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    Im all for it. So long as my preferred weapon of choice does terrible, terrible damage!

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    I would say 5, but seeing as how it isn't an option, i'll vote 4. The more people you add, the less intimate the party's team-work becomes. The indivdual begins to count less as an asset to the group and becomes more or less, just a tag-along. Not to mention screen-clutter from 8 big-effect spells going off at once.
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    There needs to be an illusion room or area of sorts. A grassy outdoor area with a bright sky, flowing waterfalls and a rainbow. It'll be an illusion, a false paradise. It could be a boss-room, or a room with a big fight. There would be an objective you need to complete inside the room. This would trigger a transformation in the room, causing it to become hellish. The waterfalls would morph into blood (blood-falls?) The grass would become a crimson-red color and the sky would become red and hazy. As the transformation took place, you would hear the screams and echoes of tortured souls as well as see trapped souls flying around the room. And then whatever it is you have to fight would emerge. It'll be the "Wtf" room of the game.
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    Quote from "Odin" »
    Autostats --->carebear style Changeable stats --->way to go it makes you think twice of how to put them the right way. It should be clear that a WD would value vitality > all but all Blizzard did is taking away the fun of FREE customization which is sad. If they are really going the skill respec route I would add a 168 hours cooldown to that which is 7 days + 10k for the first 20 the second and so on.

    Well, the skill rune system is basically the replacement customizable option to answer for the removal of the stat point system. It honestly has a lot more potential but it will ultimately depend on how well it gets implemented. The free customization wasn't removed, rather it was relocated.

    Edit: added a better link.
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    Star Shooter

    Star Shooters are a strange, mystical and relatively new form of Archer to recently grace the province of Sanctuary. Star Shooters are very superstitious people and have a deep belief system rooted in Astrology. They spend long hours dibbling in ink with quills by candle-light, writing tomes to name the stars and map them out. Star Shooters are said to be able to harness the powers of the stars themselves to aid in combat. Many are unsure excatly how this kind of power can be of use in a combat situation. Or at least, those who have not witnessed a Star Shooter in combat. Masters of the Glaive and the Bow, Star Shooters prefer ranged combat, with some meele support.

    "Come, join me, take a look at the stars. The Past, Present and Future is written in the sky."

    Star Shooters practice a mastery of ranged weapons including the Bow, but many find the star-shaped Throwing Glaive to be the most extraordinary weapon in their arsenal. These warriors arm themselves with stars made from steel. The Glaive can be used both as a meele weapon and as a ranged weapon, similar to the Amazon's javelin in Diablo 2. The Glaive could be used to perform close-range cutting attacks or could be thrown, "boomerang-style" into a crowd of enemies and will promptly return to the users hand.

    Stars of steel.

    Another Example: http://www.yourprops.com/norm-43ca89...281998%29.jpeg

    Skill Trees:
    The Star Shooter is an odyssey to most. By reading the stars, Star Shooters gain subtle control over both Nature and Probability. It is said that by reading the stars, they can glimpse into the future and alter probability itself. Through the study of stars, they discover secrets unknown to most. These secrets allow them to alter Earthly principals, such as gravity itself.

    *Star-Shooting (Bow techniques)
    *Shooting-Star (Glaive techniques)
    *Supreme Astrology (Astrology techniques)

    The subtle combination of expertise in weilding the Bow and a divine knowledge of Astronomy.

    --Luminous Arrow
    The Star Shooter uses secret, magic knowledge gained from studying the night skies to embue his arrow with Magic Damage.

    Effect: Fire a luminous arrow embued with magical properties to deal Magic and Ranged Damage to a single target.

    --Velvet Fang
    The Star Shooter Fires an arrow imbued with magical properties designed to pierce through multiple opponents standing in a line, dealing Magic Damage and Ranged Damage. (Weaker damage than luminous arrow, a trade-off for the piercing effect)

    Effect: Piercing attack that deals Magic Damage + Ranged Damge to multiple opponents in a line.

