump up in defense, 60-60 would be 16% damage dealt, making 6400 damage, or 4000 effective damage taken per enemy.

    Now lets say you go full defense and have 75-75 (my barb has this and he's not that well geared, though the extra 30% helps). That would make 6.25% damage dealt. Making 2500 damage, Or 100 effective damage taken per enemy per bear cast with life steal. Add in a bit of LoH, and....

    Or do you want to lie that the math is wrong and adding defense does nothing for high dps characters. Because you CAN have high dps and NOT be a glass cannon.

    P.S. Math is fun. If all the facts are...facts, then math doesn't lie. Only people lie.
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    posted a message on DiabloFans Calculator Build Contest (ONE POST ONLY)

    This is a barbarian- wrath of the berserker max uptime build. The center on this build is based on having a Mighty type of weapon. AND only if every single hit from a fury generating ability will give the fury bonus from having the mighty weapon. This largely seems to be more of an aoe-centered build for this reason. It probably won't be as viable single target.

    Bash- this rune make it aoe cone to utilize a mighty weapon. If there is more than 2 targets, it is better.

    Weapon throw- this rune to expend all fury in a single attack.

    Overpower- this rune to generate a massive amount of fury per target, even more if the mighty weapon perk works out for each hit on each enemy.

    Leap attack- this rune in order to get two attacks out of a single leap, if in enemies of course.

    Furious Charge- this rune to get lots of fury per target, even more so with the mighty weapon perk.

    Wrath of the berserker- obvious reason

    Weapons Master: for using mighty weapon types

    Boon of Bul'Kathos: To shorten the CD of Wrath- depending on how the fury generation goes in practice, this might be switched to No-escape, or if fury gen is perfectly fine without no-escape, it might be brawler- since this is more of an aoe build.

    Animosity- more fury gen/larger fury cap
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