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    Quote from Keiser

    I'm also level 29 about to kill Act 3 final boss and go to Act 4. It's strange because I didn't intentionally try to explore or over level, I don't understand how I could have even done it faster.

    I suspect +experience per kill from items can make a big difference over time. Speaking of, when playing in a party does the experience bonus trigger independent of who dealt the final blow?
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    Quote from Feltzer

    spoiler.... its been known for a while that the butcher would make an appearance. and i said in the disc that the butcher model would be shown... whats the spoiler here... if you dont want to see his model, dont play the video. how can box art be a damn spoiler....

    The spoiler is in the thread title.
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    posted a message on How is Experience Divided?
    Quote from iwantataco

    A demon in single player gives say... 10xp. Same monster in 4 player game will also give 10xp. Reguardless if you all kill or you kill it solo. All you have to do is be in the area to get xp for a kill. Does not go off how much damage you contributed. Same with drops. All you have to do is be in the area. Xp is not split. Each person would get 10 xp.

    This is how I understood it, but with scaling based on level difference. For example (numbers made up):

    abs(character level - monster level) <= 2="" :="" 100%="" of="">
    abs(character level - monster level) = 3 : 90% of experience
    abs(character level - monster level) = 4 : 75% of experience
    abs(character level - monster level) = 5 : 50% of experience
    ... and so on

    As far as I know, level of the other players does not matter, but I could be wrong there.
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    posted a message on Official BradyGames Diablo 3 Strategy Guide Preview (Inferno Monster Stats, Monster Affixes, Achievements)
    Well, the preview did the trick: I just ordered the hardcover version from amazon. The "strategy" side of it is meaningless to me, but I'm a sucker for beastieries, even if the numbers are likely to be quickly outdated. Worth it for the time I'll spend reading it on the can, I say!
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    posted a message on Release During Finals
    Do yourself a favor and don't even play D3 until exams are finished. It'll still be there when you are done.
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    posted a message on Hc first play though....
    Quote from abu11

    Quote from ShoXz

    I checked all 3 boxes, do I win a cookie?

    - Yes. OP doesn't know how to make a poll.

    Well, in fairness to the OP, options 2 and 3 are not mutually exclusive.
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 Beta Key (Finished)
    Oscar the Grouch doesn't need your stinkin' key.

    (please give me the key)
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    posted a message on What are your thoughts on the beta?
    Quote from Umpa

    Well, I just think the land area of the D2 plains were a bit more expansive than the D3 area. I just felt cramped at the start. And that's a beta crit, not a game crit. It's not a huge deal. It didn't make the beta unplayable. Just a thought.

    I know the second act alone has really nice expansive areas.

    I prefer the constrained outdoor areas. All I end up doing in any outdoor area in these types of games is zig-zagging back and forth until all the fog of war is uncovered. I'd be perfectly happy with all outdoor areas being a giant hallway from one dungeon to the next, with all the random crap that can appear placed along the way. Leave the exploration to dungeons.
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    posted a message on Old computer out new computer in
    What settings were you using? I ran beta with the same amount of ram and a 9800 GT and performance was pretty good. A bit of slowdown when things got crazy, but generally 50-60fps. 1440x900 resolution, textures and physics high, shadows medium, AA and vsync disabled.
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    posted a message on What key (mouse) bindings are you using?
    Still don't know what I'll settle on, but was using:

    Mouse1: primary attack
    Mouse2: secondary attack
    Mouse4: potion
    Mouse5: shift
    1-4 skills stayed as the default, on the keyboard
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    posted a message on What are your thoughts on the beta?
    I played maybe 8 hours over the weekend. Wizard, witch doctor to level 10, barb to 9, monk and demon hunter to 7.

    Sheeeeit. Can't wait until May 15th!

    - random events are awesome, and give extra incentive to explore. I may not have bothered with all the crypts after finding the crown if it weren't for the jar of souls event.
    - classes all feel very different, even at low levels
    - love the level design, especially the indoor environments
    - it actually runs pretty good on my 5 year old rig :-)

    - the weapon damage == skill damage paradigm will take some getting used to, especially for the caster classes. I knew all about it going in, but it still feels wrong. I hope that at high levels caster class items tend to outperform other weapons.
    - merchants... granted, it is early game, but I never bothered to buy or sell. All my gold went into upgrading the blacksmith or crafting, and all my blues were broken down for crafting materials

    Some class thoughts.

    Barbarian: visceral, even from the very beginning. Nice early single target skill (bash), and AoE (hammer of the ancients). Leap provided the missing piece - a way to jump to the back of a mob and target specific monsters.

    Witch Doctor: I'd have been happy with triple dart + grasp of the dead. Flame thrower bats tear through everything. If only I'd remembered I can have both grasp of the dead and bats equipped! Soul Harvest seems really strong early, but will likely not be as useful post-normal. Also, riskier to use.

    Monk: I was pleasantly surprised. I only played her (yes, her) to 7, but the combat felt great. The teleporting thunder punches were a bit jarring, but brought plenty of pain.

    Demon Hunter: disappointing, though I didn't get high enough to unlock the bola shot. Even when I hit 6 and used a blue dropped from a previous skeleton king encounter, firing arrows didn't feel satisfying. Rapid fire was the early game highlight.

    Wizard: frost nova is great, arcane orb would be incredible (and probably too good) if it could pass through enemies and only exploded when it reached the cursor. The signature spells were underwhelming, for similar reasons as the demon hunter.
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    posted a message on The "Can My Computer Run It?!" FAQ
    For those wondering how it runs on an old machine, here are my specs:

    Core 2 Duo @ 1.8GHz
    4GB DDR2 memory
    Nvidia 9800 GT
    Vista 32-bit

    I ran at 1440x900, textures high, physics high, shadows medium, anti-aliasing and vsync disabled. There were little bits of slow down when things got crazy, but for the most part it was solid. If I have performance problems with the full game I think I can get around them by turning off shadows, or maybe setting shadows to low and physics to low. Both (I think) stress the cpu, which is my weak link.
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    posted a message on Poll: Which class will be your first?
    Before the open beta: barb
    After the open beta: barb

    The rest of my class preferences changed around though. I thought I'd go DH or Wizard second, but both those got bumped to the bottom. Barbarian for my solo playthrough, then Witch Doctor and Monk with friends, depending on what everybody else picks.
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    posted a message on No D3 license on account, can't log in to open beta
    Glad you guys are getting this all sorted out for me while I'm at work. Just make sure it is all working in 5 hours - thanks.
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    posted a message on Would this be able to run with all settings low?
    As suggested, try the starter edition, but I doubt that video card will run it. You are four tiers below the listed minimum, according to this chart: http://www.tomshardw...iew,3107-7.html

    Minimum: NVIDIA® GeForce® 7800 GT or ATI Radeon™ X1950 Pro or better
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