    --Gravity Slip
    The Star Shooter uses knowledge gained from his study of the stars to alter gravity around a fired arrow, dragging in enemies within the impact radius.

    Effect: Arrow that drags in opponents within the radius of the arrow's impact area.

    --Star-Written Arrow
    The Star Shooter uses forseen knowledge written in the stars to alter probability, firing an arrow that cannot miss it's mark.

    Effect: Fire an unblockable, undodgable arrow that deals massive ranged damage to a single target. (Cooldown Timer.)

    The more exotic weapon in the Star Shooter's arsenal. Designed for both meele and ranged combat, the balance of these star-shaped weapons is uncanny.

    Meele glaive strike infused with the same magic force that the Star Shooter uses to embue his arrows. Deals Weapon Damage + Magic Damage to a single target.

    Effect: Strike an opponent with a magic imbued glaive for added Magic Damage.

    --Orbital Magnetic
    The Star Shooter alters gravity around himself, forcing a spinning glaive to orbit around him in a protective circle, dealing damage to all opponents within range of being hit.

    Effect: Uses a glaive in your inventory or an equipped glaive to create an orbiting glaive, dealing damage to all opponents within range for a duration. The dps dealt is dependant on the glaive used in the skill.

    -- Graviton Star
    Alters gravity around a thrown glaive forcing it to bounce from opponent to opponent in a chain effect. Chain number increases with points invested. Adds Extra Ranged Damage.

    Effect: Throws a glaive with a chain effect, bouncing from opponent to opponent, dealing extra ranged damage.

    --Crying Comet
    Select a target and activate this skill to hover an equipped glaive into the sky using altered gravity. Activate this skill a second time to send the glaive crashing down onto the selected target, dealing magic damage, ranged damage and fire damage to the selected target. The longer the Glaive stays in the air, the greater the damage dealt. (Damage stacks to a certain degree, best used with Orbital Magnetic.)

    Supreme Astrology:
    The root of the Star Shooter's abilites. The powers gained from studying in the night, writing tome by candle-light.

    --Star Gazing (Passive)
    The Star Shooter learns much from his studies. Increases accuracy and all Magic Damage effects generated by the Star Shooters skills.

    Effect: Increases accuracy and magic damage effects generated by the Star Shooters skills.

    --Star Mapping (Passive)
    Map the Stars themselves, revealing the future written in them.

    Effect: Increases defense rating and dodge rate.

    --Solar Blessing (Passive)
    Call upon the stars to influence your luck with a positive stroke.

    Effect: Increases the chance for a health globe to drop from any opponent killed by you.

    --Shrapnel Diviner (Passive)
    Just as withered stars fade and crumble into the night, so must a Star Shooter's arrows. But much more violently of course.

    Effect: Gives your fired arrows a % chance to burst into a cloud of luminous shrapnel upon impact. Causes splash damage to adjacent opponents in the form of magic damage.

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    posted a message on *ANNOUNCEMENT* BlizzCon Ticket Contest - Class Skills Contest!
    Quote from "Aveoon32" »
    very nice palisade! did you happen to draw those pictures? if so well done. As of now in my own opinion im third :[. nice idea indeed :]

    Thanks. Unfortunately, none of the pictures I use are actually drawn by me. I just pulled them from Google Images, lol. Just visual examples really.
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    Tengu Knight

    The Tengu Knights are supernatural warriors rumored to have gained demonic abilities by forming a pact with mountain-dwelling bird demons thousands of years ago. Seceretive and very protective of their territory, these knights dwell in the forested mountains of sanctuary. They are rarely seen by other mortals and many question their very existence.

    "Despite the rumors, we are mortal. Albeit, never doubt our ability to blur the line."

    The Tengu Knights are prepared to arm themselves with nearly any viable weapon for meele combat, although they are typically seen with swords. They are also known to possess an aptitude for throwing weapons, attacking from distances with a multitude of flying objects. Some of the throwing weapons used can range from throwing spikes, to daggers, to various multi-pointed weapons.


