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    about mob types:

    i assume u know that the game plays quite differently, once you got lvl 70 and a 6piece class set. everything "below" is really just for fun and everybody should do what he wants. as for T13 and GR60+ (before the patch around GR85 was a soft limit for most, except you got rly deep and rat runs and stuff); now i would say if you push it enough almost every 6p set will get you at least to GR90.

    anyway, what matters is only the affixes of the elites, the rest of the mobs are called trash. builds are either trash killers or elite hunters in most cases. if you are a melee class you want to avoid things like arcane enchantment and mortars are deadly for ranged classes. you will notice when you are at this point however.


    you got 1100paragons in S16 but not higher than 70? i got like 850 and cracked 102 solo recently, how did you get those paragons? there should be plenty builds which you could probably push that. DH solo are pretty strong with their dps builds solo.

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    posted a message on Build Descriptions are ridiculously over exaggerated, some common ground?!?!

    most builds, even those with many likes, are often just very VERY generic 6pc-class-sets with mostly furnace, COE, focus/restraint or TP, maybe a unity, hellfire, nemesis or RorG. some use also a weapon/offhand set if there exists one. cant really get more generic than that, well thats the blizzard recipe for base of all builds. SOME however require at least 1-2 specific items, like HotA builds (gravel, bracers) or Talrashas (meteor: nilfurs,vizir).

    while there can be some variations, the "best" build for each 6pc is often pretty clear and there are not too many options. so it would really be a nice thing if there were like some big special webpages for theses builds, that get maintained and updated and not totatlly over exaggerated.

    next thing would be, if anybody names his build GR100++ i want to see some proof, not a guy with paragon 2000 barely managing GR82 in 14 minutes after 3 attempts.

    cant there be a common agreement that builds GR-lvl get named what the creator could achieve WITHOUT ANY PARAGON, (almost) no ancients, NO AUGMENTS, only mediocre gems (lvl 50). so they would at least be comparable. maybe pick the GR number which you could clear within 10 mins max.

    srsly if a guy with paragon 1800 or sth does a lvl 80 rift, thats really NOTHING. thats just stripping on a 6pc set and NOTHING more. sth like this doesnt even qualify do be a build. oh yes sure, lets complete a set, ok alright, wouldnt ever think of that myself, lucky i can look this up.

    no but srsly, instead of bragging how OP you build is, maybe some INTERESTING builds get posted, or what makes them special, for what can they be used to good effect and so on.

    at least add all those alternative items for you build, then this would help ppl new to the class, so they get to know the items.


    i really would prefer if a the GR-LVL a guide claims in its name would relate to what an average player can achieve when stripping the items on freshly, so you get a feel what you can expect, instead bragging what the creator did achieve after years of grinding.



    At the time of writing nobody even has cracked more than barb 119, let alone with this build.

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