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    I'm a player who just restart to play diablo 3, and i want to play a barbarian different from the meta in place (Hota raekor, charge ...) and play with the set legacy of nightmare (Frenzy thorns build fan since the build pop up :D) and i want to know if one of you guys, have a decent lon build, except the frenzy thorns, i thought of a crit frenzy build, but i don't know if it can be efficiency, despite the s16 buff. I let you my teste build, if it can potentially help (even if i hardly think so ^^). I don't project to make a 120+ gr alone, but at least a 100 full gear and caldesan would be nice, i play mostly for fun and new things in diablo.

    Thanks for any help and advice, and more importantly, for reading this :)


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