    Skill Trees:
    The Tengu Knights have honed basic combat techniques and are excellent tactitions. They are most known for their amazing ability to shapeshift. It is said that this ability is the demonic power that was passed on to their people by the mountain-dwelling demons from long ago. The Tengu Knight can take the form of a Bird-Man. A cross between a human and a giant bird.

    *Battle Tactics (meele combat techniques)
    *Demonic-Shifting (shape-shifting skills)
    *Flying Steel (ranged weapon techniques)

    Example of the Bird-Man transformation. Meele weapons are still used in this transformation, as well as the Battle Tactics and Demonic-Shifting skill trees' however, throwing weapons and the Flying Steel skill tree are unavailable while in Eagle form.

    Simultaneous Compatability:____ Battle Tactics + Flying Steel___or ___Battle Tactics + Demonic Shifting

    Battle Tactics:
    Master tactitions, Tengu Knights know how to get to their opponents in the most surprising of ways. Their Meele combat style
    is based on the element of surprise.

    --Axle Pain
    Focused meele weapon strike that staggers opponents

    Effect: Has a 70% chance to do 2x normal weapon damage and a 30% chance to do 4x normal weapon damage.

    --Blindside Burst
    Attack directly behind oneself without turning around, by thrusting a weapon backwards between the armpit and rib-cage.

    Effect: Attack directly behind onself damaging any enemies behind the Tengu Knight and stunning them for a duration.

    --Swordsmanship (Passive)
    Allows the Tengu Knight to hold 3 swords (two-handed) in a secondary equipment area and instantly switch between the three.

    Effect: Allows the Tengu Knight to hold 3 swords (two-handed) in a secondary equipment area and instantly switch between the three. While 3 swords are in the secondary equipment cycle, the Tengu Knight gains a slight dexterity and attack damage boost.

    --Talon Whip
    Quickly strike an opponent by briefly transforming your hand into the talons from your Eagle form. Has a % chance to cause Bleed Damage. (Semi-transformation, does not count as a Demonic-Shifting skill.)

    Effect: Deal extra damage to a single target with an attack from your Eagle form's claw. Has a % chance to cause Bleed Damage.

    The ancient ability gained from their pact with ancient bird demons that once dwelled in the mountains of sanctuary thousands of
    years ago.

    --Eagle Meld
    The Tengu Knight's ability to call upon the demonic energies of ancient demons to take on a half-human, half-bird form.

    Effect: Increases attack speed and movement speed as well as defense rating and magic defense rating while transformed. Drains mana very slowly while transformed. If mana reaches 0, the transformation is undone.

    The Tengu Knight makes use of his transformation and takes to the skies to glide around for about 7 seconds. Only usable while in Eagle Form.

    Effect: While airborne, no meele damage can be done to the Tengu Knight. In addition, the Tengu Knight gets a temporary decrease in defense rating upon landing. (Items cannot be used while gliding, Cooldown Timer.)

    --Diving Crash
    A spinning dive attack taking place from the skies. Dive from the air and crash into an opponent, dealing massive damage, but damaging the Tengu Knight as well. Only usable while Gliding

    Effect: Dive into an opponent for massive damage, but damages the user as well.

    --Serrated Plumes
    Fires a volley of bladed feathers from the wings of a Tengu Knight in eagle form to rain down on a single target. Only usable while Gliding.

    Effect: Ranged attack on a single target while Gliding.

    Flying Steel:
    Adept at ranged combat as well as meele, the Tengu Knights possess the fast reflxes and precision need to properly
    make use of throwing weapons. This skill tree is unavailable while in Eagle form.

    --Throwing Fanatic (Passive)
    The Tengu Knight refines the art of throwing weapons to increase accuracy and damage.

    Effect: Increases accuracy and damage when using throwing weapons.

    --Whistling Edges
    Throws flying weapons in a 180 degree arc in front of the user.

    Effect: Throw flying weapons in a 180 degree arc to damage multiple opponents.

    --Rapid Edges
    Throw multiple flying weapons one after another, concentrated on a single target.

    Effect: Quickly throw a barrage of flying weapons back to back at one target for increased damage.

