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    His post was deleted. He probably posted a spam thread, which would have caused Flux's script to wipe all his posts and ban him.

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    Quote from Tybudd

    Quote from overneathe

    can still view a full comparison between the items in your inventory, where all stats are compared
    • In split-screen if you move too far away from your coop partner you'll yank him towards yourself in a pretty intuitive manner. This helps a lot with AFK players
    • You can play split-screen or online with up to 3 other players and also do a combination of both

    Hold the hell up!!!

    Whats this nonsense about Split-Screen??

    The only reason I decided I'll by this game is because they sold me on the shared Screen Couch Experience, so tell me this is a typo please!!

    Yeah, that's a typo - it is a shared screen game when played with local coop. I don't think there are even options for split screen.
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    posted a message on So, whats the story with 1.09?
    Quote from RMrulz
    Diablofans was also there, but they don't seem to have commented on this in any of their recaps so far.

    Yeah, it's not really that surprising though, honestly.

    No developer has ever mentioned that patch or mentioned more content coming soon. This is one of those things that the community invented and then spread around and Blizzard just didn't feel like going out and flat-out rejecting in case they pulled a 180 and needed/decided to Patch before Blizzcon or D3X.
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    Quote from Elendiro

    it's going down hill *sigh*

    What is "it"?
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    The legendary I got on the console version was http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/odyn-son. Not sure if it is the same stats or not - mine had around 85 DPS or so, and that's the only stat I remember off the top of my head. Is that DPS possible for that item?

    Quote from Tooch

    Blizzard is incessantly insisting that there are two teams for D3 development, PC and console. With the utter lack of information on the PC development process (in b4 someone chimes "they said in an interview that Loot 2.0 will be out sometime after Blizzcon" as "news"), me thinks that these two teams are like Clark Kent and Superman.

    The lack of information on the PC front is almost certainly because they're working on the expansion.

    Having been there and met them, I can say the teams are definitely separate. For example, the four people playing the game in last week's E3 video are exclusively working on consoles (actually, it's almost the entire console team in that video - missing one other woman whose name I can't recall), while people like Wyatt Cheng (who came on Archon's stream recently) are definitely exclusively working on PC.

    That said, I am curious what the console team will be doing after D3 console ships, especially considering that D3's expansion for PC obviously isn't ready for them to start porting to console. Maybe they'll just give them all a few months vacation and then bring them back when the expansion is closer to done or something.

    Quote from venom1stas

    I dont get why you jump on legendary drop rate, the real interesting info is :

    There are anti-dupe mechanisms in place, but Blizzard knows they'll eventually be overcome

    Duping is biggest concern here, especially since offline/online characters are mixed. If there are no measures essentually you wont be able to play online. As soon as you join a game you have people with insane duped gear spoiling all fun. As soon as you try to trade you will receive ton of duped freebie items probably for free even. And playing offline only is taking half of game away.

    Now we know that there is a mechanism, perhaps save file encryption. Second part of sentance suggests that Blizz will not advance this protection when eventually save files are eddited. Which is fair enough. Real question is how long will it take? The longer the game is dupe free the more enjoyment I will get out of it.

    The biggest problem I think Blizzard faces with anti-duping is that even if they stay on top of it as fast as possible, they won't be fast enough to implement the solutions. Sony/MS certification for patches + distribution takes quite a while, and Blizzard's personal patching process is already extremely lengthy. We'll see, but I think that implementing hotfixes in a timely manner is going to be the most challenging part of staying on top of dupes.

    And yes, it sounded like something involving save files was at least in place (somebody mentioned "well couldn't you just copy your save file" and that was when they said they had measures in place).
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    Quote from andutakess
    • The 5-6 fansite attendees at Blizzard HQ managed to find a total of 3-4 items Legendary items on Act 1 Nightmare in one hour
    now this just grinds my gears...

    I farmed mp 10 normal for the leoric's signet ring with 500% magic find... got 1 legendary in like 4 runs... they were on act 1 nightmare prolly lvl 30ish so I doubt thay had even 50% magic find and yet they got 3-4 items in one hour...

    Obviously this is a bit anecdotal because it was such a limited sample size (and it is still subject to a little bit of change before release probably).

    3 of the legendaries happened on a single console, and it seemed to surprise the devs themselves that those two players got so lucky. Still, in Nightmare Act 1, even a single legendary is absurdly rare on PC, so 4 in an hour is a lot even if we were getting lucky.
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    Not terribly worried about these recent two exploits being out there for "so long" because most of these exploits were on a very small scale.

    Once you get over 100 people, the odds of concealing it drop to almost nothing. There were probably a handful of people who actually got any real amount of time to use either exploit, and if they did - good for them.

    Barbarians in good gear wouldn't even need this exploit unless they were trying to do Act 3 in full MF gear and didn't have the gold to buy a real set of it (though that's about everyone).
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    I'm not sure how you're grabbing data, but I was thinking of a similar system for a different purpose (quickly getting a character's gear), though possibly my way of getting data would be more tedious.

    However, you could have a program watch C:\Users\Whoever\My Documents\Diablo 3\Screenshots\ and every time a new screenshot is added, the program could take the image and transcribe the words on the item only. Then you could just run down the list hitting Print Screen and grab tons of data. Obviously, it'd take some messing around to get it to learn the D3 font but it is definitely possible.
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    Until it actually becomes a real issue, I don't care that much.

    Look at it from both perspectives:
    1. If somebody is attempting make people think he can dupe but is only faking it, it doesn't matter to me.
    2. If he CAN actually dupe and he's only duping a mediocre bow (or it only works on this bow for some reason), it still doesn't matter to me because I am not interested in that bow.

