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    posted a message on Best class for easiest season stash reward?

    I generally dislike the season-like mechanics and avoid them, but unfortunately blizzard has tied extra stash space to seasons in d3.

    I do have the necromancer class and more-or-less like all the classes, but i really dislike restarting from zero.

    I play this game solo so i cant lean on someone to carry me.

    Can you more experienced folks please advise me what would be the best/easiest class for specifically reaching the requirements of extra stash in season 25?

    Thank you.

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    posted a message on DiabloFans says farewell. Let's celebrate the good old times once more!

    God damn blizzard, this would have probably not happened if they actually worked on a proper PC diablo title.

    Diablo 2, Diablo 3 expansions or Diablo 4 - any of those would have been welcome news and would probably cause additional traffic on this website.

    But since blizz went with diablo immoral the entire fanbase proclaimed the game dead and moved onto other pastures.

    Who knows perhaps blizzard gets a new diablo pc game released by 2022...

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    posted a message on Best way to get gear for a different class?

    I want to start playing on a class that i pretty much ignored up until now.

    I got it to max level but it lacks any class sets and class-only legendaries.

    What would be the fastest ways of getting set pieces and similar starting equipment so that the new char can start progressing on its own?

    Thank you for your advice.

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    posted a message on Item tooltips and build options/filters not updated for latest 2.6.4 patch?

    As far as i can see the various changes in the latest patch are not reflected in the item/set tooltips shown in the builds.

    Also there is no option to select 2.6.4 as the latest patch filter so that you can see only the relevant of builds.

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