    --Booster Edges
    Briefly Transform your legs into the legs of your Eagle form and jump into the sky, raining down a stream of throwing weapons in a straight path. Invulnerable while in the air, similar to the barbarian's leap. (Semi-transformation, does not count as a Demonic-Shifting skill. Cooldown timer.)

    Effect: Leap into the air and deal ranged weapon damage to all opponents in a straight path.

    Completed. (updated 4:38 p.m.)
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    Realm-Sage (Mesmer.)

    Masters of the mind, body and soul, Mesmers possess heightened senses and an intuitive understanding of life, nature and the world around them. They gain their abilities through deep meditation and rigorous mental exercises. Mesmers are very spiritual beings and are said to radiate with a very strong aura during combat situations. Passive by nature, they exist in a constant state of meditation and only engage in combat out of necessity. The connection between a master Mesmer's mind, body and soul is said to be perfect.

    " Even the most skillfully crafted weapon dulls to a stub in the hands of the unwise."
    " Our being scrapes the edge of existence itself."

    Mesmers prefer blunt weapons, particularly battle-staves. Fluid and technical, their combat style is akin to martial arts. Mesmers consider bladed weapons to be in a constant state of hostility, which goes against their passive nature. One of the more sacred weapons of the Mesmer is the Tri-Section Staff, which is known to be weilded only by them.


    Skill Trees:
    Complete with combat techniques and auras, The Mesmer replaces the paladin from Diablo II and assumes the role of support character.
    The Mesmers abilities stem from wisdom, self-knowledge and high spirituality. The skill trees are an extension of the unified masteries of mind, body and soul:

    *The Realm of Thought (Mind)
    *The Realm of Flesh (Body)
    *The Realm of Soul (Soul)

    The Realm of Thought:
    The realm of thought is the mastery of the mind. Through mental strength the Mesmer can build resilience and even inflict psychic damage to opponents. This skill tree contains the passive and direct-damage abilities of the Mesmer.

    Example picture of mental abilities. (minus the bladed staff)

    --Calm Mind (passive)
    Using the techniques of meditation, the Mesmer trains his mind to retain composure in battle, even under the most stressful circumstances.

    Effect: Increases character's base accuracy.

    --Precognition (passive)
    Tapping into the intuitive powers of the mind, the mesmer uses analytical prowess to predict his opponents next attack.

    Effect: Increases character's base defense rating.

    Using the heightened senses of the mind, or 'ESP', the Mesmer blasts the minds of his Opponents with pure psychic energy.

    Effect: Does ranged damage to a single target, with a chance to stun.

    --Frequency Bombing
    Bombards an enemies mind with strong brain-wave frequecies. Causing mental damage to the target and to adjacent enemies.

    Effect: Ranged psychic attack that explodes outward, dealing splash damage to opponents.

    --Extrasensory Array
    Taps into the ability of greater sense. Gives the user the ability to see what cannot normally be seen with the naked eye.

    Effect: Grants the user the ability to see traps, see through walls when close to them and see breakable structures for a duration when activated.

    The Realm of Flesh:
    The Realm of Flesh is the disciplined art of physical battle technique. Rather than relying on pure brute force, Mesmers hone their precision and evasion skills for battle. The culmination of the Mesmers training of the physical body.

    --Precision Point
    Strikes an opponent with a precision based thrusting attacking, dealing concentrated damage.

    Effect: Deals extra damage to one opponent.

    --Pendulum Shuffle
    Slides backwards to escape from immediate combat.

    Effect: Move backwards to escape combat.

    -Crescent leg-Snap
    Perform a roundhouse kick to damage all adjacent opponents.

    Effect: Strikes all opponents in a 180 degree arc in front of the user, has a chance to cause knockback damage.

    --Bob and Weave
    Bob and weave to avoid being damaged by enemy attacks.

    Effect: Reduces chance to be hit by all meele and ranged attacks when activated. Lasts for a duration. (On-screen stance changes, cooldown timer)

    --Rythm Strikes
    Fast weapon strikes that hit multiple adjacent opponents in quick sucession.