    I have duped an item unintentionally in World of Warcraft once - I finished a quest within 5 seconds of a server restart. When the servers came up, I had the gold from the quest and the item reward from the quest, but I also still had the quest in my log and could turn it in a second time. I've heard other people have heard similar experiences with the way Blizzard restarts their servers. This could be one possible explanation, and if it is - then it is rare enough that it shouldn't matter.
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    I have to agree with the others here - you have no idea what perfect rolled items are if you think that more than the absolute top 0.01% of players are using them.

    I sold pants that were close to perfect rolled but still like 50 Vit and 2 sockets off (which is a LOT of stats) for 150 million. Real perfect rolled items are around 300 million or higher.

    If Stormshields are buffed slightly and start beating the 10-20 mill Sacred range but lose to 20+ mill Sacreds, then that is enough of a change to affect the majority of active players. That's just one example of many.
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    Yeah, I've got nearly 400 hours now across all my toons and am still enjoying it. I rarely ever play it without multi-tasking though, but it is fun to play it while watching TV or doing something else at the same time.

    Quote from shaggy

    Quote from Stormus

    In this circumstance, with this type of game, Using critic scores is idiotic. Critics and publications want to get their review out there first, so a quick playthrough of the game and they decide on a score. Nearly every score on metacritic was posted within 10 days times of the game being released, before the RMAH was even available, and before nerfs ect. So critics reviews tell very little in regards to the game late game, which is of my main concern.

    That's like taking a mmorpg review seriously. Is it a good starting point to see if you should be interested in the game? Sure. Is it a concrete review that encapsulates the game? No, because there is constant patching, and its nearly impossible for a critic to experience the entire game in a weeks time.

    It's no less valid than using the opinions of 6000 forum trolls who want to exact holy vengeance against Blizzard.

    In fact, in this case, I'd actually argue that the PROFESSIONALS have less bias than the haters who just... can't... let... it... go. I think it's time for Dae to come to this thread and explain why people rating D3 "0" out of 5, or 10, or whatever, are not to be taken seriously. Cause, you know, he's only done that in two threads so far.

    Hell, I see a USER review that gave the game a 1/10 after just seven hours. I see another one that gave it a 0/10 within 24 hours. Hell, the first five reviews are 1, 0, 0, 1, 0... all within 24 hours. So I'm supposed to believe that those were people who actually gave the game a chance that the critics didn't?

    It goes both ways, except the critics are just not retarded enough to believe that any game, unless outright unplayable, merits less than roughly a 3 or 4 out of 10. There is no way under the sun that anyone who gives D3 a zero is rational and not lashing out in anger.

    It's pretty funny because the critics have the opposite opinion of the forum haters: they claim the game invents very little in the way of new mechanics and is basically a modern remake of Diablo 2. The forum haters claim that Blizzard changed too much, which is pretty funny.
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    posted a message on Most Efficient Class/Spec at 100 Million range
    Quote from SinR

    screenshot of the completed sale window or you're full of shit

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    Quote from Bilge

    I'm very doubtful when I hear people claim 200-300+ hours and no items over a million. I'm just under 200 hours and I've sold dozens of items for a million or more, and many more for a bit less just to get rid of them quickly. I have a feeling a lot of people are failing to recognize good gear and vendoring it.

    I've found probably 5-6 items worth 1-3 million, and I found a mace this morning worth about 8 million (my second over 3 million), but that stuff is nothing like this.
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    posted a message on Most Efficient Class/Spec at 100 Million range
    Well I’ve had worse luck than most of my friends in the past in D3 (300+ hours played and no items worth over 3 million until now), but that all was worth it when my new best friend, Zoltun Kulle, dropped these for me yesterday.

    The stats were something like (I only screenshotted the auction house sell page apparently):
    ilvl 63 Archon Pants
    795 total Armor
    +115 Str
    +190 Vit
    +57 Arcane Res
    +71 All Res
    +391 Armor
    and one other stat I think - it was low - like maybe 60 dex

    The only way for them to get much better would have been to roll a pair of sockets. Anyway, there was nothing similar on the AH so I posted them for 150 million buyout and they sold quickly (I probably underpriced them, but oh well).

    My question here is – what is/are the best (most efficient is what I mean by best) classes/specs to farm with on a ~100 million budget? Currently I have a 1h+shield Barbarian with high Crit and Crit Dmg and she is doing very well in Act 2 Inferno farming. I’d like to use the money to move into Act 3, but I have all of the classes at 60 or near 60, so if there is a class/spec that scales better with money, then I’m game for that too. Barbarian also seems to be FOTM so Barbarian gear is significantly more expensive than any other kind for now, which is a lot of the reason why I'm curious.

    Just hopeful that somebody here has experiences around the 70-100 million gold range and could weigh in with their thoughts.
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    posted a message on Passives and WotB vs Earthquake
    I had no major issues in Act 2 (completed it all in ~10 deaths and half of those were on a single ridiculous pack**). My gear was worth around 1 million gold (I was following a 1 million gold challenge guide). I had around 1100 Vit, 1300 Str, ~650 resists (with impunity), 35% Crit, and 130% Crit Damage. I used this build: http://us.battle.net...RVkP!bUZ!aabccZ

    However, I did play around with the passives a lot. Weapons Master, Berserker Rage, Tough as Nails, Superstition, and even Boon of Bul-Kathos (this actually was what I used for the last half of Act 2 successfully) are all extremely good.

    ** Turns out the whirling mobs have almost no unit collision while spinning, so fighting a Horde Desecrator Plagued Teleporter group of them is ridiculous because they can all stack up and hit you at the same time (and they will all body trap you in the Desecrate patches and Plague pools). It's one of those weird circumstances where those affixes wouldn't be very hard on any other mob type, but that combination of affixes with a mob that has almost no unit collision is strangely difficult.
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