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    This is, for Diablo 2... you know that right ? I wrote it there. And at one side they don´t like it but on the other they know it sells more game copies.

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    Hello, still living Diablo II players.

    I would like to announce that a new private server is being set up and we are looking for team members to recruit. What kind of changes can we have on the server ? Almost any, I can edit most aspects of the game, drop, monsters, items, crafts, skills or even maps, however, it does not include brand new fuctions which game did not have before, so there are limitations. The team consists only of me and the owner, most matters will be solved with me though, the owner is very busy.

    Thus we have decided to recruit more people, to let this project become reality. We need you.
    What do we require ?
    - some basic photoshop skills
    - for you to be an experienced player
    - creativity and ideas, and not being opposed to new ideas
    - Discord account and likely also account on the owner´s web

    What will you be doing ?
    - making notes of ideas of community, then presenting them to me
    - writing changes log
    - simple graphic edits, such as adding a new slot for skill tree on the background, or, as we are planning events, some images with monsters and runes and f.e. date of when the event takes places and what exactly will be happening
    - you have a solid shot of adding whatever you dreamed of being in the game

    How to candidate ?
    - by sending me some kind of pohotoshopped picture of example of how you would design the event pictures you can pretty much evade whole questioning and getting directly to talk to the owner

    Are we paid ?
    - no, we are not, neither am I, nor is the owner, we may sometimes get a donate for a beer, but I wouldn´t rely on it too much, we are simply doing it for fun

    Contact me if you are interested and fit the requirements on Discord: dreameaterx#5508

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