    Effect: Hits multiple adjacent opponents in quick sucession, increases attack damage.

    The Realm of Soul:
    The Realm of Soul is the most sacred technique to the Mesmers. They use this technique to convert their will and life essences into an aura. Through perfect alignment of the soul, Mesmers are able to generate auras of many different effects to aid themselves and to pass on to comrades.

    --River of Strength:
    Converts will and courage into raw strength that radiates outward.

    Effect: Increases damage dealt by you and any party members within the aura's range.

    --Pool of Knowledge:
    Converts wisdom and inner knowledge into pure mana escense.

    Effect: Increases max mana and mana regeneration rate for you and
    any party members within the aura's range.

    --Cascade of Will:
    Converts willpower and the will to live into health and life.

    Effect: Increases max health and health regeneration rate for you and
    any party members within the aura's range.

    --Astral Projection:
    Mesmers possess the ability to manifest the spirit outside of the body and traverse the physical world as an ethreal being.

    Effect: Project soul and take control of it. Greatly increases movement speed, used for scouting. Whilie this ability is activated the Mesmer cannot move his physical body. Projected souls cannot attack or be attacked, but the Mesmer's stationary body is still subject to being attacked. Projected souls cannot move onto new levels of the map or collect items. Can be used in combination with 'Extrasensory Array.' Returns to body when deactivated.

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    posted a message on How will you play DIII?
    First im gonna' look at the box. Then im gonna' jizz in my pants.

    Then Im gonna' try each class to find out who im gonna' play

    Quote from "FreezeMe" »
    I will first smell the books (yes I'm weird like that....new game smell is great)

    Phew, I thought I was the only one who did that.
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    What would you like to see at Blizzcon 2009

    1.) A taco stand.

    2.) My reflection.
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    posted a message on Bashiok on Unique Character Classes
    By name alone the classes are not original. It really depends on how a character class is defined and presented as opposed to the class itself. If Blizzard can take the usual character classes we see in the fantasy/fiction genre and innovate them with their own unique takes on design, then I don't see the problem. It's hard to be 100% original and still be practical, if possible at all. I learned that myself when I took a few shots at designing a character for Diablo 3.
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    Quote from "the_hushsound" »
    Plus PvP games need more people because in a four player cap only 3 people will be actually fighting one will be standing in town. talking shit, and stealing gold.

    Assuming that PvP will still take place in the safe-zone/danger-zone borders of town and wilderness. I hate to say it but PvP in Diablo 2 wasn't very organized to begin with.
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    Putting cool-down timers on potions will just lead to people running around in circles avoiding the enemy until the timer wears off, making the game-play slower and more tedious.
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    People are mis-interpreting what was said about Diablo 3. Blizzard says the game will feature optional microtransactions that you can pay for, not a monthly p2p system. In other words the game will have "downloadable content."

    As for StarCraft 2 I think the split is a bit shady, especially if the games are priced at $50 bucks apiece. However Blizzard did say that each separate campaign will be as long as the entire original StarCraft, so you do still get a "full length game" with every installment. Blizzard should just sell a stand-alone multiplayer pack for $25 and then sell each campaign as an add-on for $25. There should also be a bundle at launch, selling both together for a full retail price of $50.
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    Quote from "Kaleban" »
    Hardcore was the only way I played D2, but it seems like regardless, the game isn't going to live up to the franchise's reputation. Making a WoW knockoff with sub-par graphics combined with a Zelda style healing system is just plain dumb. They should have just updated the graphics, kept all the options in from D2, and released it with a new story and locations. Telling the player they're too dumb to set a text field for player cap to 4 because of their low end system, or that every player is way too asinine to assign their own stat numbers is an insult.

    I don't understand why people want a D2 clone with just updated graphics. When has the diablo franchise ever been known for insanely good graphics? Basically you're saying "focus on pumping up the graphics even more, but don't update the 8-year old gameplay system from D2." I guess gamers in general are moving toward a more shallow mentality when it comes to what the focus of a game should be.
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